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    Collaborations start out with an idea. That idea is expanded upon with several other people. After a brainstorming, the idea is fleshed out. All the details go in and all the kinks are smoothed out. Then there is a process of editing which may take several drafts before a final product can be written. All of this can be done in the Collaborative Works subforum.

    Collaborative Works is for co-authoring stories, scripts, or other prose with the intention to complete a rough draft with a beginning, middle, and end. Collaborative Works is also for co-designing worlds, languages, cultures, etc. to be used in stories, games, or other collaborative projects. And lastly, Collaborative Works may also be used for planning poetry and short story collections, so that users may seriously discuss the publication, design, and format of such works.

    Threads seeking collaboration partners



  1. A goal - What's this thread about? What are you trying to accomplish?
  2. A list of members - Give credit to who's working on the project.
  3. A loosely formed idea - Do not make threads stating 'I want to write a fantasy' and wait for partners. Give it a bit of thought and say what kind of fantasy and plot idea you have.
  4. A summary - It's a way for old users to track their progress in the story and new members to catch up to the current point and easily join in.
  5. A 'good faith' effort - To the best of your ability, you must edit your posts in grammar and spelling. Type out the full word and use punctuation.
  6. Instructions on how to join - If you want people to join, you need to tell them how. If you have a full group that isn't allowing new members, you should give that information, also.

    Once you have that, you can begin!

    It's basic, but necessary. It gives the writer a vague idea of what your thread may be about and attracts interest. Other information you may want to include in the name topic of your roleplay is its status: Is it accepting or closed to applicants? The genre: Fantasy? Sci-fi? What are you recruiting for: A short story? Creating a world?

    Be it IC or OOC, give people a starting point for their posts. Colour in the setting so everyone knows what's happening around them and they can interact. There can't be a beginning if no one knows where to start.

    Give a little rhyme and reason to your collaboration. What is the central conflict? How did it come to be? What happened in the past that would majorly effect the present situation of your thread?

    Character list
    You don't need profiles, per se, but at least quick reference post to let anyone who's interested know who's playing who.

    Give information about your collaboration that you think is important. Maybe go a bit deeper into the backstory, expand on world knowledge, or put other general need-to-know's somewhere in the thread. The setting and timeframe of the roleplay, the landscape, the species, cultures, religions, technologies, magics, or anything else you deem important.

    Let everyone know in the beginning what you're expecting from them. Specific requirements for posting, rules for joining, scheduled gatherings to write; things of that nature.

    Be it OOC or IC information, you may want to have a post dedicated for updates. Maybe a recap of the roleplay so far, news that certain writers are going to be gone for a while, or maybe important plot twists that need noting.

    You created a thread for a reason. What was it? What are you trying to achieve and how are you going about it to do so? Update your progress and once you've made it to one goal, set another. Remember, you can't jump from A to F; yes, there is a middle between the beginning (where you're starting) and an end (the finished product). You need to hop to B, C, D, and E, first.
Q & A

    Q: What makes my thread a Collaboration and not a Roleplay?
    A: There is no discussion in what happens in a roleplay. Usually it's one person pulling the strings with people making things up as they go. In a Collaboration, there are no surprises. Things are discussed before hand. Writers have full control over what's going to happen. Your poor characters, however... That's a whole nother story.

    Q: Can members have their own individual characters to control?
    A: Yes!

    Q: Ok just wondering, Me and two of my friends have a story partially written that we would like to show off but still keep writing, but just us 3 you know? Others can leave comments and suggestions but I was just wondering if Our story belongs on this section.
    A: That is a collaboration and belongs here. It's just closed to further writers on the project. If you want comments on the piece, I'd suggest making a new thread in Original Stories/Prose for that purpose and keeping the one here open for comments, but mainly for writing/collaborating.

    Q: Me and my two friends are making a story type thing, only it's in comic form. Would that be posted here?
    A: Yes!

    Q: Can a group of writers dedicated too producing journals, short stories or novels, lyrics, poetry and other literary pieces have a thread within the ‘Collaborative works’ forum? Or is there a special place we should go?
    A: CW seems like the perfect place for it! This forum is dedicated to groups of people coming together to finish a work. What that work is doesn't matter as long as everyone is involved.

    Q: I have a RP that I'm turning into a story. Since the characters are played by different people my story is a collaboration?
    A: As long as discussion is taking place on how to move the story forward, yes. If there's no discussion and things are happening on a whim, it's suited for Barton Town.

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