The Way of The Samurai


My name is Luis Newbaurn. I have black hair and blue eyes and always wanted to adventure out to see the world. I live with my brother and our step-parents. Our parents died in a car crash and didn't survive from it, my brother and I did. My brother's name is Ronnie Newbaurn. he has brown hair and blue eyes. He always liked to collect sharp stuff as knives, katanas, and old broken stuff that can be used as a weapon. I only thought he collected them, but later I found out wrong.
People say we're lucky we survived the crash, but I think we should have died with them. I can still picture their faces after the crash. It was an unpleasant sight to see. It's a bit weird because it didn't affect me at all. It affected my brother a whole lot. Bringing us to this story I am telling you today.
Just a few days after the crash, me and him lived with a new couple we barely even know. They didn't adopt us but they treat us as if they were our real parents, but the problem was they weren't. They could never replace our parents. Even if they tried to, they would never know the love we had for them. I keep thinking everything will be okay, until my brother vanished off somewhere, same with our step-parents. "Maybe they went to the store and left me here to watch the house," I said to myself. "He is younger than me after all."
After that I went out to the woods and heard a noise in an abandoned barn near some trees. I can smell something foul coming from that barn, so I went to check it out. I peeked inside and couldn't believe my eyes. It was my brother; He killed our step-parents. He noticed me and says, "See? We're free. We can do anything we want now brother."
"You know I'll have to tell someone about this Ronnie," I said calmly. "What you are doing is wrong. We can't live alone that's rediculous!"
After that he charged at me and slammed a black katana in my stomach. I never seen him get this katana or do something like this before. It's like he became completely different. I can feel the blade stabbing my liver. It feels more horrible than getting bitten by a rattlesnake, or getting hit by a moose. After that I blacked out. I thought I was dying. At least I'll see my parents again.

Well that's my prologue. I'm writing chapter 1 right now and should be finished at the end of this week. Please tell me how I did I appreciate it!