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So... Ever since my writing site was hacked and temp shut down... I've needed somewhere to look to. Here's my idea.

You wake up, groaning. You feel like you've been hit with a club, and blindly feel your way around the dark, wall-less room that came to be your new life. You don't remember where you came from, or who your family was. Only your first name. A few feet off, another person calls out, sounding deathly ill. You put your hand up to your cheek; there's a long jagged cut running from your temple to the bottom of your jaw.

This must be death... But. Where is death himself? It slowly occurs to you that you must be on the edge of life, barely clinging to your sanity. Find your way out and figure what's going on.

I'd really prefer if your were very good at writing. I don't take to messy writers well... Oh! And this is a fantasy story, too. So, elves and stuff like that. Yea. Steampunk basically, so you can connect better in writing.
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Ah, right. You need characters in the first place...

Appearance: (You may use whatever you'd like, tektek, anime style picture, deviantart, so on. Even very detailed descriptions)
Pet: (Optional)

Yep. Simple as can be, you don't have a background anyways, ever since you forgot...
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Name: Aria

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Weapon: Thin Bladed sword, Flint Pistol, and Hunting Rifle

Appearance: http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/ad33/xmasape/1245892031290.jpg

Personality: Quick to judge, Aria will blow off your head in a blink of the eye if you offend her in anyway. She's not afraid to show off her sharpshooting skill, and even flirts once in a while.

Quirk: Often seen haggling down prices, and almost always get's her way.
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Shy Reveler

Ready.... Go!

Rolling over, Aria scrabbled for her gun in the darkness, pain twinging down her back. Accidentally firing a stray shot, she cursed loudly and pulled on the safety lock. The woman groaned as she felt for her rifle, only to feel sticky blood running along her sides. "Oi... where the bloody hell am I? Anyone wanna tell me what the hell just happened?"

Someone yelped to her right when she angrily struck out with no response.

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