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This is a collaborative effort between myself and four other gifted individuals
I will post the members in just a minute, although I will keep you guessing as to who wrote what whee

The Creative Team


killah cupcake



I"d also like to point out that whenever the story changes perspective, it changes color as well

so without further ado, part one

Sound does not travel through space.
It also doesn’t travel well through plexiglass.
Maybe that’s why no one heard her scream.

Lt. Saber, the youngest man to be in charge of a sector, looked out the window just in time to see the tumbling, orange-clothed figure of a little girl. Without a second thought he released the airlock keeping the window shut and dove after her. Her death would not look good written in the Mother Ship’s log.

Lieutenant Claymore Saber was among the first of several lucky babies to be born on Mother Ship Zephyr. That was 26 years ago, 26 years into the 40 year trek to Planet X. He’d never known Earth, his home planet. All he knew of it was from picture books, encyclopedias, and the intricate biospheres on some of the main ships. He knew there were deserts and oceans, criminals and scholars—but he preferred life as he knew it, delicately balanced here in space. Here, alone. That’s why he was made Lieutenant. No knew more or loved Mother Ship Zephyr’s inner workings and past than he.

Lt. Saber caught the tumbling girl by the back of her suit and hugged her to his chest. As he cushioned her and rotated his body into the proper falling position, he wondered what she had been doing in the rainforest biosphere.

The two landed lightly in some dense undergrowth. Lt. Saber yelped and leapt up as though they’d landed on hot coal. The girl squealed in surprise.

“What in Zephyr’s name were you thinking!” He snapped. They’d landed on and crushed a delicate yellow flower. What if the scientists had been planning to use that flower to pollinate Planet X? What if he’d just jeopardized the whole mission just to save this little—

“It’s a pretty flower, isn’t it, Mister?” The little girl picked the yellow flower up and tucked it into Saber’s shirt pocket. “Thanks for saving me…but I always fall here. It’s good practice. Y’see I’m learning how to climb properly so I can—gee, you don’t look too good.” She smiled, revealing she was missing her two front teeth. “Cheer up!”

Lt. Saber took a deep breath, clenched both his teeth and a fist then exhaled. “Thank you. It’s very nice. You can’t climb here anymore.”

“Aww, why not?” A quick glance over the digits on the little girl’s uniform identified her to him. She was Caucasian, about 7 years of age, and from the engineering district, ship #47. No doubt she’d been training to climb ships. One day she’d probably be repairing the ship or inventing some new mechanism to terraform Planet X. It wasn’t her fault she’d fallen—but it was a problem that she was in the wrong location at the wrong time.

“If you want to practice climbing, you should go to the recreational areas.” He put his hand around hers and guided her to the small airlock which connected this biome to the residential ships of people indigenous to it on Earth. “Now you just have to take the airship #4, yellow line, okay? Then you’ll be home.” He pointed out the route to her on an overhead monitor then helped her board.

After the little girl’s departure, Lt. Saber looked down at the flower in his pocket and half-smiled.
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Hera Cain walked into her large posh office, glancing around the room. She turned towards her maple desk, sitting down in the plush chair before a young mocha colored woman walked into the room.

“Yes, Olivia?” The newly elected president asked, looking at the plate glass screen in front of her. She stared at the list that told her all the ships resources, what ships were with them and how many people were on board.

“Ma’am, I need you to fill out this paperwork please.” The young secretary exclaimed, stepping over to the desk and setting down a clipboard. The blond president quickly grabbed the clipboard, scanning it’s pages before signing all spots.

Handing Olivia back the clipboard the young lady walked out of the room and the president stood, walking over to a door, into her private bedroom.

She sighed loudly, walking over to a mirror. She looked at her clear light skin, messy blond hair, and bright blue eyes with bags underneath from little sleep. The woman quickly pulled her hair back into a delicate bun, before applying some light shades of makeup. She didn’t want to be seen looking unattractive, she walked out of her room and through her office entering the main command center of Aerospace 1.

“Report.” She said, looking fairly class in her skirt that went to her knees, dark gray blazer and white shirt underneath.

“Madam President, we are on course as scheduled.” Her Lead Navigation Officer stated, as he rechecked to make sure.

“All ships are accounted for and all necessary resources are begin produced, grown or recycled.” Her Secretary of Supplies said, before she walked out of the room towards the lower decks of the space ship.

“The Mother Ship Zephyr is requesting a meeting with you as soon as possible Ma’am.” The Leader of Communications said, as the president nodded.

“Will we be locking together or will I travel on another ship?” She asked, as she stepped over towards the middle of the room, looking at the main screen.

“We decided it would be best for you to go over on a smaller ship.” Samuel the Leader of Communications said, as he walked over towards the president.

“We have a ship ready to go now, but if you aren’t ready to leave we can wait.” He stated, seeming to be waiting for the president reaction.

“I’m ready to go, did you all already pack my bag?” She asked, yawning extremely tired from the little sleep she had been receiving recently. She began to walk out of the room, walking the way her Secretary of Supplies had just traveled.

“Yes, ma’am we have already packed your bags, and they are loaded on the ship.” He said, still having the same childish voice he had when he had first joined her ship at eighteen.

The president nodded back, as she walked down the bright hallway, all the way down to the hanger bay which held the four ships used for short distance travel.

As she entered the room, several people stood at attention smiling she followed her Leader of Communication over to a ship, where her secretary of supplies was waiting.

“So,” said the president. “Any idea why the mother ship is requesting this meeting?”

“I believe it has something to do with the rainforest bio-dome,” replied the secretary of supplies. “Apparently a slight unbalance has been reported and the committee in charge wished to discuss probable courses of action with you.”

The president straightened her jacket. She didn’t like discussing the bio-domes. The balance needed to keep them healthy was so delicate. If there was one thing that wasn’t supposed to be there, the entire ecosystem of the dome could be jeopardized. That’s why each of the bio-domes were kept separate.

“Well,” said the president. “At least it’s one of the domes meant for terraforming, and not one of the domes meant for resources.”

The secretary of supplies shuddered. A terraforming bio-dome could be sacrificed, but if one of the domes meant for the growth of food and fuel where to be compromised, everyone’s life on all the ships would be in danger. “It’s at times like this I miss earth,” he admitted. “No matter what disaster happened, natural or otherwise, it always found a way to sustain us. I didn’t believe in God before I left on this ship. But now that we are in the limbo of space, responsible for this bit of the world that we’ve taken with us, I realize now how much I believed in providence without knowing it.”

The president frowned and looked out the window at the stars. Was there a God out there? She didn’t know. But if something ever did happen to upset the delicate balance of life amongst the stars, she would pray, whether she believed or not.
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There were days when she was happy to be on the ship. When she was proud to be one of the first humans to settle on and terraform a distant alien planet. Those were the good days.

Then there were days when she remembered the feel of the breeze through her hair. The joy of sledding in the snow, and the sight of the ocean. And she would look out her window at the stars and feel as though her heart were breaking. Those were the bad days.

Alice Miller sighed and turned her attention back to dinner. She had been a girl of ten when her family boarded their ship for the new world. And now, twenty-six years later, she was a grown woman with a family of her own.

She stared down at the genetically engineered eggplant, designed by scientists to taste like steak, and tried to think back to the last time she had had real beef. While there were livestock of ships, most of them were for the new world, and thus only available as food on special holidays. Well, she thought, at least it’s more humane than actual beef. She took out her carving knife and started slicing it up.

“Hey there beautiful,” said her husband as he walked into the kitchen to give her a kiss on the cheek. “What delicious meal are you making for us today?” He opened up the casserole dish and stuck his thin nose inside.

Alice smiled and made him close the lid. “Eggplant steak and vegetables,” she said. “And you can’t smell it yet.”

“Mmmm,” he said. “Steak and vegetables. Just like Mom used to make.”

Alice sighed and looked down at the genetically engineered eggplant. “Almost Honey. Almost.”

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General Starkweather paced back and forth inside her living quarters within Mother ship Zephyr. She wasn’t ready to face the control room's update. Her Jiminy Cricket had been going off all morning about biospheres. She really didn't want to deal with the dilemma today.

General Anne Starkweather had joined the ship around the age of 10. Her father had been General back then. He handed the reins over to her when she completed her training. He died a little over a month ago. She doesn't really know where the bodies go. Well, She thought, sighing in anguish, I suppose I should go down to the control center and see what all the commotion was about.

"Give me an update, Lieutenant."

"It seems as though a very important flower, one used for medicinal purposes, has been compromised. No one knows what happened to it. Would you provide your insight on the situation?" The young lieutenant explained.

"What biosphere was said flower located? I can see if any military personnel are in that current location."

"The rainforest biosphere, General."

"Alright," she sighed, pulling out her Jiminy Cricket. "Attention, this is General Starkweather. I am looking for anyone located in the Rainforest biosphere. Over."

"General Starkweather, this is Lieutenant Saber, I have been in the rainforest biosphere all day. What is it you need? Over."

"Find out who was in the biosphere who shouldn't have been. Go back over security footage. We are looking for the person who compromised a very important flower. Over."


Back at the command center.

“Keep an eye on things everyone. Page me on my Jiminy Cricket if you find anything else suspicious. I’ll be in my living quarters.”

~ ~ ~

General Starkweather returned to her room. She needed to think of all the possible things that could have happened to that poor flower. Now, it was of no use to them. It can’t continue growing to keep the pollen count going strong. Without the pollen of the flower, who knows what they’re going to use for curing certain diseases. She just knew that the president would want an explaination, an explaination that even she didn’t have.

Interrupting her train of thought, her pocket started to crackle."General Starkweather, come in, General. Over," Lt. Saber called over his Jiminy Cricket.

"Go ahead, Saber."

"There were only two individuals that stood out. Alice Miller and a 7 year old child were both in the growing area in the Rainforest biosphere. Over."

"Contact them both for questioning. Bring them to the mother ship. Over and out."

Lt. Saber did as he was told, regretting the moment the truth would come out. He had been there when the important flower had been compromised. Truth was, he probably could have prevented the incident, had he not stopped her from falling. Now the truth had to come out. He needed to take the blame for what he did. Of course, that would mean that he couldn’t continue being a part of the military. It was a hard decision to make. A decision he would have to make before he returned to the general with the two “suspects”.

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