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Rebirth Part One- The Crash

Simon and Gabrielle survived the horrific car accident, but they were left as outcasts for the rest of their lives. Here is their story...
It all started on a rainy stormy night. Simon started the car as he took the wheel, while Gabrielle sat next to him holding a bag of her favorite chocolate candies.

“It's really pouring out here.” Simon said flipping on the windshield wipers to get a better view of the road.
“I know, you think we'll make it to the party in time?” Gabrielle asked.
They both were in a hurry to get to the Valentine’s Day dance that their college was hosting but in this storm. The chances of getting there on time were very low. The rain waltzed along the car hood, as if taunting the young couple.
“Wait what are y-” Simon said, as Gabrielle rolled own the window.
“Hey did you see that over there?” Gabrielle asked pointing out into the darkness.
“What? It's pouring so hard I can barely see the road!” Simon exclaimed, pulling over.
“You think we should just go back to the campus?”She asked as the rain got worse.
“Nah, we're almost there, and everyone else will be late considering this storm.”Simon said as he tried to start the car. But it wouldn't turn back on.
“You've got to be kidding me, this can't be happening...” Gabrielle said looking out the window.
“I know, first you take forever to get ready, and now the car won't even turn on!”
“No, it's those bright lights....Simon there's a truck heading this way!!”
As the lights got closer, Gabrielle now in awe got out of the car and stood in the middle of the road. As cars skidded past her through the night, the truck got closer.
“Gabrielle get out of the road!” Simon yelled. The truck got closer then the lights suddenly split in two.
“No!” Simon cried, rushing and grabbing Gabrielle; pulling her away from the incoming lights. “Ah!” he groaned as they tumbled to the ground.

Apparently it was only two motorcyclists. Before they even had a chance to move there was another truck coming down the highway. Simon now over top of Gabrielle stared at her as all was quiet. Simon gazed at her as she gazed back. The couple then quickly got up from the ground and ran into the car.
“It won't start again!!!” Simon exclaimed.
“Simon you have to hurry, I think that the truck has lost control!” Gabrielle yelled, panicking as the truck swerved and screeched down the highway.
Simon looked up just in time to see the truck heading toward them. Then finally the car started just in time for him to drive off of the road. But then, RRRRrrr…
“Oh come on are you serious?!” Simon growled.
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s jammed.” Simon said, trying to yank the key out of the ignition.
Beep! Beep! the truck signaled. But it was no use, the car still wouldn’t start.
“Here it comes, hang on!” Gabrielle warned, watching as the truck got even closer. She quickly reached out and grabbed Simon’s hand, gazing at him wide eyed. They held each other, preparing for the worst.
Suddenly, BANG!

Glass shattered as the back window caved in. Causing the car to flip backwards flying through the air, it then rolled violently down the dark road. Metal flew everywhere as the car flipped forwards down the highway!
Just then the car came to a complete solid rock stop. Then silence…
“Oh, my God!” Gabrielle said freaking out.
“What? We didn't get killed? What's wrong now?” Simon asked as Gabrielle jumped out the car. Pointing at Simon’s chest, she covered her mouth backing away. Gazing down he saw that his shirt was covered in blood.
“Are you okay?” Gabrielle asked panicking.
“Yeah, I'm not injured” Simon said. “It’s just ketchup, remember we had French fries two days ago. Remember?”
“Are you okay?” Gabrielle asked sighing in relief.
“Gabrielle.” Simon said smiling calmly. “I'm fine. We should go and check on the truck driver.” He said glancing back at the highway.
There, they both stood in silence to see what looked like over twenty cars all totaled from the truck that lost control. Simon pulled out his phone to call 9-1-1, as Gabrielle went car to car hoping to find any other survivors. But there were none.

15 minutes later Gabrielle walked back to Simon, crying, holding in her hand what appeared to be a pair of shoes.
Sniffing as tears rolled down her cheeks she tried to speak.
“She was only 12 years old; I held her hand as she whispered to me ‘Am I going to be okay?’ I didn’t know what to tell her… sniff, sniff her father and mother’s bones were broken!” Gabrielle then burst into tears running into Simon’s arms. He held her tight and told her not to worry.
“How am I ‘not to worry’ when over 265 innocent lives were taken but ours?!” she cried pushing him away.
Sitting amongst the rumble she stayed silent. Lightning flashed as the rain poured even more.
Just then a faint cry was heard in the distance.“Ahhhhhh!!!!”
“What was that?!” Simon wondered.
“I don’t know, and I don’t care you go check it out!” Gabrielle whined, holding herself as tears streamed down her face.
Simon gave her a glance of hope then took off into the shadows of despair. It was smoky and the smell of burnt metal and blood filled the air.

Searching the rubble Simon stumbled upon the driver of the truck sprawled out on the ground. His leg was obviously broken and the bones in his right arm were protruding out of the skin. Simon tired to turn his head but he couldn’t, he had to get information.
“Hi, I’m Simon do you know what happened?”
“My truck...it-it-it spun out of control, and no one saw it coming....” The man slowly passed out from all of the pain he was in.
Simon slowly walked back to Gabrielle in silence.
“The driver's still alive. He said the truck spun out of control.” Simon said sitting down next to her amidst the rubble. Gabrielle sat in silence for several minutes.
“I don't understand why! How could all these people...except us?” Gabrielle wondered crying again.

Simon wrapped his arm around her until the police, and ambulance finally arrived.
“Hey, the cops are here!” Simon stated jumping to his feet.
The young couple explained everything that happened and walked everyone over to the driver.
“These people are here to help you. Do you remember us?” Simon asked crouching to the driver's level.
Not being able to respond verbally, he nodded, showing he understood what was being said. The ambulance took him away. Just then an odd smell filled the air, different then the smell of burning metal and bodies.
“Sniff, sniff...you smell that?” Simon asked.
Gabrielle wiped her tears and sniffed as well.
“Yeah, what do you think it could be?”
Both of them scanned the area, until they came across a car that apparently didn't have a single scratch on it.

“Whoa! This car doesn't have a single mark on it” Simon said.
Getting closer the smell got even stronger. Simon checked around the whole car, then as he checked under the car. He saw a timer set to go off in the next 4 seconds.
Oh, no... He thought. “Get back it's a bomb! Gabrielle move!”
“Huh? I can't hear you?!” She called.
“Get back it's a—“

“Simon! Nooo...” Gabrielle screamed just as she too got thrown from the explosion.
Quickly the ambulance drivers rushed over after the smoke cleared to find both teens on the ground. Gabrielle literally had both eyes gouged out of their sockets along with her left arm completely blown off, while her legs were badly maimed.
Simon on the other hand had been knocked unconscious with a huge gash in his skull; his stomach had a bloody patch of shrapnel quickly burning through the skin.
“OH MY GOD!!!” one of the ambulance attendants screamed backing away.
“We have to get these two to the hospital and fast before it's too late!” another urged.
After 5-7 months of intensive surgery, both teens recovered but were slightly altered beyond comprehension.

“Uuhhh?” Gabrielle slowly opened her eyes and looked around.
Lifting her hand she heard a metallic noise while green, white and blue lights could be seen shining off of her. Struggling to get out of bed she walked towards the bathroom. As she reached out for the handle. She noticed her whole hand was robotic, then, gazing down at her legs they also were robotic. At moment she screamed loudly. Running at the door, slamming her fist against it, which created a huge dent.

“Ahhhh!!!” She cried, sliding to the floor, as she gazed in horror at her now robotic limbs.
Surgeons spent many months reconstructing Gabrielle’s body. Pieces of her skin were grafted onto her legs to make them look as ‘human’ as possible. Gabrielle was not just a human anymore, she was an android. Her legs were rebuilt with advanced state of the art cyber technology which allowed her to run faster and jump higher. Specialized surgeons implanted nano bots into her blood stream which allowed her to move her now robotic arm with her mind!
Her eyes, however were very unique unlike any other part of her body. They were small “eye” like spheres, although she could no longer see any color; Gabrielle had different optical lenses which she could change with her thoughts. Thinking a moment then grinning slightly she forgot all about the fact she was an android. Gabrielle never knew or wanted this to be her fate; she somehow saw it as a rebirth, a second chance at life. Just then she heard a crash.

“Huh?” Gabrielle wondered gazing around the room.
Using her new sight, she could see through the wall and saw Simon on the ground holding his head in agonizing pain.
“Argh! Ahhhh!!!” he growled slamming his fists into the ground, creating massive craters in the floor around the areas of his fists. His hands were chained together and he was chained by his neck to a huge machine that sent electricity flowing through his body any time he got too far from the device.

After being rushed to the emergency room, Simon was injected with over literally 45 different drugs, because they thought that he was dead so they injected him with all those drugs, in hopes of bringing him back to life. Many syringes were shattered across the floor. Months went by then suddenly Simon awoke he had many needles in his arms. Snatching them from his body, the surgeons stationed a device and chained him down like an animal, watching his progress.

The machine was used to restrain him and keep track of how many drugs were supposed to be placed his body. Simon apparently was not the same either. All his scars healed as if a magician performed a trick on him. He could now speak over 23 different languages.
He was much stronger than before, his reflexes, and senses were heightening extremely. Simon could even move objects with his mind, and shoot powerful neon green explosive blasts from his hands.
“Aw, Simon…” she whispered to herself softly as tears began to form in her eyes.
Pressing her back against the wall, she again slide to the floor and sobbed.
What happened to us? She thought.
To be continued….
Okay, this is kinda a long read but for those of you who are true creative writers. No intergalactic space battles or anything for this story. But virus plagued humans, special ability using beings are acceptable.

Even new character additions will make this a successful write. So please... this is a collaboration and I need writers! ^ - ^

There are two more pieces to this btw
Rebirth Part Two 3 Months Later…

Simon and Gabrielle were busy keeping a low profile. Although still manifesting their new found abilities, others have also kept a watchful eye on them as well… waiting, for the perfect time to strike.
Shadows swallowed the light as 8:03 PM approached. At the Camelot Theater in Denver Colorado the two teens sat in on a movie in progress.
First row of course Gabrielle and Simon held hands while watching the film.
With not a care in the world they enjoyed themselves. Well that was until the usher showed up. Four to be exact.

They walked to the floor in front of the couple blocking their view of the screen.
“Excuse me, but you'll have to leave.” an usher said leaning in front of them blocking their view of the movie.
“What? Why?” Gabrielle asked looking up at the four menacing, looking men. Trying to move around to view the film.
“Yeah buzz off.” Simon chimed in. “We obviously can’t see duuuhh.”
Again calmly the usher spoke “We asked you to leave now don’t ask questions, just get up and get out.”
“And I ask again. ‘What and why?’ ”Gabrielle said.
Now agitated “ I said,” Pulling out a pistol holding it up to Gabrielle's head. “Don’t ask questions.” the usher said

People quickly darted out of the theater and ran for the door.
Not daunted by a gun to her forehead. “But why do we have to leave?” Gabrielle questioned again.
“No...more...questions.” The usher growled.
Simon's then gripped the sides of his chair as the gun aimed at Gabrielle cocked back. His veins flushed green and his eyes formed an aura of neon green within them.
Gabrielle, don’t think just move I’ll handle this. Simon said telepathically.
Moving quickly, Gabrielle threw her bag of popcorn in the face of the usher with the gun. The gun crashed to the floor, firing a shot.
“Whoa!”Simon stated, jumping he parried the bullet.
As the couple went out of the theater running for their lives. The other three ushers were right behind them firing shots. They made it to the exit but-
“It’s locked!” Gabrielle said.

“No problem…” Simon growled, as he held his hand up towards the door. Then a bright green glow produced from his hand, getting brighter it shot forth a blast which blew off the door. Quickly, they rushed out into the hallway. Gabrielle looked into Simon’s eyes with black and white vision.
“You think they know?” she asked. Hoping the ushers didn’t know they had been on the run from the authorities, since three months after the crash. That they had been changed, and are on the run from anyone who can’t accept them.
“Let’s not find out!” Simon urged. As they ran, over more than fifty ushers stormed into theater.

Standing next to the snack bar, Simon slowly scanned the crowd of black and red colored suits which held guns and knives.
“Don’t move…” one of the fifty men called.
“You’re not human like the rest of us. We know what happened to you. Three months ago back in February with your little accident.” Another usher shot out.
Great, they know. Gabrielle thought.
“Well why are you trying to attack us we haven’t done anything wrong.” Simon said.
“You both are considered by the law, as threats to human kind and for that you two have to be terminated.” One usher explained aiming a green laser gun at Simon chest.
From a distance Simon’s hands could be seen slowly turning green. Gabrielle looked at Simon and he very slowly nodded giving her the signal.

“Now!” Simon called as he extended his hands forwards and shot five rounds of fire towards the crowd.

While Simon fought,Gabrielle began to concentrate on thinking of a safe place to go. Simon was losing strength as more ushers started to come towards them. Gabrielle quickly grabbed an usher and flipped him over her shoulder then doing a back flip she leaped over another and kicked them in the back of their neck. Simon was busy with intense hand to hand combat with six ushers who had surrounded him.

Jumping up and extending both his legs, he kicked two ushers in the chest causing them to fall over. Landing in front of one usher he grinned evilly as his left hand at his side partially opened glowed a greenish tone and balling up a fist he bought forth a violent uppercut to the chin of the usher.
CRACK! Bone could be felt against skin breaking and blood seeped out the usher’s lower jaw as time slowed down while the attack was initiated. Stumbling far from Simon the usher lay knocked out cold. Just the as the battle raged on Simon’s entire body glowed neon green. His blood was pumping quite fast while his sight and strength grew rapidly.
“Grr…” Simon growled lowly. “ARRRGGH!!!!” he screamed. As he suddenly a powerful green energy sphere around surrounded his body. Tossing every agent surrounding him into objects.
“We have to get out of here there’s too many of them.” Gabrielle urged noticing more men appearing.

Rushing to the middle ground Simon took Gabrielle’s hand and she leaped into the air with her super robotic legs.
THDUMP! Landing they arose to a familiar location.
“Why here of all places?” Simon asked viewing the road four miles away from where the crash happened.
“No one would expect us to return here.” Gabrielle said pacing back and forth. “What are supposed to do? We have nowhere else to go! We can't keep running around everywhere like this we're going to get caught.”
“We can't get caught, not after all of this.” Simon said thinking. “Disguises might work...”
“Maybe, we'd have to become completely different people. We'd have to change everything about us. But even then we might not be safe!” Gabrielle stated.
“Do you have any other ideas?” Simon asked.

“Um...maybe-“ Gabrielle's voice was drowned out by a search helicopter right above them.
Gazing in the sky cover their eyes they could make out the view of a helicopter right above them. Gabrielle looked at sky through a new set of eyes. Thinking deeply, her sight went from black and white, to thermal vision. She could see the blue cool outlining of the world along with the red and orange filled areas indicating heat. As the helicopter drew closer, their hearts begin to beat in fear.
“What do we do, what do we do, what do we do?!” Simon said freaking out. His palms were flashing green out of worry.
Gabrielle, getting frustrated of his whining, grabbed him by the shoulders and slapped him across the face.
“Stop whining and help me figure out a- -” Gabrielle said.
Suddenly, a metallic whip like chain wrapped around her waist and pulled her up in the air, the helicopter then flew away.
“Nooo!” Simon cried. Standing, in his fighting position, slightly hopping up and down. He began to think of a plan.
“Think, think, think….”

Aiming his glowing hand at the night sky, he shot a powerful blast right at the helicopter. The helicopter exploded into pieces heading right at them. Gabrielle flipped through the air and landed forming a crater.
“Come on!” Gabrielle said getting to her feet and began running alongside Simon.
“Where are we going?” Simon questioned moving past trees, under brush and leaves.
“Away from here!” She cried. “We need to get away from here; now that the helicopter has been destroyed they're going to know that we're here.” They barely ran five feet before another helicopter shined a search light onto them.
“Gabrielle we have to get out of here.” Simon said as people starting descending from the helicopter.

“I know, I know!” Gabrielle said.
“We don't have anywhere else!” Simon pointed out. They ran towards a tree then parkoured their way to the top. Grasping a branch Simon hung tight and pulled himself up. Gazing to his left he saw Gabrielle at that moment he took absolute shame into what happened moths before. Neither of them were normal again. Looking at the sky Simon shook his head and leaped into the air as they ran through the trees to safety.
The remaining helicopter circled around and flew towards them fast!

Whump! Whump! Whump! Whump!
“SIIIMOOOON,” Gabrielle yelled, as she hopped through the trees.
“Got it!” He called.
Letting him go, Simon maneuvered through the thicket and shot blast after blast at the helicopter. Vivid neon green lights blew through the sky and caused massive damage to everything in sight. Trees exploded and branches burned to cinder. Hiding amongst the leaves in the trees, Simon glared at the helicopter with hate. Realizing that he was begin hunted because he wasn’t like everyone else. His eyes even glowed bright green!
“Grrrr…” Simon bellowed in a low tone from the trees. Then his eyes faded within the shadows, as he devised a plan on taking out the helicopter.

Just then.
“Go, go, go. Men, we’ll find those freaks yet!” A voice boomed from below. Simon gazed from above and could clearly see around twenty soldiers in the forest with guns looking for them. Pulling out his cell phone, Simon quickly made a call.
“Hellooo?” Gabrielle answered in a sing songy voice as she sat on a branch.
“It’s Simon… apparently they bought reinforcements and they don’t look too happy.”
“Seriously? I thought they gave up after we blew up their chopper?” Gabrielle wondered.
“Yeah, well they had a second one.” Simon said frustrated chuckling.
“Okay, well how do you want to handle this buddy?”
“You have thermal sight now right?”
“Well while I’m down here I need you to-“
“Way ahead of you, got it Simon.” Gabrielle interrupted.
Rebirth Part Three An Escape

As Simon stood in the darkness, Gabrielle hid within the trees and watched as the agents closed in on him. The leaves rustled as a lot of agents emerged from the bushes.
Simon eyes and palms glowed green brightly. Luminating the area around him, Simon
Growled lowly as the agents closed in on him.
“Kill him.” One agent barked.

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