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The world has become overrun with the new technology of specialized robots. The population of human beings has gone down greatly since the beginning years of the 21st century. As each robot has its own job to do, the amount of homeless persons has increased significantly from lack of pay in homes. Only the rich may succeed, and all middle-class and poor people must either rely on theft or jobs as personal maids for the wealthy, some of which have already been taken by such robots. Otherwise, they are left to freeze or to starve on the streets, or most of the time, both.

The government has proposed new laws to rid homelessness from the streets to “beautify” the cities and neighborhoods where the people occupy. By doing so, the robots will go out and exterminate the tramps, wherever they may find them. Some of the humans have not been killed; instead, they are nursed back to health in a factory, and slaughtered for consumption. Yes, cannibalism is now legal, and encouraged.

The results are that the vagabonds join together in sorts of clans, to help each other fight against the machines and to keep the hope for the existence of humanity alive.

Eventually they may travel, to gather more people and supplies and food to survive and find hope for better lives, and to prevent the extinction of humanity.

1. If you sign up for this RP, you should at least be able to make up an interesting story line for a character. Don't be the person who writes only three sentences in your posts; that's just boring and shows that you aren’t a true writer. Try to write AT LEAST five sentences.

2. Try to post at least once every few days. If you cannot write for a few days for any reason, please let us know in advance.

3. Don’t be shy! Interact with other RPers! If they comment you, you comment back.

4. Write in third person. Be literate and use correct grammar to the best of your ability. Don't use slang or text talk, and don't put asterisks around your character's actions. It's stupid and makes you look dumb. So please, don't. Try to separate your paragraphs. You don't have to, but it would be appreciated.

5. You can curse, but try to keep it to a minimum. I really don’t want the story trashed up with a bunch of profanity.

6. Romance is accepted and encouraged. But please don’t start the beginning of them until about page 4. And although romance is always nice, please don’t make it all mushy-gushy and fake. It just makes people feel sick.

7. God-modders and Mary-sues are BANNED! Don’t be one of them: they just ruin it for everyone.

8. Sex. Hmm. How about this? You can say that you made love, or just did, etc., etc., whatever. Just don’t go far into detail! Once the clothes come off, just fast forward to the morning or whenever they’re finished.

9. Only one or two specialized robot characters will be accepted (if anyone would like to take those roles).

If you have read and understand the rules, please put “Save the Humans” as your subject line.
Profile Information

You must apply to join the RP. You can send me your profile in a PM. Entitle the message "The End of Mankind". I will message you back if you have been accepted, and then post the profiles back to the OOC thread.

Who? Me?: (Character Name)
Well, if you must know…: (Bio) Try to make it at least about 2 paragraphs in length.
I can’t help how I am: (Personality)
Don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me: (Position) As in: homeless person, aristocrat, robot, traveler, etc.
Wanna see something cool? : (Talents or special abilities) You can have a type of power, but don’t make your entire character and storyline based on that. This RP isn’t about superhuman abilities and the world being magical, but a few superhuman talents are allowed as long as they don’t take over. And it's still okay for a character to have normal human talents, it helps makes the story more diverse and varied, so that is encouraged as well.
I LOVE that!: (Likes)
Ew…: (Dislikes)
Yep, I know I’m hot: (Pictures, anime please!) Depending on your character, match up their clothing with their status. For example, if your character is homeless, find a picture where they are in ragged or dirty clothing, or if they are rich try to find one where they are clean and in stylish designer clothes.
OOC Thread and Profiles

Here is the link for any OOC discussion and the accepted profiles list.
Okay, let's begin!

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