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I am still in the process of writing it but I am looking for someone who would be interested in working with me on a fantasy novel that I am writing. I have posted Chapter One here if you would like to take a look. I was hoping to find someone who I could pay around 5-10k gaia gold a week to read each chapter and not just edit it for like spelling or grammar or whatever but be a resource I could bounce ideas off with such as naming of characters or places, arranging of chapters, plot devices and more. I would be doing the actual writing but you'd be my creative partner in developing the story into a finished project.

If interested just comment here or send me a message letting me know about yourself (mostly your knowledge of the fantasy genre and any literary pursuits you may have), what compensation you might require, and what kind of availability you have and we can go from there. Thank you!
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I might be willing to do this. Tell me a little more about your requirements?
Did you find your help yet?

"Last night my computer crashed and I lost this huge story I had written. I couldn't bare to bring myself to try and rewrite it so I took one of my favorite side characters and decided to try and write her story instead. Any feedback, comments, suggestions, or whatever would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!"

"bare"- bear.

Correct grammar doesn't always sound right. "This huge story" would be acceptable as - a story.
It actually sounds better if intended as dialogue rather than text.

Computer crashes happen - flash drives are cheap. A one terabyte external USB hard drive cost me 69 dollars a month ago. 'nuff said.

If you want perf grammar - I don't think it's me that you want. I have a tendency to be me. If you want some thought help as in bouncing off ideas - then that is different. As for spelling, that's a natural; but, it takes eyes and knowing words when the wrong ones are used (such as the "bare" above).

I did view the Chapter 1. Yes, you did use then vs than, "gaved", "soliders", "rooves", some 'off' punctuation, sentence fragments etc. But, some of the wording was just not good enough or just plain off the mark as well.

Give a hollar if you want.

Take care,

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