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Scarlett did a double take at what Ash had just done. She wanted to ask him why he had exactally he had done that for but he wisked her away and out the door. As they reached the door they slowed down and she grabbed his hand and acted as if she was a man who was in love with this woman. They exited the palace and walked into a villae square and around the corner Scarlett let go of his hand and after looking to make sure they we not followed she relaxed.

"Ash! You did it! We escaped. I am free. I dont know how I could repay you. i am in your debt." Scarlett impulsively gave him a hug. Then realizing the impropriety stepped back and blushed and stared down at her shoes. "Oh Ash, Im sorry. That..That was wrong of me.'
"Don't apologize, and don't act like you're in debt, or I'll tie you up and carry you back to your father!" Ash threatened, turning away from the girl and walking to the pawn shop, pulling the key to his apartment from his pocket. He tossed the key from hand to hand as he left, trying not to think of the beautiful girl who he left behind. He checked his pulse, trying to figure out why his heart was skipping beats as he thought of the princess.
Scarlett was shocked that he was so rude to her. Scarlett ripped the hat off of her head and let her hair down. Her eyes welled up a little bit because she was so upset. Scarlett put her hair up with her chopsticks and started to storm off after Ash. She caught up to him as he entered the pawn shop. Scarlett grabbed his wrist and turned him to face her. "Ash! What in the WORLD is your problem? You help me and now you are treating me like a sewer rat!" Scarlett wasa so angry that a tear ran down her cheek. "I was just trying to say thank you the only way I knew how."
"I'm just trying to be helpful," Ash explained, shoving Scarlett out of the way and entering the shop. "Chantel, are you working yourself to death or waiting up for me?"

"Awww... Dirt's little girlfriend... What's your name? Oh, yes. Scum..." A man cackled.

"Pig, I swear, if you've harmed her..." Ash said, his voice gaining a dark edge as he approached the counter, where a man, who had a very deformed nose, held a sharp knife to Chantel's throat. The man wore tattered clothes, and his shirt was stained with blood. Blood was also on his hands, and it dripped onto Chantel's shoulder. Ash tensed, and Chantel glared at him.

“You ordered them to do this. You b*****d!” Chantel snarled.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ash replied, his voice almost pleading.

“They killed my family. My mum and my dad, my little brother…. My sister!” Chantel burst into tears as Pig pressed the knife into her skin.

“She put up a good fight, this one. Killed two of us, I’m the only one who’s alive outta the group.” Ash smiled as Pig said that.

“Good. That means that no one will be able to hear you scream.” Ash took a knife from a nearby shelf and stabbed Pig in the eye. Pig slit Chantel’s throat as he fell to the ground, dead. Chantel screamed, for the cut hadn’t been severe enough to kill her. Ash ran to Pig and checked his pulse to make sure he was dead.

After making sure Pig was dead, he led Scarlett upstairs, carrying Chantel in his arms. Once they reached the door, Ash changed his position so that Chantel was leaning against him and unlocked the door. He pushed the door open and carried Chantel inside. He laid her down on the bed and looked around the room for the ointment he had bought a few days ago.

He found the ointment and applied it to Chantel’s wound before wrapping bandages around it. When he was done, he gently kissed her lips and walked to the door. He shut it and locked it. After that, he turned to the window, just in time to see a pirate punch through it.

“Soot, your father has summoned you. Come quickly, and make sure no one follows.” He said, his voice hoarse. Ash nodded and was about to climb through the window when he remembered the princess.

“Come on if you want to know what my problem is,” He said, widening the hole in the window. The pirate climbed down a ladder and Ash followed, hoping the princess would follow.
Scarlett entered in behind Ash about to say something but Ash cut her off. She saw a pirate hold a knife to a poor merchant girl's throat. Scarlett just about screamed seeing all the blood and the dead pirates.

Scarlett clamped a hand over her mouth and just about fainted. She made herself stay strong and stood in the shadows so she would not be seen. Scar could not believe her eyes when Ash killed a man right in front of her face. She was astounded that Ash could do something like that.

Scar followed Ash up the stairs and saw him delicately place Chantel on the bed and how carfully he took care of her. She seethed with anger when Ash kissed her gently on the lips hoping that Ash would have treated her as sweetly.

Scarlett saw a pirate punch out the window and stepped into the shadows again so he couldnt see her. Scarlett followed then after a few beats and quietly got off of the roof. She then took a few steps and with her foot she knocked over some pottery making a large noise. She cringed and becaome paralized at the noise.
Ash and the pirate who was escorting him stared at the tile which had fallen near him. Ash looked up and saw Scarlett, who was standing on the roof. The pirate aimed a pistol at her, but before he could shoot, a bullet hit the side of his head and he fell to the ground. Ash stepped over the corpse and glared into the shadows.

"I don't need your help, Jake," Ash said.

"Could've fooled me," a man stepped out of the shadows and smiled. He was wearing black leather pants, a black blouse, and a black jacket. He soot off his face and put his pistol away. He stepped past Ash and checked the pirate's neck. When he found no pulse, Jake stood and turned to Ash. "Nice dress," he commented.

Ash glared at him, and Jake laughed. Ash took a knife from the dead pirate and cut the dress to shreds. He cut off the corset and tossed the clothes aside. Jake laughed at this and handed Ash a shirt from his bag. Ash pulled it on and took the pirate's weapons.

"You need anything?" Jake asked.

"No." Ash replied, climbing to the roof, followed closely by Jake. Jake leaned in the window and whispered Chantel's name until she came to the window. Jake inspected her throat and nodded at the bandage in approval. Chantel stood on the windowsill and allowed Jake to help her out. Their lips met for a moment before Jake swept her off her feet an carried her to the ground. Ash noticed how gentle he was, and he stepped towards Scarlett, sweeping her off her feet before she could object. He was sure to be less gentle as he carried her to the ground, and he dropped her as soon as he hit the ground.
Scarlett's pulse sped up as she saw the man level his pistol at her. Her whole body screamed and told her to get out of the way though she felt as if she was stuck there in a trance. All of a sudden she jumped at the sound of a gun shot and closed her eyes expecting to die. Instead she was the man fall to the ground, dead.

Scarlett saw the handsome young man step out of the shadows and her heart skipped a beat. She silently chided herself for her foolish actions. What was it about being outside that made her so reckless?

Scarlett saw Ash and the boy climb up the roof. The boy kissed Chantel on the lips and she was disappointed that he had a girl. She wished a boy would treat her like that.

Instead she had Ash. He was gruff and short with her. Scarlett wondered what Ash's issue was. After she was on the ground she walked a few steps away from Ash. She was mad at him for the way he so rudely set her down. Scarlett crossed her arms and pouted a little bit. Then she turned to the group and asked no one in particular where they were going to go.
"Jake, take Scarlett back to the palace. Chantel, come with me. My father's got some explaining to do." Ash said simply.

"Why should I do what you say? I want to meet your father, and I just saved this girl. That doesn't mean I'm her chauffeur." Jake retorted.

"I agree with Jake," Chantel said. Ash almost slapped her, but he stopped his hand before he did so and dropped it to her shoulder.

"Whatever you guys want, I guess." Ash muttered, walking away from the group as Jake wrapped his arms around both Chantel and Scarlett and led them after Ash.

Pirates were waiting on the dock when the small group arrived. They nodded when Ash passed them and boarded the ship. They were reluctant to allow the others on, but Ash made an insistant cough in the back of his throat and the pirates allowed the others on board.
Scarlett followed Ash as they walked through the city. She cringed at the feel of Jake's arm around her. She got the feeling from him that her was a creep and her skin crawled at the feeling of his arm on her.

They finally made it to the pier and the boarded a ship. They were very frightening men all over the ship. This was her first time on a ship and she did not like it that it was under a sad set of circumstances. They walked past all of the scary men and she clung close to Jake.

She didn't like Jake but it was better than all of the other pirates. They finally entered a expansive room where a man was holding a gun and aiming it at a man. She prayed that the man wasn't going to get shot. Just as that thought crossed her mind the man on the throne fired his gun. The other mans head exploded and brains and blood splattered all over the room. Scarletts stomach lurched at the nasty smell of blood.

She felt woozy and her mind replayed all of the deaths she witnessed that day. Scarlett started to sway and her eyesight started to go black. Her last thought before she hit the floor was that she hope they didn't kill her.
Ash grimaced as the body hit the floor. He supported Scarlett and stared at his father. Chantel supported Scarlett, and Ash stepped away from her.

"Look what you did to the princess!" He said, clapping a hand over his mouth as the words escaped.

"Princess?" Ash's father asked.

"Y-yes, Sparrow," Jake said, nodding to Ash's father.

"Take her to the brig, girl!" Sparrow snarled.

Chantel nodded and dragged Scarlett away, taking a key from the hook on the wall. After the two girls left, Sparrow rapped his knuckles on the arm of his throne. A girl appeared from a room behind the throne and walked up to Jake and Ash.

The girl's hair was jet black and it moved when she walked, the end brushing against her lower back. A red and white headband was in her hair, and it matched her dress perfectly. The top half of the dress was tight, like a corset, and the straps, which hung limp on her shoulders, were made of artfully tattered red cloth, and the corset was made of tattered white lace over red velvet. The skirt was made of cream-colored cloth and red cloth, which seemed to be scraps sewn together. The outfit was artfully tattered, and her bare feet displayed a collection of gold anklets.

The girl had bright blue eyes, and her skin had been kissed by the sun. She smelled like coconuts and rum, and her hair was silky as it brushed against Ash's hand.

"This is Char, my ward. She is soon to be your wife, Ash."

"What?" Ash yelled.

"I'm betrothed to you," Char said, looking at him.

"I just met her."

"I agreed to it." Char informed him.

"But I did not."

"He has a point," Jake said.

"At least consider her, my son," Sparrow said.

"Yes, sir," Ash replied.

"Char, take them to their rooms."

"Yes, sir." Char said, taking Ash by the hand and leading him to a door to the right of the throne and pointing to a door on the left of the throne. "That's Jake's room, and this is yours," she nodded at the door in front of her. She motioned to the door behind the throne, saying, "That's my room. You don't have to knock... My future husband can come in whenever he wants."

Ash pulled his hand from hers and walked into his room, slamming the door in her face.

"What am I going to do? I don't want to marry a girl I just met..." He muttered.
Scarlett looked around and noticed in astonishment that she was in the women’s quarters again. Then, she looked down and noticed that she was in a wedding gown. Before she could escape, her maids came in with a bouquet and ushered her out the door where two guards were waiting for her.

Scarlett’s stomach was churning and she just itched to rip the dress off of her body. She looked around the crowded chapel, and then laid eyes on Chris. Her angst over spilled and she ran out of the chapel, ripping the veil out of her hair as she went.

As she hit the first set of trees in the forest Scarlett saw a figure behind her, Scarlett sped up, her heart leaping into his throat. Then a hand grasped her forearm and she spun around seeing Ash. A smile crept across her face and she began to relax seeing a friendly face. Suddenly, her happiness turned into horror as Scarlett beheld the blade Ash held in his hand, shine in the sun. As Ash rose up his knife Scarlett woke up with a scream.

She looked around her surroundings and bile rose in her throat at the dark, dirty, and damp conditions of her cell. Scarlett moaned groggily and rubbed the bump on the back of her head. Finally, Scarlett fully realized that she was in a cell. She ran towards the bars and tried to open them screaming the whole time. After about ten minutes, Scarlett’s throat was raw and she was spent. Scar slid to the floor and sobbed into her lap.
Ash stared at the ceiling, his arms folded behind his head, until Char came in, wearing a skintight, short, purple silk gown. She smiled and laid down next to him. She ran her hands over his chest, and kissed him, whispering about the wedding plans and the honeymoon. Ash did nothing, and she slapped him, her nails leaving scratches on his cheek.

"You care more for that princess that you do for me! I'm a princess, too! My mother and father were the king and queen of an island. I was banished so my brother could take over! It's not my fault! You are mine. If you want to marry a princess, marry me." She ordered.

At that moment, Scarlett burst in, holding a sword aloft.

"How dare you marry her instead of me!" She shouted, slashing at his cheek. Ash sat up quickly, and Char hit him in the face with a frying pan. He laid back down, and the two girls continued to beat him.

The beating stopped when a woman came in. She was dressed as a bride, and her beauty made everyone freeze. With a jolt, Ash realized it was Chantel. She came slowly, and she knelt next to Ash's bed. The other girls quickly got out of her way, and she stroked her face, kissing him gently. His wounds healed where she kissed him, and when she turned to leave, he grabbed her hand, sitting up.

"You killed me, son!" she hissed, pulling her hand away, her face changing into a mirror's face. Her hair turned grey and she lept out of the room's window. Ash ran after her, but the room grew with every step he took. He hit his head on a board and fell. He saw the ocean rushing towards him, and he woke with a jolt.

"It was just a dream, it was just a dream," he muttered over and over.
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Ash was almost afraid to leave his room. Cautiously, he opened the door and walked out. Char was waiting for him, studying a map. Her back was to him, so Ash attempted to sneak past her and get out of the room. He was directly behind her when she spoke.

"I wasn't meant to be a pirate. I'm not proud of what I am, but I am proud of who I am. I'm a princess, stolen from the throne room on the night of my seventh birthday. I've been on this ship for fifteen years."

"I'm sorry, Char," Char turned around, for she was talking more to herself, and she hadn't noticed that Ash was in the room with her, "But I am not in love with you. I believe that marriage is the creation of a bond between a man and a woman who are truly in love. I haven't fallen in love yet, so I cannot marry."

"Then I hope you are clumsy and can fall for me," Char said, smiling sweetly.

"Well, I'm off to see Scarlett. Mind showing me to the brig?" Char nodded as Ash spoke and walked out of the room, beckoning for him to follow.

The cell closest to the door held Scarlett, who was sobbing in the corner of the cell. She didn't look up when Ash walked in, so he walked to the corner of the cage, picked a lock of hair up off her head and let it drop back onto her head.
Scarlett felt her hair move. She sniffed and then rose her head up off of her lap. Scarlett saw Ash through the bars. She screamed thinking he was still a dream. Then she realized it was real life.

"O..Oh I am sorry for screaming. I..i thought you were going to kill me." Scarlett blushed and didn't make eye contact with Ash. She tried to brush her hair back from her face and make herself presentable. "Um what are you doing down here? Aren't you suppossed to be talking to that savage upstairs?"

Scarlett shivvered from a cold gust of wind that went through her vell. She tried to wrap her flimsy clothes around herslef to no avail.

A rat scurried past her feet. Scalett was startled and jumped away from the rat which positioned herself just an inch away from Ash.

"What happened after I passed out? Why am I in a cell?" She realized she was in a pirate ship finally. Her face went stark white. "What is going to happen to me? A...Are they going to kill me?"
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Ash smiled at Scarlett's fear of rats. He happened to like the creatures, and he knew he could use this fear against her if he helped her to escape... He shook his head to clear it. No, he wouldn't let her escape this time. His father wanted her as a prisoner, and they were in the middle of the ocean. She was free, but she was still in a cage.

"Why were you scared that Ashy would kill you? He's so sweet," Char said, putting her hands on Ash's shoulders, leaning against him, and kissing him on the cheek. Ash turned his head to look at her to ask why she did that, but when he did, she kissed his lips, and Ash kissed back, turning his body and putting his hands on her waist. She moved her arm so it wasn't behind his head, but was still on his shoulder,

Ash melted into the soft form of her lips, and he licked them slowly, enjoying the taste of the cherry juice she used to dye them bloodred. Scarlett's scream brought Ash back to reality, and he broke the kiss. He stepped away from Char, who let him go, smiling cruelly. Ash looked at the pen to see another rat scurry away from Scarlett.

"Well, you've seen the pathetic girl, now let's go... we still need to make wedding plans."

"You go ahead, darling," Ash said, "I'll stay here a few moments longer and protect the princess from the rats."

"Which princess?" Char asked teasingly.

"The one who isn't strong, beautiful, and able to defend herself."

"I see." Char giggled as she left, shutting the door behind her.

When she had left, Ash gripped the bars of the cell.

"Get me out of here!" he whispered urgently, "I'll get you out of the cell, just let me come with you when you escape. Preferrably before my father makes me marry his lovely ward. She's lovely, but I'm not in love with her," He added, anticipating the question, "Have you seen any keys around here, or does Char have the only set? If it's the latter senario, I can easily get the keys."

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