Scarlett looks outside the latice window in the womens room. She sighs and listens to the merchants selling their wares two streets away. She wishes she could run away frim the God-forsaken room and walk past the booths. Smelling the aromas of the spicy foods, the smooth cool feel of the silk on her skin, and the gorgeous parchment with all their diffrent colors and designs. Scarlett snaps out of her daydream and looks down at her failed attempt at embrodery. The peice of cloth was stained with red drops of her blood from pricking herself with the needle. Then she looks around to the boring brown walls that Scarlett considered to be her prison. Scarlett let out a small scream and stood up and went over to her window. "Only three more days till I am brought back to the womens room and I can plot my next escape. Maybe this time it will work." She played with her pony tail and bit her lip pacing the room back and forth. "Next time I try to escape I will acomplish it. I swear to myself." She muttered under her breath. a small rap was at the door. Scarlett faced the door and with a powerful voice she told the person to enter. A guard entered the room bringing her meal with him. "Here is your food Princess. I hope that next time you think about trying to escape, you will think twice. Your father is getting tired of your antics and wants to marry you to an old man with lost of money just to get you out of his hair." The guard laughed evily and layed the food down in front of Scarlett. "I would rather die than marry an old man." Scarlett spat in the guards face and crowched into a fighting stance. The guard roared at her and swore under his breath shutting the door with a slam behind him. "Mark my words little spit fire, you will suffer for you disobedience." Scarlett sat down on the floor with her head in her lap and cried silently.