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What is Nations of Ruhgaia? Nations of Ruhgaia is a cooperative effort in storywriting, art, and worldbuilding. Essentially, characters created by the participating writers help mold and shape the actions of Ruhgaia's six nations.

Ruhgaia is a fantasy world. This means there is generally large uses of magic, as well as fantastic creatures. The tales of Ruhgaia can vary from each person, but they can include aspects of genres, such as horror, comedy, mystery, and action. There is a lot of freedom for characters to move and affect the world.

The Setting of NoR: All of the story takes place on the continent of Ruhgaia, in either the six nations or the surrounding waters.

Due to past events in history, quite a few of the nations are in conflict with each other, which will be discussed later.

Technologically, each nation is in a different status, ranging from Steampunk technology to Arcane Enchantment to Dark Ages and Tribal states, each for a different reason as well, that has most of the nations in a state of balance, with a few on the weaker side of the spectrum.

As of this moment, half of the nations have nobody controlling their details, so all the information of these groups is limited to a vague summary of what it is.

For those interested:
Drissa, the Cult of the Charred Talon, and the House of True Heirs lack someone to help establish them. Mind you, anyone taking this role will be given free reign over the details of this nation, be it culture, distribution of wealth, military organization, and what is seen as favorable and unfavorable.

Anyone is free to create characters living in other nations, and having more than one character is perfectly fine.
The six nations: (wall of text time)

The Commonwealth of Drissia
A once-great nation full of dedicated patriots and proud warriors.

The Commonwealth of Drissia was the most powerful and respected country in the world of Ruhgaia until a series of wars and battles were lost and the country fell into despair and poverty. Even though it is struggling to stay in power, the people of the Commonwealth are strong, dedicated, determined and work hard for their nation no matter what.

The Commonwealth of Drissia is also known as a place for immigrants from anywhere, of any race, to take shelter and dedicate themselves to the well-being of the country.

The population of Drissia is made up Humans and Elves, as well as Orcs, Beastmen and dwarves; as long as you are willing to work hard and strive for a better country, the Commonwealth of Drissia is open for you!

The House of True Heirs
A country of people believed to all be decended from Ruhgaia's first king, whom lived thousands of years ago.

Constantly at war with their former servants, The Guild of Arcana Divine, the House of True Heirs is always competing for land and resources.

The House of True Heirs has a powerful military force one would be proud of and resources beyond imagination. High quality metals, more money than you can think of and a compassionate and powerful ruler belong to the House of True Heirs. Everyone who belongs to the house is well educated, looked after by the government and treated like the royalty they are.

With a population strictly containing humans and elves, The House of True Heirs is willing to embrace a new member of the family!

Guild of Arcana Divine
A country of people with a common goal in mind: to spread the gloriousness of magic.

Once servants to Ruhgaia's first king, the Guild of Arcana Divine broke away and started an eternal war with their former masters, the House of True Heirs.

Constantly fighting for land and resources, the Guild currently occupies an area which contains two main notable areas: a range of mountains bordering the House of True Heirs' border, and a portion of Ruhgiaia's most impressive forest, the Ardonian Forest; both of these areas are known for the magical and mystical properties of their flora and fauna.

The Guild accepts anyone willing to practice and dedicate themselves to magic: spell warriors, mages, mystic rogues, all are welcome to join the Guild! Elves and Humans make up the majority of the Guild's populace because they naturally have a better understanding of magic.

The Empire of Scathenwheld
Residing in the harsh, icy landscape of Scatha, the Scathenwheld Empire is made up of people who have worked a long way to get where they are.

The area that the empire occupies lacks valuable resources besides metal or timber; the empire also lacks a stable food source because the amount of game is scarce and agriculture is impossible.

With the power of fire, the steam of melting ice and metal, the empire has far more advanced machinery than any other nation.

Gathering the rest of its resources from conquered lands and dominating weak nations has lead the empire to becoming one of Ruhgaia's most powerful and feared forces. The Empire of Scathenwheld has been ruled by the same family of dictators for centuries, all of them ruthless and tyrannous.

The Empire's military uses pilotable mechs, guns, tanks and various other kinds of steam powered machinery to take what they want by aggression.

All kinds of factories and industries are present in Scatha, so opportunity is around at every corner. As long as you are willing to completely devote your time to the empire and nothing else, any human, orc, Beastman or dwarf is welcome to join this impressive country's ranks.

Ardon's Free People
The generous and respected people of Ardon live in the gorgeous foresty area of Ardon, where the most mystical natural forest of Ruhgaia calls its home: the Ardonian.

The Ardonian is home to numerous different kinds of interesting people. Elves, Orcs and Beastmen all make up the Free People's populace, as well some humans who rarely take the challenge of giving up civilized life to become one with nature.

The Free People of Ardon's primary objective is to preserve nature and keep Ruhgaia as natural and pure as possible. With the rise of technology over the centuries and the threat of the Scathen Empire, it has become increasingly difficult to protect Ruhgaia's most natural region. With a vast supply of timber, fur, animals and fertile soil, the thriving nation of Ardon's Free People is abundant with resources.

The Free People's military is made up of different kinds of warriors: magic, arrows, blades, whatever it takes to preserve the forest.

Live for the planet and Ardon's Free People will embrace you with open arms!

Council of the Charred Talon
The sinister Council of the Charred Talon: a nation of people all following a dominant religion that worships a supreme demonic deity.

Centuries ago, when the great war between The House of True Heirs and Guild of Arcana Divine was still happening, rogue members of the Guild gathered together and summoned a firey avian archdemon.

This demon single-handedly slaughtered both sides and forced the entire world of Ruhgiaia to join forces and rise against his devastating power. The demon's amazing power caused millions of people to join its side and assist it in engulfing the world in everlasting hellfire.

After years of fighting, the demon finally fell, exploding in a ball of fire that caused the surrounding area to burn and transform into a desert. The remains of this demon formed into an immense rock, with a system of tunnels built for worship inside of it and a sacred temple on top.

The Council's main city rests around the base of this stone and now they wait for the day when they discover a way to revive their demonic god.

Humans, elves and beastmen strictly make up the Council and all who join are devout to the well-being of the cult and the revival of their firey winged deity: Nardaxus.
Character Roster

Leader: None

- Lord Thorvek Dathas Politician
-- Lord Dathas' enforcers

House of True Heirs
Leader: None

- Alaric Modith House Modith Dragonrider
-- Natheria (Alaric's Dragon)

Guild of Arcana Divine
Leader: Grand Councilman Felix Graham Guild Leader

- Warmaster Tanya Goth Guild General
- Thavian Zelroh Experimental Magic Researcher

Empire of Scathenwheld
Leader: Emperor Nero Cruxis Dictator of the North

- Ogni Saliro Tankmaster General
- Tana Senif Scathen Ambassador
- Vera Saliro Scathen Merchant

Ardon's Free People
Leader: Kayom Ardonai Movement Leader

- Mondakl The Ogre King
- Osir Valen The Lifemage

Council of the Charred Talon
Leader: None

A map of the world: Ruhgaia
doing more later.
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