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So hi there =)

I have these three... ideas. They're kind of just formulating, but both ideas really inspire me and just won't leave me alone.

But I have a problem. I can't seem to stick to a project by myself. I guess I need motivation.

I consider myself to be a pretty good writer, but I think that being involved in a collaboration would push me to be a better writer as well as motivate me.

The kind of person I'm looking for is:

Someone who can be optimistic about the project.
Someone who can write at my level or above.
Someone who can be patient.
Someone who can be trustworthy.
Someone who is likeminded.
Someone who is serious about the project but not so serious they won't add in a joke or two.
Someone who can be honest with me about what is good and what isn't without just being a jerk.
Someone willing to write flawed and relatable characters.
And someone who is willing to contribute, add in their own ideas, and help the story along.

I personally prefer writing in third person. I also like to write with multiple characters and lots of points of view. I prefer past tense writing. I've never worked in present tense but it intrigues me.

I also love to have various romantic themes in my stories.

We'd probaly work through emails, since I'd be better attention to those then Gaia's PM system. And we'd obviously start off by creating a plot, characters, and an outline. Because I am a planner, and I hope you are too.

It would be nice if you have MSN or are willing to text so we can keep in touch, share ideas, and get to know each other as people and not just writers.

My first idea is a science fiction-y thing that is a bit similar to the movie Gattica in theme but has it's own twists.

The second involves fairytales in a modern setting.

And the third is the least evolved but it involves a zombie story inspired by various fairytales.

If you're interested in either, I can give you more details a bit more privately.

If any of those ideas interest you or if the idea of collaborating with me interests you... PM me! I'd love to hear from you =D
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I would love to write with you, but what exactly is your writing level?
I'd love to be your writing partner, PM me sometime.
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I would love to assist a fellow writer. I am fairly skilled, just barely over journeyman level, so I would like to know if I even have a chance at working with you. (Please PM me, so I don't get rejected where everyone can read it.) If you would like, I can send you an example of my works.
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count me in.

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