I'm writing this story called Sanity. I have the gist figured out already, but I think two minds are better than one biggrin I need a partner in crime who's willing to commit to a story that goes beyond everything happy and cheerful - but rather dark, and full of sin. It's rather Rated R, so beware... PM me if you're interested. I might require something of you, I don't know... Maybe confirmation or something razz It's under debate where it will be posted or written, whether in forums or email... Or even PM! Here's what I got:

The story is about a 21 year old painter by the name of Samantha Geller who suffered some tragic events including rape, pregnancy, domestic abuse, and miscarriages. With all of this trauma in her life, she decides the only way to take out her pain on her female figures - all blondes with a passion for other women. After she'd slit them clean, and drained them of all their blood, she'd carefully wash them and dry them... And she'd outline each cut with vibrant colors. Then, leaving their naked body covered in her paint, she'd drive them miles out to ditch them where ever.

I have more biggrin Just PM me razz