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So I have a ridiculous proposal.

I want to start a webcomic, but I am more skilled at the drawing aspect of creating one than I am of the story writing side of things. So I'm looking for a partner to collaborate with who shares my morals and goals, and meets my standards. I basically REALLY want to create a comic, but I have no Ideas worth dedicating to. Basically, I am looking for someone to pitch a story, and I want to bring it to life in a digitally drawn and colored comic to be posted online. I am fully aware that this post will get some hate from people who think its ridiculous and demanding, but here it goes.

I like:

-mythical races and creatures as protagonists (elves, fawns, dwarves, creatures of your own creation, dragons and such can be evil or good.)
-Humans are cool too. Y'know... I just wanted to make sure people didn't think I only draw mythical races. razz
-evil race and creatures as antagonists (demons, vampires, werewolves, creatures of your own creation)
-weaponry ( not very experienced with guns, but I'm willing to learn. I love drawing swords, scythes, knives, pole arms, all that jazz)
-a clear, strong distinction between good and evil
-tasteful romance (anything excessively passionate would happen behind the scenes)
-tasteful fight scenes (I don't mind wounds and blood stains, but I don't want to draw horrific gashes and guts and severed heads, unless necessary to plot, i.e. holding up a severed head to show someone is dead)
-protagonists use light magic, antagonists use dark magic. (Not really a fan of drawing voodoo items or summoning rituals...but once again. If it suits the story/character, then it must be done.)
-a writer who can spell. Nothing bothers me more than when a comic has a typo. I would proofread anyway, though, but put in your best effort.
-good character development opportunities in the storyline (I love creating characters and bringing them to life, it's the putting the characters into a story part that I suck at)
-classic fantasy settings ( I do occasionally enjoy working with modern or futuristic scenarios, but my passion lies more in the eras of villages and kingdoms)
-characters with foreign languages or cultures
-tons more that I probably haven't even considered. Surprise me! biggrin

I do NOT want:
-extreme gore
-demons or evil races portrayed as heroes
-sex shown
-characters who dress extremely risky (basically, Girls: nothing less than a modest bikini, Guys: nothing less than swim shorts)
-extreme alcoholism or substance abuse (only if it fits within a trait that a character wishes to change about themselves, or as a way to make an antagonist seem more sinister)
-trans gender/ gay characters (I'm not homophobic, I actually support gay rights, it's just not something I enjoy drawing. No offence intended.)
-protagonists with religions that involve the worship of more than one god. (The baddies can worship whoever they require for their character.)
-a storyline that is a blatant rip off of another trending theme (vampires vs werewolves, ninjas vs pirates, Naruto/Bleach/Ouran HSHC fandom, school of magic/Harry potter, etc. etc. etc.)

Also note that this will be a PARTNERSHIP. I am not just hiring you, I want to work with you on equal terms. You would, however, have primary recognition for the writing, just as I would have primary recognition of the art.We will get equal credit for the webcomic as a whole. This also means that I expect dedication and diligence in my partner, just as you . Webcomics can go on for YEARS (one page is usually submitted weekly) and I refuse to stop half way through.

I am a Christian artist with boundaries. No, I'm not a goody two shoes with a bible glued to my clenched fish. I just believe in God and heaven. Deal with it.

As for my art, I know I am still learning and by no means say I have mastered my craft. I am, however always practicing, and am willing to learn. This webcomic would be a learning experience for us both. It's a bit outdated since I haven't uploaded my digital art yet, but here is a link to my DA: http://itxaro.deviantart.com/

If I haven't scared you off yet, then drop me a PM and we can arrange a time to talk in more detail.

Webcomics that inspire me:
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Every time you bump in the WF, Satan molests a child.
Every time you bump in the WF, Satan molests a child.

crying Sorry! I'm not familiar with WF etiquette. I've haven't really posted here much... sweatdrop
It won't happen again, I promise! *Slaps self*
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The general rule of thumb on here is that if your thread falls off the first page, then you can bump it wink

Good luck on your find though. I'm rather impressed with your art (I was expecting something much more along the lines of an amateur) and although you can use a few improvements here and there it has an overall nice look.

Another thing just to keep in mind, after I went over your list: you might have to compromise on a few things, as obviously not everyone will hold the same principals as you do in regards to writing. But if you're absolute on your decision, perhaps instead you can write up a story line yourself, and instead have several people in the Writer's Forum or another website help you out with the kinks and inconsistencies. Just a thought if you can't find a partner. 3nodding
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*looks at Do not wants* Damn, there goes any chance of a guy in nothing but a loincloth, or a women wearing nothing but string, and putting in some good guy demon porn.

((Seriously though, I can't even draw lol..But I can draw an awesome stick figure character))

Oh and you can get more people by posting this in the Collabrative Works section, which is technically where this goes ^__^
@Victorias Doll : Thanks! I'm glad you approve of my work! There is ALWAYS room to improve, and I can't wait until I do! :3 And I understand there may have to be compromises. smile I realize not everyone will be into the same type of things. I'm pretty dead set on the not sex, swearing or superfluous amounts of gore, but I'm actually very accommodating otherwise, as long as its suitable to the story/character and not just a gimmick. I have a few people who PM'd me, but if it doesn't work out I'll definitely consider your solo+help-of-forum suggestion! Thanks a ton!

@Marshmlow1 : mad D no demon porn, aw shucks, hey? I didn't actually know that there was a collaborative works section. :O definitely going to check that out now! Thanks so much! biggrin
The Collaborative Works subforum is kind of slow, and a good portion of it's traffic comes from people looking for Roleplays to join. Still, there are some talented writers there, and you might find someone interested.

I'd volunteer, but I probably don't have the patience for a lengthy project, and it seems like our interests fall into different areas. Good luck though.
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Hm, interesting proposal, but I'm afraid we clash too much.

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