Hi there. Please visit:


Sorry for the runaround! I tend to be a bit overly complicated in my requests and from years of searching on Neo it's just been easier to maintain a website that outlines what I want (so that I didn't get frozen!). And also, that way, there's no fuss when people contact me. Before you even go, so I don't waste your time, the main sorts of roleplays I'm looking at are:

Original-Universe (Modern, situations, odd-pairings, which are listed in more detail on the website - involves all original characters in an all original universe), Star Trek, and Harry Potter. I do M// and MxF.

As in the title, please be literate to advanced. I am really a nice person, I just have been roleplaying so long by now I sorta know exactly what I want. pirate I have semi-plotlings for everything and a couple of intros already sprouting around. It is more likely however that I will reserve writing an intro for after we talk, as I like to individualize things!

Thanks for looking,