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This is a medieval-fantasy based roleplay. The players consist of myself, Avanelle Viola, and I Am-Ultra-Extra-Fancy. Anyone else, please leave the posting room open for the players. If you'd like to join, please submit a written application using this template;

Character Name:
Race (Human, Elven, Fae):
Character Image/Appearance:
Character Background:

Here is the background of the setting.....

It is said that in ancient times our world, Elysium, was nothing more than a great ball of water....

Then came the Divines. Two ancient beings who blessed our realm with their presence. These Divines saw potential in Elysium, and so they spent many days contemplating what should be done with it. Eventually, they came up with the idea of birthing life into the world. So, they created the being known today as Efrit, the Great Wolf Aeon. This Aeon took the form of a black and white wolf whose fur scraped at the clouds themselves, and who's howl rippled the oceans of the world wide. It breathed black fire across the ocean, and it left behind in its wake a piece of earth. Land formed, and a single massive continent was born. It then walked across this land, and with each step of its white paws, it left behind the gift of life. Plants and animals grew and developed, and eventually the first intelligent beings rose from the womb of nature herself; these beings were known as the Elves. The Aeon returned to the Divines, satisfied with its own work.

The elves were a gentle, and noble race. Their culture so refined and their ways so developed, they soon grew more intelligent than the Divines once predicted. They learned the use of the same energies utilized by the Divines and their Aeon, and named this essence 'Magika.' Using it, they were able to commune with nature and beasts, create objects from elements in a matter of seconds, and develop their intelligence at a far greater rate. In time the Elves grew prideful; arrogant, even. They used the mud of the earth and bones of the beasts to create a new sort of species that they called 'Human.' These humans closely resembled the elves, although they were much less refined and less capable in the world of Magika. The Elves found themselves to be omnipotent, using the humans as slaves and servants. They claimed themselves to be just as capable of creation as the Divines themselves.

One of the two Divines was amused by this; knowing that she was far more powerful than they would be, she allowed them their ignorance. The other, however, was not amused at all. He found the Elves to be disgusting and ungrateful, and decided to teach them just how powerful he was. This divine gave birth to the Great Wyvern Aeon, who bore no name. This Aeon descended in a blazing hellfire that swept across the forests and plains of the great continent, burning all who suffered its fury alive. Those who submitted their will to the Wyvern became horrible twisted versions of themselves, mutilated and deformed, known today as Lych. They joined the Wyvern in slaughtering those they once loved, and the conquest rampaged until nearly all the Elves were entirely destroyed.

The second Divine was appalled at the destruction of her beautiful creations; and so descended the Great Wolf Aeon once more. The two Aeon's met in a terrible clash that shook the mountains and cracked the earth, dividing the great continent into three smaller kingdoms. The battle seemed to go on forever, until finally, the Divines intervened. They brokered a bargain; that they would seal their Aeons away in unique amulets. These amulets would be given to two different races, and two different bloodlines would carry them down for a thousand years. After that thousand years had passed, the amulets would activate, and imbue their descendants with the powers of the Aeons themselves.

The Divines agreed; and so the Divine War was ended. The Elves who remained were so distraught they had caused such terrible damage to the world they so cherished, that they claimed the ultimate sacrifice. They went to the farthest kingdom, and sung to the trees and nature until their very bodies became trees as well. So came to be the Dead Forest, and the kingdom on which it rested, Elderass (El-deh-ra-ss.)

The Elves have not been seen since. The humans who remained began to rebuild on their own kingdom, Calrune, and prospered into their own powerful nation. Some of the humans had mated with the Elves before their disappearance, and gave birth to a new species, the Fae. Not as capable in magic as the Elves, they were still much more capable than the humans. Humans enslaved the Fae that remained on Calrune, and the rest fled to Elderass, where the trees of their dead ancestors protect them viciously.

Lastly, is the kingdom of TerraLych. No man or Fae has set foot on the island and returned to tell of it. A great Leviathan circles the outskirts of the island, and devours any ship foolish enough to approach. The sun never shines on this island, and sailors who have ventured close enough to see but far enough to remain alive claim to have seen vicious and horrible creatures that stalk its murky shores.

Our tale begins in Calrune, the Kingdom of Man, in the region of Goldwood, village of Amber.....
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Currently Accepted Characters:

Username: H0ll0wM4n
Character Name: Solomon Grayson
Race: Descendant (Unique)
Character Image/Appearance:User Image
Character Background: Found in the woods as an infant, Solomon was taken to the village of Amber to be raised by the Counselate, Jon. Jon officially gave the baby to Atlas the blacksmith and his family, but unofficially, gave the young boy private training lessons. Jon discovered that Solomon possessed strange abilities. He is able to smell and hear for many leagues, and is one of the best trackers in the history of man. He is able to lift more than most all men, and can run faster than most for a long stretch of distance.

In addition to all of his abilities, he possesses a unique disability; he is incapable of exhibiting emotion.

Username: Avanelle Viola
Character Name: Gabriella Noli (Gabri
Race (Human, Elven, Fae): Fae
Character Image/Appearance:
User Image

Character Background: Born in the royal palace of of the Fae King and Queen, Gabriella is a close relative to the royal sir and ma'am. Growing up in royalty allowed Gabri to be pampered and taken well care off. She was taught many of the fae and even elvish magika ways and became rather profession in the works.

But she was taught in secret for most of the time, the idea of a lady fae becoming powerful like that was nerve-wreaking to many of the high court. While in plain sight she was a duchess, a humbling ambassador towards the human race. Small, peite, and graceful, in many ways, she keeps this front up for many reasons, but mostly to look and portray her human side.

Username: I am ultra extra fancy
Character Name: Mora
Race (Human, Elven, Fae): human

Character Image/Appearance: Mora is very tall for a woman with a slim, almost lanky frame, although she is quite lithe and muscly. She has long blonde hair that she often drapes over her shoulder in a long thin braid. Her skin is unusually dark for a blonde, as she spends a lot of time outside. She does not have a pretty face, with a long strong chin and a large mouth, which she rarely opens or smiles with. Her most attractive feature are her striking blue eyes that are steely and piercing, quick to absorb information. She prefers wearing cotton tunics and linens when out of combat, but always wears boots and a hidden dagger. In combat she prefers lighter armor.

Character Background: Mora was raised in a low ranking noble household within Calrune, the Phaelan (Fay lin). Although the Phaelan lack any substantial power or wealth, they were competitive and ambitious. Her father was a hard man with a heavy hand and showed little affection. He secretly favored her over her three older, pretty sisters, although he showed her little affection. A practical man, he realized that she lacked the beauty and charm to be useful in court and deemed her unmarriageable, training her as a warrior along with her oldest brother, Monte.
In terms of personality she seems cold, aloof and rather intimidating, making her awkward in social situations. In reality however, she is calm and usually quite warm. She is very slow to anger, but impossible to persuade once she’s made up her mind about something. She is not afraid of conflict, but she does whatever possible to avoid it. She has no magical ability, but is talented in horseback riding, and swordplay with some archery skill. She has a lot of endurance and a fair bit of strength, but is slow.
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There was a...serenity, to this moment. Something as simple as words couldn't begin to express just how perfect and pristine it was. The forest that surrounded the small clearing was my home...my sanctuary. As was all of our beautiful world. There is always a place for me; for what I am is not of flesh and blood. But an idea, transcended into life. I am a living, breathing testament to the opportunities fate and life have presented us. Just as light warms and darkness falls, I, am real.

I opened my eyes, gazing upon the canopy above and the pieces of blue sky that broke through the green. I could feel the wind gently kissing my cheek...the weight of my sword at my side. I could hear the birds chirping and whistling high above...the threats and barbs of the three men that slowly circled me. Yet they were as the birds to my ears...irrelevant, and fleeting. An ever present annoyance in this beautiful world. Something we must simply...tolerate.

My right hand rose from its limp position, and the men around me fell silent. My left palm gripped the head of my sheath, pushing it ever so slightly. The digits of my right hand curled around the platinum-colored handle of Lazarus, and I drew the blade in a smooth and steady pace. As its last few inches came free, the hairs on my neck rose at the sound of that familiar whistle. The broadsword was polished and sharp, tended to daily. Of my own accord, of course.

Perhaps they'd charge all at once...and this show might finally be over. I might make a mistake, and they might get the better of me. But it is not within my capability nor my principle to make it an easy task for them. 'Enough games!' There it was again...that annoyance. I turned on my heel, and swung the sword in an upward arc. The edge of my blade echoed as it clashed with my first opponent, sending his downward slash right back into the air.

The expertise of my swordsmanship was obvious in my movements. Though I'd met the resistance of his own swing as well as my own strength, the arc that I created was halted in mid-swing. Frozen as easily as one would stop their fist. Before he could react, I thrust my arm out and held my stance. His sword fell to the earth beneath us, his hands descending to gently wrap around the blade that I had buried into his heart. Not even an entire three inches of the blade had found him, but I knew that it was enough. His eyes found mine, and he would find no mercy. No compassion.

Nor would he find rage, or joy. No satisfaction, and no spite. For he was only vermin; an insect that had unfortunately chosen to fly in my path. I withdrew the sword, and he fell to one knee at the sharp gasps of his comrades. 'b*****d!' I turned on the other heel this time, and instead of applying as much force on my defense I decided to put a little more flare on this one. He stabbed at my torso with both hands against his sword, and I swung my own blade around with my right hand.

The edge of my blade smacked into the flat of his, and as he was thrown off course I continued the swing and grabbed the blade with my left hand as well. I swung the sword around in a slightly wider circle, bringing it above my head. I swung down, bending one knee forward and putting one foot back. He cried out in agony as blood poured from the long gash I'd left diagonally across his front. Blood dribbled from his chin as he fell backwards, and I heard yet another familiar sound.

The stuttering of a frightened soul. I turned monotonous eyes onto the last of the three bandits, raising my chin as if to acknowledge his fear. 'W-Wait, Wait!' As I'd mentioned before...his voice was as the birds to me. Irrelevant, and fleeting. He made a decision that may have been wiser two kills ago, and dropped his sword, turning to flee. I did not give chase, nor would I let him escape. I raised my weapon, flipping the handle in my palm and thrusting it into the corpse of the man I'd pierced in the heart.

I reached down, and lifted the shortsword the man had dropped and left behind. Raising it in the air, I held it backwards and took a step forward. I brought the sword back over my shoulder, holding it elegantly with three fingers atop it, a pinky underneath, and a thumb against the butt of the handle. In one swift thrust I threw the blade, and watched the silver glitter as it cascaded through the air with a sharp whistle. It slammed into his back and protruded from his chest nearly half a foot.

He stumbled a few more steps, and then fell forward. I heard the sliding of innards against metal when he did so, and was confident in his end. Silently I turned, and wrapped my fingers around the silver handle of my own sword. I looked down at the lifeless man, tilting my head. They were so adament in fending off the death that they had handed to unfortunate merchants and travelers; but in their final breaths I'm sure they all resigned to their fates. After all, this was fate. They had spent their lives hunting and preying upon those lesser than them.

It was simply their own misfortunate that I happened upon them; like them, I prey upon those lesser than me. 'Anhello! Anhello!' I turned my head, pulling the sword from the flesh and laying eyes on Gregory. A warm smile broke out across my face, a sudden and unknown shine coming to my eyes as I spoke to him. "It's alright--I found 'em. Here..now you have to stop taking such wide routes, Gregory. You know these guys are just gonna chase after a man like you." I reached down, tugging the small black cloth bag free of the bandits belt and tossing it in the older mans direction.

He caught it with a cackle, jingling it in his hand. 'An -old- man, you mean? Hah it's fine boy! Come! Mead, my treat!' He turned around, continuing to cackle as I followed at an even distance behind him. Hmph. The smile faded, and the shine died. Every man is honor bound to smile for his fellow man; if for nothing else than to show we were ready to give our support. At least that's the method I use for disguising my less-than-kind side. After all...I'm only human.

Though I murder like a monster.

I followed Gregory back to the village. As soon as we broke the line of trees, I put on that empty smile of mine. Children came running and I laughed lightly as they gathered around, demanding that they see my sword or let one of them fetch my bow from my adoptive fathers house. I chuckled at their tenacity, shooing them off and asking Gregory to buy each of them a strip of sweetened jerky. I waved them off and they followed the cackling old man. I was about to go home and settle in for the night, when I passed in front of the temple.

The village was small. Located deep in the Goldwood forest, where the trees retained a yellow shade all year long. The shacks and huts used to house people were mediocre, but comfortable nonetheless. In the center of town was the temple, where our Counselate and leader handled affairs of political relevance. The temple doors opened up, and Jon emerged. He was hunched over, as he always was, his scarlet and gold cloak draped over his body and swirling around his ankles. He spotted me and I came to a stop, retaining a bemused expression. My charade was flawless.

He curled his finger inward, and I immediately turned to go meet with him. I walked past him and into the temple, and the doors closed behind me. Jon said that he managed to close them using some sort of intricate mechanism; but I knew he was using Magika. I myself am incapable of using Magika; I am unsure why. I never investigated it. Jon walked past me, and towards his desk. The temple consisted of a long row of benches on either side, and a single scarlet carpet trimmed with gold in the middle.

Jon’s desk sat at the head of the carpet, and behind it his high chair. He took a seat, and groaned in effort. I reached to help him down, and he waved me off. My empty expression returned to me, and I stood in front of his desk. ‘Solomon, my boy...it seems we have some important business to discuss.’ I raised my chin, curious.

“Business, sir?”

‘Yes...an embassador from Elderass comes tonight. She should arrive later in the evening. I’d like for you to meet her two leagues or so outside of the village, and escort her inside yourself.’ I raised a brow.

“From Elderass...we don’t get many like that, master. But more importantly...you do not trust her? I see no other reason to meet her so far from the village itself.”

‘I trust no one, my son, and you don’t either if you’ve listened to me these years gone by. That having been said, I trust the Fae far more than any human under my supervision.’ I understood his fears.

“You feel she will be attacked.”

He nodded his head solemnly. ‘Not many have seen a Fae for some time now. Ignorance is a powerful motivator, and quick to turn to hostility. You must maintain your neutrality...now, go. They will come from the South. Prepare yourself. The sun will be setting soon. Oh, and Solomon....’ He reached into his desk and removed a strange amulet. It was diamond, and embedded in the white diamond was a strange black stone that seemed to sparkle brighter even than the diamond it was based in. I took it from him, noticing it was hung from a silver chain.

“Master, this is far too valuable. I couldn’t possibly--”

‘Solomon you and I both know that those manners of yours are just a front. A front I helped you practice, mind you. You will take that necklace and you will not question me again. Now go, my son.’ I nodded and bowed respectfully, before putting the chain on and hiding the amulet beneath my jacket. I walked towards the door, and he called out to me before I left. ‘Solomon.’ I turned to face him. ‘What is the purpose of your existence?’ I turned to face my master fully, repeating the motto we had developed years ago.

“Order, through Reason, my master.”

He nodded his head with a proud smirk, and returned to his work. I left the temple, letting the doors close behind me. The sun was indeed setting. It was time to start hoofing it towards the main road.
The night often frightened many fae, but that was the human inside them. Gabri, for as long as she could recall, lacked any sort of human trait. She couldn't explain why, raised like her fae cousins, Gabri always found and noticed herself to be much more different.

At a young age it bothered her, the fact that while her cousins remained in elementary magika, Gabri was the one taking advance classes, and soon was given a stack of ancient books to study from herself.

"I can make it from here, Mona," Gabri turned to her cousin, a taller fae with bright red hair and vivid green and gray eyes. Gabri and her cousin embraced for a moment before Mona handed the reigns of a black stallion to the girl. Gabri pulled the hood up over her curl brown and gold hair, hiding her skin and only showing her shockingly blue and silver eyes under the hood. "Get back home, please." She pleaded to Mona and kissed her cheeks, giving a blessing of luck.

"You are the one who will save us, Gabri." Mona whispered, brushing her hair back and giving her one last tight hug. Gabri mounted her tall stallion. The horse had a simple saddle strapped to his body. He snorted with anticipation, eager to start their journey, ready to release his pent-up energy.

Gabri took a deep breathe, her eyes gazing over the horizon. She watched the colors mix, flattening out in deep oranges, rich reds and royal purples. She took a shaky breathe and looked back at Mona, "I'll be back, I promise. Tell the family, I won't let them down." She adjusted herself a little more, slipping her bare feet into the stirrups and pulling her cloak over her cream colored gown.

Finally, as if by signal, she kicked off, her black stallion, Ravi, thundering out of the forest that lined the shore the two had spent the better half of the day traveling.

From Elderass to Calrune the noble fae traveled with a journey and a message. Peace was on her mind, death was sure to meet her many times on this journey. And if the guard she knew would be caring for her held the reputation she heard of, the two would be at the destination within days and leave a wake of destruction behind them.

She traveled quickly, keeping to the shadows, another thing most faes avoided. Regardless of their mixture in the elf race, they tended to hold many human tendencies.

She reached the meeting place, a point of cleared trees that the moon brightly illuminated. A symbol was casted with the shadows of the trees, a flower with 7 pedals but only half filled. It was an ancient symbol elvin lor, one Gabri kept around her neck in a silver charm. (It's also picture on her forehead in her picture)

Gabri remained in the shadows, her horse panting softly, gently and slowly stepping around the clearing but never entering it. She refused to show herself, but this was the proper place of meeting, two leagues out and at the appointed time.

"Where is he?" She whispered, her fingers running in Ravi's long, black mane.
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I had made a stop at home before beginning my voyage along the main road. It had been a rather uneventful stop. The only others in my adoptive family besides myself were my father Atlas, my mother Theresa, and younger sister Caitlyn. Father was getting on in his years but still able to strike a hammer to an anvil. Caitlyn was only nine years of age, and had the same fire in her that my father did. When I arrived at our home on the outskirts of the village, I found my father and mother in the kitchen busy at dinner. Father always made sure to help mother when he could; an admirable gesture.

Caitlyn came running forward, and as soon as I opened the door to walk inside I put on that same empty smile of mine. ‘Brother’s home!’ She leaped into my arms, and I caught her by the small of her back. She hugged me and I did the same for her; if there was one thing in the world that I held precious it was her. I was incapable of expressing happiness or joy; so I made sure that she was able to do what I could not. I was able to experience the warmth in life through her; and was content with that arrangement. ‘What did you bring me today, Brother?’

I smiled, and reached into my pocket to remove a bracelet made with black string and various fangs.

“I made this from the teeth of a black bear that had been hunting too close to the village. If you wear this, then other bears will be scared of you, and it will keep you safe.”

‘Really!?’ She exclaimed, snatching the necklace from my hand as I set her back onto the ground. She rushed into her bedroom with glee, where one of her little friends was waiting for her. She immediately began showing it off, and I kept my empty smile as my mother approached to give me a gentle hug. ‘Good to have you home son. Gregory told us about your little quarrel today. You’re well, I hope?’ I was about to respond with something light and jovial when father stepped in.

‘Of course he is, look attim! The boy doesn’t have a scratch on him. Regular swordsman of the crown, he is. I tell ya son, if his majesty saw someone like you way out here in our province, he’d have a thing or two to say differently about our taxes.’ I chuckled lightly, and nodded my head.

“Thanks, father. I’m fine, mother, and have already eaten dinner. I must begin my rounds early tonight; our Counselate fears that something is amiss.”

Mother nodded reluctantly. ‘Well, he’s never steered us wrong before. Make sure you come home safe, son. Don’t forget you told your sister you’d help with her archery lessons in the morning.’ I smiled once more.

“I haven’t forgotten. I’ll return before sunrise; goodnight.”

They waved their goodbyes, and I gave Caitlynn a light kiss on the forehead and grabbed my bow before making my way back outside. My empty expression returned to me, and I started towards the forest. If these emissaries were indeed worthy of suspicion, then I would be wise to approach from a shadowed location. Time would tell, I suppose.

As I strode through the forest, each footstep made nary a sound. I see very well in the dark, which is another piece of the jumbled puzzle that is me. I’d abandoned the beaten path long ago, and trekked through the deep words at an easy pace. My mind lingered still on my masters words. I suppose my being unnatural was no big secret between Jon and I, but if that were the case then why mention it at all? Trust no one…a lesson he had taught me long ago. But again, why bring up something that I had already committed to memory? How I wish I could decipher my masters cryptic thoughts. I sighed and stopped walking, closing my eyes to bask in the moonlight…and the quiet. To clear my thoughts, and to listen to the gentle sounds of the forest.

My senses were much greater than those of normal men. I can hear the strum of a lute from half a league away, and I can see a deer past my arrowhead from an even greater distance if I’m allowed concentration. Yet it seems I have sacrificed basic emotional competency, which comes naturally to even the smallest children, in exchange for these irregular talents. Before I could dwell on that matter any further, I heard something. The cry of a dying animal, it sounded like. I strode in the direction it came from, a little ways off course from my destination, and a light rain began to fall. Old Jebediah would be happy for his crops, at least. I was glad for the smell anyway; I enjoyed the scent of rain.

It wasn’t more than a few minutes before I found the source of the sound. What I saw certainly sparked my curiosity. A pack of white wolves. Well…white and red, now. All five wolves were torn asunder. Only one was still alive, and it would not be so for much longer. I walked over to the still living canine and bent down to gently stroke the fur on his neck. A long, wak howl escaped his muzzle. I looked over to examine the long and deep gouges in his torso, and arched a brow at what I saw. Five claws…I’ve never encountered such a creature, not with claws so thick and the speed and intelligence to capture an entire pack of wolves. Apparently, neither had these poor souls. I stood up and the wolfs eyes were struggling to stay open. I reached around and pulled my bow from its resting place on my back. With the other hand I reached over my shoulder and used two fingers to draw and nock an arrow. I looked down at the dying creature. He’d stopped whimpering now, as if he knew I intended to end his suffering. There was no hesitation in my eyes, no remorse. Jon’s words echoed in my mind as a child; ‘Many speculate on what is evil and what is virtuous, Solomon—but only the righteous can know it in their heart.’ I know now, what he meant.

A twang of the bow string, followed by a dull wet thud, and the beast whimpered no more. I tugged the arrow free, and said a silent prayer for the pack, to a god that I had envisioned on my own long ago. As I gathered my belongings and began to head back, there was a bark. A small, high pitched bark. I turned to find a pup rising from its resting place beside its deceased parent. Its chops were stained red from having survived off of the flesh of its slaughtered pack. I turned to face the small pup, kneeling down low once more. This time not in curiosity, but understanding. With nothing left to hope for but survival it gave into its instinct. It did not howl, and it did not cry. It just survived, just like me. The pup came closer, sniffing at my fingertips. It growled and raised its snout to look me in the eye. I leaned forward to move my face closer, meeting her gaze with the same animosity my inner monster gave me. We stared intensely at one another, before finally she laid down and rather cutely laid her paws atop her snout. I scritched at her ear and she jumped at first, but then her tail flicked across the grass and she licked her chops. I glanced over at the others, memorizing the wounds for later reference.

“What happened here, little one…?”

I asked her lightly, knowing I’d receive no answer. I rose up to leave, and the pup stood at attention. I pursed my lips, thinking of Jon’s ominous behavior and the slaughtered wolves. I reached down and picked the pup off of the ground, speaking to her as she licked at my nose. “No one else will die, today.”

With that hope in mind, and a new companion in my arms, I began a swift walk towards the meeting place. It did not take much longer than an hour for me to arrive, and the forest was so thick this far out that the rain was barely noticeable. I stood at the edge of the clearing, not yet revealing myself, and watched the woman carefully. I set the wolf pup down, and she trotted faithfully alongside me as I approached with my hand on the handle of my sword. I stood at a distance, and put on that same fake smile of mine.

“I bid you welcome, to the region of Goldwood. My Counselate has asked me to escort you back to the village. Please, follow me, and stay close. You may ride your horse if you wish. These woods are dangerous, and filled with many a terrible creature, so I would advise you mind your speed and distance. Shall we?”

I tilted my head in a rather adorable fashion, before turning around and beginning to walk. As soon as my face was out of sight, my expression returned to its usual apathetic state. I didn’t like this; something was wrong. It wasn’t just the wolves, or Jon. The hair on the back of my neck was rising…something ominous would take place soon enough. I know not when or where, but I do know that it approaches swiftly.
The woods seemed silent and calm, but even Ravi could feel it. The black stallion brought his wide hooves down to the earth, digging up the cold ground. "Enough," Gabri whispered, pulling him into a tight circle. He shook his head and neighed loudly.. "I understand," She whispered, running her fingers over his thick neck, "But this is the meeting spot."

Ever since she was younger, she always had a connection with Ravi. Most horses of the faes are small, many colored and happy looking. When Ravi was born, he was outcasted by the other foals, it was a strange thing, but as Ravi would approach the herd of yearlings they would trot away, their white, beige and brown bodies swaying and avoiding the pitch black colt.

Was this nature, the fact that Gabri was at times alienated from her own kind, that drew her to the stallion? Most fae woman, if they learn to ride, will ride a mare. It's only appropriate that a lady learn to ride a lady, to trot and gracefully canter down the streets towards the palace. To be decorated with flowers and ribbions like a present. It seemed to make sense.

"That is the one I want," She told her teacher, Miss Meri, pointing to a running and jumping black stallion.

"What?" She asked. A very pump woman, naturally having large set breast, but always remaining modest and clothing her entire body, apart from her face and hands. "No no, that is a ruthless stallion, that is a horse fit for a knight, Gabriella Noli, not a little lady." Miss Meri chided simply.

"Ah, how about this one?" A beautiful pinto filly came trotting up to them, knickering happily as she received a sugar cub. "She's graceful, young, gentle, kind, and beautiful colors. See, the rustic red, the creamy white, and such stunning blue eyes!"

"I... I don't care.. I want that black one, please Miss Meri!" She pleaded. Gabri was about 12, the time faes choose their first steed if they are able too.

"Gabriella Noli you will never learn to ride that beast!" She turned away, "Maybe we should look at another group, hm? Gabriella?" She turned to see the flight of the young girl as she jumped and flew over the fence.


The words echoed the farm land, but Gabriella Noli ignored them. She slowed her run to a careful walk as she raised her hand up, "Come here, boy." She lifted the sugar cube up high and stopped.

They locked eyes, amber eyes matching her gray and blue eyes, "Come on, boy." SHe whispered. "I'll take care of you." She swore, stepping closer. The swish of her bubble skirt, pinned up to show her ankels made him nervous, he took a step back from her. She looked around, seeing only an angry Miss Meri, she pulled at the string that held her skirt up. She was left in her long underpants, (Which are honestly just puffy pants a young lady wears) and stepped from the skirt..

She came closer and he reached his nose out, sniffing his first treat and used his muzzle to grab the sweet. He played with it on his tongue as Gabri came closer, rubbing his side. "My beautiful boy," She whispered, "I give you the name Ravi, like the sun god," She whispered.

The connection the two shared remained untouched, strengthening as they shared in their private secrets and lives together. Putting on a show for the world, while in secret they worked to be something of more value than a present.

Something snapped Gabri back from this day dream, a figure in the forest. She pulled gently on Ravi, to wake him and prepare him. It was the man. He spoke and she kicked Ravi to enter the clearing and back out. She felt the light of the moon on her skin and couldn't help but smile. Gabri was one of visible emotion when permitted.

She kept her distance as advised, but after exiting the woods her eyes traveled, "I pray your home is not to the East of us." She said, pointing, "I seem to see a fire blazing in the distance." Her long finger raised in acknowledgment to the black, stead stream of smoke.
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“Snowy?” There was a small, soft bark in response. “Well, I thought Snowy was the best yet.”

I walked with the pup back towards the village, the Fae and her horse close beside me. There would be a little while before we broke the trees and exited the forest, so I decided to spend the mean time educating her on the ways of Calrune. I explained the system of our government. Calrune was divided into four great regions; Goldwood, Coldwind, Silus, and the Capital region. Each region is inhabited by three villages, or towns.

A Counselate rules over a village, and has his or her own private militia; I was the sole protector of the village of Amber and Jon’s right hand. Counselors answer to their magistrate, who in turn watches over a single region. The magistrates answer to the three viceroy, who reports to the royal advisor, who reports directly to the King. This is how it has been since the founding of the first King, Anjelo Calrune, many years ago. Being from Elderass, I imagined that this information would be very valuable to the emissary.

I must say…she hadn’t been what I expected her to be. Rather regal looking, in my opinion. But then, from what Jon has told me, all Fae appear to be beautiful and noble. Excluding those who are unfortunate enough to be enslaved here in Calrune.

It was strange, but the pup seemed to understand everything I said to her. Not only that, but she had made no move to fidget or squirm, or even escape since I had placed her upon my shoulder.

”Perhaps I’ll hand you over to Caitlynn when we get home. She’ll know what to do with….”

At that moment, we exited the forest, and the emissary made her decleration. I could see the fire as well; but with my attuned senses, I could sense far more.

“I smell blood…it smells like a lot of people. Hold this!”

In one swift motion I plucked the wolf from my shoulder, and handed it to the emissary.

“Follow me, but do not go beyond the edge of the forest until I have entered the village. Once I have engaged the enemy, I need you to make your way to the temple; it is the largest building in the middle of town. Find Counselate Jon, and ensure he is protected. There is an escape hatch beneath his desk in the temple that leads to the forest; now go!”

I didn’t know if she’d listen to me; I’d never met the woman before. What I did know is that my home was in danger; the place I was sworn to protect. The pup whined as I turned to take off in a full sprint. Leaves rose and fell on either side of me, my speed remarkable for a human, as I weaved through the trees and shrubbery of the forest. I leaped over a fallen log and broke through the forest; what I saw was terrible.

There was fire everywhere. Each building in the village, the temple as well, was burning. Some buildings, like the temple, were strong enough to last against the flames at least for a while. But the huts and shacks of the common families were falling. Burnt corpses of those that had called me their friend were littered across the ground, and there were screams from every direction. I grit my teeth, grabbed my bow and arrow to loosely nock a shot, and began towards the center of the village.

As I hit the first of the streets, I saw a woman stumbling from her house. It was Muriel, the baker. She had a jagged black sword hanging in her chest, and collapsed onto the ground to breath her last. It was then that I met the enemy, as one of them exited the very same house. He grabbed his sword and pulled it free of her corpse. The warriors were clad in black armor, branded with a black banner outlined in red, a red spiral at its center. These men were gleefully murdering, raping, and burning. The gruesome scene was more than enough to quicken my pace.

I broke out in a full sprint down the road, and fired an arrow. The arrowhead slammed into the crook of a warriors armor, piercing his neck and sending him to the ground. As he fell, two of his comrades emerged from a nearby street corner. One of them raised a strange-looking flute with only one hole on its surface, and blew. The resounding sound stung at my ears, but not enough to make me cringe. It was enough, however, to fulfill its purpose; the roar of the creature it called came from the same direction that the pair of warriors stood.

I could only describe it as a monster. The creature walked like a man, but gazed upon me with bright yellow eyes. A long powerful snout that framed a jaw of inch long fangs, spoiled red by its prey. Its body was lean and covered in dark brown fur. Though it only had four clawed toes to each foot, its hands possessed thumbs and all digits had claws. A shaggy brown tail flicked back and forth in synchronization with sharp triangular ears. A red spiral was branded on its forehead, and half an arrow shaft was still stuck in its chest. It carried behind him a man, holding him by his shoulder, which was gouged out by a large bite mark.

I noted how long the monsters reach was; its arms nearly two feet longer than your average human. It opened its large maws and bit the mans head off in one clean bite, the sound of bone and sinew crunching as it chewed its prey and threw the headless carcass aside. Nearby the warriors watched with mild interest, as the monster lowered to all fours and growled menacingly in my direction. I placed my hand on my sword…and then removed it. Instead I drew the ten inch hunting blade I kept in my boot, and spun it on my palm.

I don’t know what it is; but it looked like a beast to me. If I know a beast then it’s trying to see some fear in me. It did not know what I was, either. That I was empty of things as trivial as fear. All that I had on my mind was death. Death…death.

The monster charged, leaping from its crouch in an upward dive with both arms outstretched to grasp me. I did not turn or evade. Rather I slid one foot forward and the other leg dropped to one knee. In the brief seconds that the nine-foot tall monster soared over me, I thrust my knife upward into the beasts collar and screamed as I dragged the blade down against its dive. Blood and innards spilled across the ground behind me, and the creature growled no more. The two warriors who had been watching scattered, rushing away to fetch reinforcements.

I broke out in a sprint once more, and leaped over burning debris towards my destination. I don’t know why I was going this way; the priority should be Jon. I am empty; I should not be experiencing this...I don’t know. I couldn’t name the feeling. But I had to see for myself. I had to.

It was less than a minute later that I arrived at my home. It too, was set ablaze. The sight of my home on fire made that nameless feeling double in intensity, so much more wild. I drew my sword and rushed forward, one of the warriors standing in front of my home. He turned to face me, and reached for his sword. With my left hand I grabbed the mans hand, slamming his half-drawn sword back into its sheath. With my right, I rammed my own blade into his collarbone and twisted it, removing it, all in one motion. I kicked the door in to my home, and without any command from my mind, I screamed.

Father and mother, skewered to the table atop each other, like birds on a spit. I kept moving with gritted teeth to Caitlyn’s room. I kicked down what was left of the burning door, and staggered back. There she was, on the ground inches from the small trap door I had made to keep her safe in just such occasions, with two arrows and a sword in her back. She was already half consumed by flames.

Then came this moment…this instance where I realized screaming was no longer necessary. I need not be heard. For this one night I have found the content I have all my life been searching for. I stepped from my home with a newfound sense of calm, and looked to the temple where I knew Jon and the emissary to be. The majority of the army was retreating with their prisoners and loot, leaving behind what remained of the first and only attack wave. I grabbed my hunting knife in my left hand, and my sword in the other.

I’ve found a name, for this feeling. I name it bloodlust. With that thought in mind, I began to sprint towards the temple.
When the pup was tossed into her arms she held her a moment, "Relax," She whispered quietly, watching him gain distance. She remembered his request, to meet him at the temple and find Counselate Jon.. She could do that. She dropped the pup into a pouch in her saddle bag, "I"ll take care of you in a moment, young one." She promised.

Gabri kicked her stallion hard in the side, "Go, go!" She demanded of her steed. He had been jumping around the ground he had been forced to stop on, and was glad to take a running start towards the chaos. The sting of burning flesh caught her nose in no time.. Her hood fell back to show her long hair flying behind her in the wind. She kicked harder, Maybe I could help, just a.. Just a little...

But she knew from the sight that no one was alive... She dismounted Ravi, going to the pocket and picking up Snowy the wolf pup, along with her pack of survival supplies. She went to his front and looked up at him, "I.." She kissed his nose gently, "My good fri-" But before she could speak a farewell, a blinding light flashed...

Around Ravi's chest, holding his flat saddle onto his back was the same seven petal flower that adorned Gabri's forehead. The light enveloped the stallion in bright white light. A horseshoe with the same symbol laying over it, the seven flower, fell to the ground.. She picked it up and could fully feel the presence of her horse within the object.. She slipped it into her bag quickly and turned..

The temple.. She ran for it, flying with a grace, her feet barely touching the ground. She hit the door and pulled, pulled.. Pulled! At the front door. She was blown with cold air, which was a relief from the fire burning down the town of Amber.. She ran in and pulled the door shut quickly... It was terribly eerie how silent a temple could sound.

She ran inside, past the temple's statues and all and to the alter, setting Snowy to the ground, "Wait here," She whispered to the pup, "I'll be.. Counselate Jon!" She called, cupping her hands over her mouth, looking around, "Counselate Jon! I.. it is the emissary, Gabriella Noli!"
Mora left the inn with bags under her eyes. She had never been a morning person, and had little sleep the night before. She left before sunrise so she could complete her journey to the Goldwood before nightfall.
As a member of the King’s Guard, she had been sent to uphold law and order throughout the kingdom of Calrune. Unfortunately, the job wasn’t as glamorous as she had hoped it would be; she was talented with a sword and knew how to ride a horse before she learned to walk. As a woman and a lower rank noble, she was not seen as capable or worthy of receiving the higher priority missions of the land regardless of her talents and abilities and was often assigned to laughably simple tasks. She had been trained as a soldier since childhood and learned at an early age to obey orders without complaint, but she felt no urgency towards the task. The thieves had been inactive for days and she suspected they had left town.
This time she was headed to the Goldwood to track down a group of bandits that plagued the area frequently. Normally she would have travelled with a partner, but the Guard had other issues to attend to and had few men to spare on a few backwater thieves. Besides, Mona was more than capable of taking care of herself. She was taller than most men and had astonishing endurance. She learned long ago to ‘keep up with the boys’ and was no slouch in a fight either.
She plodded along at an easy pace on her mount, Thunder, an enormous blood bay. Thunder was the only horse available in the stable that could carry Mora’s weight comfortably without being slowed down, and his patient, obedient nature suited her well. She absentmindedly watching the little dust clouds his massive hooves kicked up and admired his red pelt and black mane, trying not to doze off.
Mora woke with a start when Thunder came to a rather jarring halt. He neighed, bobbing his head up and down in agitation. It was not long before she discovered why; night was falling, but a large plume of inky black smoke slithered above the tree line and the air had an ominous stillness to it. She could tell by the golden trees that she had reached the Goldwood and was not far from the village of Amber. Her stomach dropped as dread traced chills down her spine with icy fingers. Thunder turned his great head to look back at her with the whites of his eyes showing. Mora’s face remained stoic as she gave him a reassuring pat on the neck and urged him onward. She would not let fear control her.
She reached the edge of town tense as a bow string. Every inch of her was ready to move if need be. She hid Thunder in a small grove to enter the village on foot. Immediately her tension dropped, crushed by an overwhelming sense of despair. The carnage before her caught her off guard. She had seen people slaughtered before, but never like this. Sickened by the stench of blood and burning flesh she staggered her way through town to look for survivors.
She expected to find nothing.

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