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Im a 17 year old writer who often gets writers block but i love to write and other people around me arent like me they prefer to not read or write. i would like friends who are like me can enjoy talking about books and writing as well as other things. If anyone is interest either comment or PM me. smile
What sort of stories do you like to write?

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Well just about anything, usually stuff with a strong female protagonist. i have nothing against male protagonists i just mainly like to write showing how women should be seen.
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If you are looking for other writers, why not join my writing guild?

Writers of all Kinds
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Ha, that's ironic. I like to write male protagonists... No reason except I can't write a female to save ma' life! D=
Haha. im not so good at writing males its probably that i just prefer to write girl characters, something i have to work on.
Hey smile I know exactly how you feel. Im also 17 and get a lot of writers block. So what kind of books do you like and which kind of genres do you normally write ?
fantasy and regular teen fiction
HI!!!!! I am a writer as well and I get a lot of writers block and I would love to have some writer friends as well. I enjoy reading others work and giving them back (i dont steal any ideas, I just tell wether or not I like them. Soooo, ya.
Well if anyone is interested in being friends message me ill reply. smile
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Hai hai~! How be you? I am a 18 year old, young write/artist. I am currently planning a web comic, but love literature as well :3

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