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I was conscious. It seamed to have no clear start, but it felt like it continued from something I couldn't remember. What was before me felt nearly infinite, but I could not remember any of it.

I sat up, rubbed my eyes, and looked around.

it was a forest, definitely; it had trees, birds, the sky, and so on. But I could not identify anything any more than that. Everything seamed unfamiliar.

I walked around, there was nothing else to do.
I saw a narrow slash in a tree stump, an arrow on the ground in front of it. As I stared at it images flashed quickly through my mind. I couldn't make them out. They were too blurry, too fast. I sat on the stump with my head in my hands for a minute trying to make sense of my situation. I heard a chirp and looked up. A bird stared at me from a branch of an oak tree nearby. He tilted his head as if he too was wondering what I was doing in the middle of the forest. I sighed and stood up looking around and pondering what to do.
But I didn't get much time to ponder before I found out where that arrow came from.

A beast came forth with what looked like an expanded human torso, arms and legs, but no head or crotch. Its face was on its torso, and it giggled at me, a deep, rumbling giggle.

It was holding a bow and arrow, but it didn't look very skilled with the weapon.

It smashed the bow at me almost before I could react. I ran as fast as I could.

It just stood there, and it sounded like it was laughing. Was it playing with me? I kept running.

Then I heard it charge. It was fast, faster than anything I had ever known. I kept running. There was nothing else to do.

Something pulled me aside. I almost cried out when a hand was placed over my mouth.

"shhhh" I was shushed by someone who seamed almost as terrified as me.

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