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Tipsy Gekko

Name: Antoniya Maksimovina-Longfield.
Age: Thirty-nine.
Appearance: Big-boned, and fair-skinned with curling red hair piled high and held together with two thin golden sticks. Dry thin lips below a broad nose. Deep-set blue-green eyes in a wide face. Squeezed into a solid black dress that reveals a little too much of a cellulite-pocked thigh.

"Red!" She pronounces the word with far too much relish, and her face lights up with the certain kind of oily glee that is produced when one realises they have a cash cow on their hands. "You know why?" She leans forward, and she rubs her thumb and forefinger together. "You see, red fades quick and fast, it washes away if you don't use proper shampoo to keep it tight to your roots. So this people, one way or either - they give me money to re-dye their hair over and over again, or they buy special products! And if the hair is dark, you need bleach to let the colour eat into your hair, and some people - they say, I want products to keep my hair nice and healthy if I need to bleach!"
A contemplative pause.
"Wanting to be pretty makes people stupid, and it gives me good, good money."
She sits back in her chair, slapping her palms down on her knees.
"OK. I like my job. Do you like yours?"
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Invisible Noob

Name: Mary Wung
Age: 7 years old
Appearance: Stereotypical Asian child. A bit pudgy and small for her age. Short black curly hair. Brown irises. Wearing a thick white button-up shirt with flowery fringes/doilies, a bulky pink wool jacket, long pants to match the jacket, and squeaky pink dress shoes--fairly uncomfortable. Her skin is irritated and red in patches around her neck and wrists.

"Um...I don't have a job yet," frowned Mary as she sat in a chair much too large for her, her legs dangling off the front and swinging back and forth. Gradually, her feet slowed down and she took to staring down at them, imagining the circles they outlined in mid-air. "I don't think I need one right now too. My parents don't think I need one...but they keep asking me about what I want to be when I grow up." She stopped looking at her shoes and smiled shyly at the beings in the room. Just enough to show hints of dimples. "I said I wanted to be a veterinarian! They're reaallly happy that I want to be one."

The girl then shifted on her seat and began fidgeting with her hot clothing, scratching her neck some more as she squirmed. How she wished she had some soothing ointment to rub on her skin, or could rip off all of these dreadful garments! At the same time though, she was afraid that her mother would come along, start scolding her for leaving her things lying around, and then stuff her back into the muffling heat. Maybe she could bear this for a little while more. Incurring the wrath of another person wasn't on her current agenda, after all. "What did you want to do when you were like me?"
Name: Reed Song
Age: 16
Appearance: Tall, with a medium build, with medium hair length. Hair is disheveled and black with the tips of his hair different colors (like one tip would be red while another chunk of a tip would be orange until u get a rainbow), wears a white hoodie with a panda face on the front with black cargo shorts, Reed also wears black converse.

"Well i have always wanted to be a musician," Reed said joyously, until his face dropped continued in a sullen voice, "however my parents always pushed being a doctor onto me and I never had the chance to decide for myself." Reed then picked himself up and jumped up from his seat with a big smile, "but i know i will be the bestestes doctor EVAHH!!" Reed laughed and sat back down.
"However i do feel an emptiness inside of me," Reed then replied quickly becoming depressed," I.D.K. what it is but I feel like everybody else is moving forward while I'm stuck in a standstill in time, even this attitude is becoming old." Reed lets out a big sigh and slums slowly in his chair, "so have any of you guys ever felt worthless?"

(sorry for the darkness, but most of my characters suffer from depression ^-^)
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Name: Ming-Yue
Age: 20
Appearence: Long black hair, tied back, loose fitting tribal clothes are tied to his wiry frame. Deep green eyes contrast his dark olive skin.

"When I was twelve I was beaten, stripped of my pride and name, and cast from my tribe." Ming replied softly looking at his hands. "But even then, I never felt worthless. I may not be the son of a god or king. But I am still alive. I am of value to someone, ne? If not I would have surely crossed the Valley of death long ago." He smiled "Let us not get depressed. Tell me, Have you ever seen the sea? I'm heading there."
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Shadowy Shade

Name: Lavinia Malith
Age: Twenty Seven
Appearance: six foot two, attractive, with slender but not delicate features, her eyes are pools of red, the colour of fresh blood and burning with hellfire, her long hair is the same. Black ram like horns curl back from her forehead and a five foot long tail follows her coming out of a specially tailored hole in her pants. She's normally well dressed, in leather or cloth armor of somber colours, often embroidered in silver thread with star charts and contsellations.

Lavinia approved of the young man. No whining, no complaints. No faltering faith or self pity. The previous question had invited it. But how should she answer the one directed at her. She smiled a slight smile, one that held secrets and an understanding that was hers and hers alone. "I've seen seas, but not one's you would recognize. Opalacent shimmering oceans, in color's I can't name or describe, squirming vista's of emerald tentacles." Her voice was wistful, calm, perhaps awestruck at the mere memory. "As for the seas of my terrestrial home though. No, I wouldn't even know where to find them." She finished, the smile falling into a faint scowl, at her own ignorance and nothing else. She pondered this for a moment before her question came to her. "How far have you been from your home?"
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Newbie Noob

Name: Felicia "Fey" Heathrow
Age: 15
Appearance: With thin dirty-blonde hair that falls to her waist and mussy bangs that brush into her green eyes, Fey could be seen as harmless. But, underneath her bangs are her eyebrows, spiked high, her temperamental Irish temper seemingly about to boil over. She is petite, a gymnast, and her body has about as much curves as a 7 year old. Throw in a scattering of light, golden freckles, and you've got her figured out. Or so you think.


Fey eyed the woman. Sure, she's battled many strange sights, including a guy with fire for hair, another with a hook for a hand. But this? Her hand twitched over her pocket ever so slightly.

"Home?" She allowed herself a smirk. "I haven't had a home for 15 years. But, if you'd let me count the orphanage, I've been away for... about 2 hours, really. I could've sworn I was at school a minute ago. We were just learning about your namesake, actually. Lavinia. Raped, correct? Thanks for taking me out of that particular lecture."

And then she whipped her head around. A newcomer was present. "Oh, you've come to join the party, huh? Well, I'll humor Whoever, or Whatever, brought us here in the first place."

And, right before taking flight in a shimmer of Pixie Dust, she asked a question lightly:

"Before being sent here against your will, where were you?"

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