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When the work day finally came to an end, Mina was out of her desk and into her shoes as fast as a rocket. She didn't know why she continually insisted on wearing shiny black dress shoes; after all, she kicked them off ten minutes into her session, like clockwork. And they made her feet sore. Grabbing her navy trench, she rifled through it's deep pockets looking for cash. After perusing every pocket on her person, she'd come up with just enough for a ride home. "Well thank my lucky star." Grinning like a mad person, she tossed a peace sign upward as if signalling some imaginary being. On the days her cash came up short, it was a middle finger.
Stepping out onto the edge of the sidewalk, she felt the light rush of cars speeding past her. Raising two fingers, she waited impatiently, heel tapping against the ground. The first cab speeded past her. She dropped her hand, shouting a string of obscenities after it, even though it was already miles away.
"You jerk! Do you know who I am?! I could arrest you for... for..." She searched madly, the cab becoming an increasingly small yellow speck in the distance. "Discrimination!"
Amidst her shouting she almost missed the second cab zooming past, and she leapt up, windmilling her arms and chasing it as though it were a plane flying over a desert island. To her relief, this one skidded to a stop in the parking lane and she managed to catch up with it. She gave the door a little tug, hearing the satisfying click as it opened, and slipped inside. she tucked her hands underneath her to smooth out her trench coat, then shut the door.
"Thanks, you're a real pal. Take me to south side." The cabby only nodded as the car started to move.
A realization hit Mina and she nearly slapped her own forehead. Of course, Ari would be home from school by now, even if she'd walked at a really slow clip. Scrambling through her pockets again, she pulled out her cellular phone and flipped it open. Arielle's number was speed dial 2 (She wasn't proud of this, but speed dial one was a thai food place). The phone rang out. Frustrated, Mina snapped it shut. Probably doing unsavory things with Jock McBoyfriend. Mina giggled aloud at the name, then opened the phone again and hit 2.
This time, after three rings, there was an answer. Without waiting to see who it was, Mina said loudly.
"Ari-doll! How goes it?"

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__________________________________Arielle Caverly__________________________________

“Maybe you should call the police?” Three seconds later the phone rang as if it heard. Arielle couldn’t bring herself to answer, to remained frozen in Eric’s embrace as the phone shrieked from across the room. When the ringing stopped she took in a deep breath and gathered herself together. What if that had been the prankster ready to apologize? When the phone rang again she untangled herself from Eric and answered on the third ring. It wasn’t the prankster, it was her cousin. “Mina?” Her voice sounded small even to her own ears. “Mina, I need you to come over, I’m really scared.” Her voice shook unintentionally. She reached out for Eric’s hand. “I can’t explain what’s going on right now, just-just come over okay?”

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At the sound of her cousin's voice, Mina's alarms were immediately raised and she clutched her phone tighter in her hand, her lips pulling back into a snarl. Did someone hurt her? Or did some creep follow her home from school? Just thinking about it made Mina's skin crawl and her heart hammer. Maybe some people would be skeptical, but Ari was a tough kid. She wouldn't sound like this if she'd just watched too many scary movies. "What's wrong? You're not hurt or anything, are you? Nevermind." Mine realized quickly that if she said she couldn't explain now, she likely wasn't in immediate danger. Still. Mina could feel her pulse in her neck. "Listen, I'll be right over, okay?" She pulled the phone away from her mouth to talk to the cabby. "On second thought, can you take me to east, to the suburbs? Thanks, you're an angel." The cabby jerked his head noncommitally and she returned to her phone. "If you think you're in danger, close all the shades." She directed, talking fast. "And just hang tight. I'll be there soon."

__________________________________Arielle Caverly__________________________________

"Okay," Arielle took a deep breath and tightened her grip on Eric's arm. "I'm okay right now, Eric's with me but I think we would both feel better if you got here quick." She bit her lip and closed her eyes and made herself focus on calming down. "I'll talk to you when you get here." She hung up the phone and looked over at Eric, he hadn't said much since the phone rang. "Maybe it's just a joke." she said weakly. "Someone's just trying to be funny." She tried to smile but it came up as more of a grimace. "It's fine," she said more to herself than to Eric. "Mina's on her way over and she'll know what to do."

Arielle took another breath and nodded to herself. "So when's that pizza getting here? I'm starving." She managed to laugh lightly hoping to take away some of the intensity of the situation.

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Both Eric and Arielle looked at the phone as it rang, neither of them moved to get it. When it rang a second time Arielle walked over and picked it up. Eric listened and watched carefully. Feeling almost like a guard dog. “Mina?” Arielle yelped to the phone. Then Eric wanted to moan out loud. Mina was Arielle’s overprotective cousin. Her coming over gave him relief, but Eric was almost positive she didn’t think too well of him.

Eric was worried about Arielle now. He intertwined his fingers with hers when she grabbed his hand trying to comfort her. He could still feel the anger bubbling up inside him, Even if it was a prank it was a cruel joke that wasn’t funny, but he still hoped it was a prank. A prank would be better than some creeper watching and following Arielle everywhere. Eric took a deep breath attempting to calm down. He looked back to Arielle who hung up the phone. He gave a weak smile as she grimaced.

“So when’s that pizza getting here? I’m starving.” She said with a shaky laugh. Eric could tell she was trying to lighten up. He pulled away from her and stood up, then walked to the kitchen. He opened the freezer and pulled out a carton of Ice-cream. Then took out, chocolate fudge and whipped cream.

Eric returned shortly to the living room with two cups in his hand. He sat both down on the coffee table before walking to the window, he stared at the almost dark sky and wondered if everything was going to okay. He sighed as she closed the blinds. Eric popped in a movie and fell back onto the couch and gave her a cup. “Ice-cream!” He stated with a smile. “We should try to relax. Mina’s coming over, and if that note wasn’t a joke then we call the police and settle it.” He told her. ‘Everything is going to be okay Arielle, besides we have Ice-cream and pizza that’s on the way! So let’s enjoy the notebook.” He sheepishly said as he planted a kiss to her forehead and smiled reassuringly. The door bell rang and Eric quickly got up to get it, He came back with a pizza in his hand. “Mmm Artery clogging goodness!” He said as he open the box.

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__________________________________Arielle Caverly__________________________________

Arielle managed to smile; things were going to be just fine. She took the pizza from Eric’s hands and set it on the coffee table. Pizza, ice cream and a sappy love story he knew exactly how to make her smile. Getting comfortable on the couch she leaned against him feeling safe. Now was really glad she had asked him to stay over this weekend.

The pair ate their pizza and ice cream and watched Allie and Noah find love. Arielle yawned and rested her head on Eric’s shoulder. The stress and worry was tiring her out. Her eyelids fluttered shut and in a matter of moments she was soundly asleep.

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