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Guy's, I'm basing this off of the show H.E.R.O.E.S. K? So before you write, write in point of views, as of I'm writing in mine, Elle...

Elle's Point Of View:


I rolled over and glanced at my clock. 6:00 AM. I love working at the company and I love my daddy, but getting up at 6:00AM just for my training was hard! Daddy wanted me to practice my sharp shooting, even though he KNOWS I can ace it in like two hours! I sighed and got out of bed. I picked out my outfit, did my bed, and took a shower. As I got out of the shower I lotioned, got dressed, brushed the tangles out of my hair, and brushed my teeth. And I went to the next floor of the company where I was going to do my training.

"Elle! Come On, Show Me You're Sharp Shooting In The Middle Of The Dartboard." My dad Bob Bishop said as soon as he saw me.

I tried Once, I missed.

I tried Second, I missed again.

"Daddy, I'm tired." I said. "Maybe This Will Bring You Back From The Dead Of Sleeping, Imagine The Middle Of The Dartboard Is Sylar." My daddy replied. That set me off and I got the middle of the dartboard on My Third try.

"Very Good, You Have Perfect Control Over Your Electricity."

"Yes, I know Daddy."

You have enough power to cause a blackout in a different country, and even kill man!"

"Yes, daddy, I remember, the incident with the man who wouldent tell me where Petrelli was. I um-Killed him, sorry."

"Elle I told you you had to stop this! But it doesn't matter now, Petrelli's with us and were good now."

"Speaking of Petrelli, I wanna see him"

"Go ahead, bring him down his "Haitian Pills."

"DADDY, you were spying?"

I remember I was playing with Peter's hair and face as he was waking up..
"Elle He's Not A Toy!"
"He Could Be ♥"

I came back to reality.

"So yeah I'lll just bring him his pills"

" Oh yeah Elle, heres the key, I trust you with it.

"Yeah, Yeah, Thanks Daddy."

I walked down two more levels, to where Peter Petrelli was.

"Hey There Super Hero" and I jolted him with a small shock of electricity...
Sorry, but many grammatical errors, fix them if you would like any decent responses.

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