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One thing I have wanted to do for a while is to collaborate with another writer. I am currently writing my first to-be-published novel as well as working on a graphic novel with one of my friends however thanks to their university schedule we've had to put it on hold for a little while.

My literary range is varied i.e. I can write a range of stories for a range of categories however my preferences are fantasy and sci-fi or rewrites based on myths and legends. Other areas I have branched out into are romance, thriller and re-writes (scenes and stories) from movies, games and television shows.

PM me if you would like to see any of my current work or if you are interested in working with me. I have also included part of a conversation story below that I have begun to write as it would (preferably) be the first collaboration assuming it suits your writing style.

Untitled Conversation Story
"How did this start?"
"We were approached by a generous benefactor who proposed a contract, a contract that we signed without hesitation."
"Did both parties fulfil their required tasks outlined in said contract?"
"Hmmm." *adjusts glasses* "Why did you sign the contract?"
"Money. Power. Fame. The chance to play God."
"So a mixture of greed and pride."
"If it helps you sleep at night, yes."
*clenches fists*
"A raw nerve, Agent?"
"You are awfully smug considering what you have been brought in for."
"Agent, we are sitting in a room with two chairs and a table with a voice recorder. There are no windows and only a door which I am sure there are at least three of your most trusted colleagues standing behind it waiting to be told they can either have at me or escort me to another secret location and that is where I shall disappear."
*smirk* "Well aren’t you clever. The others begged and blamed but none assessed where they were or what will happen until you. No wonder you were the head of the scientific team."
*flash of surprise* *composure*
*smirk* "That was one of the first things a *checks pad* Mr Jerrah told me. “Doctor Smith. Doctor Angela Smith, she was the lead scientist” were his exact words. It seems there is no loyalty amongst your team."
*clenched fists*
"Of course, he wasn’t the only one to name you as the lead scientist he was just the one who gave you up in the shortest amount of time. To tell you the truth, it sounded like you two didn’t get along very well."
*composure* *relaxes fists* "Doctor Jerrah and myself had our... disagreements however he was one of the most intelligent of my team and I will not fault him for he had a real sense of preservation."
"Interesting." *makes note on pad*. "Now, how about we start from the beginning?"
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It looks more like a screen play than a novel.
This isn't from my novel, it's a short story that I started way back in high school and never finished. I found it yesterday and it sparked the collaboration idea all over again so, here I am. smile
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Ahhh...I get it now.

Well, what genre were you thinking of?

I'm best at fantasy.
Not so good at horror or mystery.
Anything else I can fake it then fix it while editing.
I prefer the fantasy and science fiction genres because they allow you to create anything and everything that can be imagined.
I really enjoy you writing style and would love to work on something with you. But I am only an amateur writer and I only really enjoy fantasy. I have collaborated with my friend before, but I don't know how you would like to collaborate. Let me know if you do want to though.

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