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It's simple really. First person to reply writes the beginning of the story, second person to reply writes the second part and so on.
To be sure that people don't write the same part, please reserve your
post before you start to write so people see what part they need to do.
I'd like someone else to start off the story, I'll join in sometime later n___n
The only rule to this story, no perverts please.
And that's it ^w^
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I hated school. It's florescent lights burned my eyes, and the loud voices it behold was nothing but vulgar. Sure, I had friends, that wasn't it at all. But the very thought of school, of getting an education with these mongrels, was upsetting.

But I had heard there would be a new kid; maybe that would make things better.
( Hi I am unintentionally turning this into a huge group RP between two characters. Don't copy my
length of post because I'm trying to catch up with the other story. Sorry if this was a bad idea! )

I never believed high school granted kids like me "quality education," but I can't help but be stuck
here. The only reason why I have a maximum GPA thus far is because I seem to have OCD. My
scores need to add up to a perfect number. The numbers... They must be perfect. The letters can
only be A's. That's the only reason why I study.

"Hi my name is Paula Burgett," the girl managed to sputter. I continued to draw scribbles roughly
into my notebook, but I could almost hear her eyes darting about the room at the different faces of
people judging her like a piece of meat. She was too occupied to hear Mrs. Anders ask her a
question, so I answered: "The quote is from Sophocles' Oedipus Rex." Why pick on a new student?

She took the empty seat next to mine. I could feel her curiously peek over and reflexively glanced at
her. She had long brown hair, and her bangs bothered me because they hung like a curtain over her
eyes. Resume drawing scribbles because I already know the content of Mrs. Ander's lesson - until
she announced: "Okay class, I have an exciting project! I want all of you to grab a partner and
brainstorm ideas for a play that the two of you will create. Any genre and style, but please don't pull
it out of your behinds. Please use the rest of the class time to work on it and exchange contact info."

By the time I looked over, the new girl had already partnered up. It seems like she won't be needing
help adjusting to a new school. Julianne approached me, and I agreed to be her partner. I'm her only
friend, which is odd because she's quite an amusing person. She's funniest when she's angry.

"You're worried about the new girl?" she asked. "No. She's just interesting to watch because there
aren't any girls like her here," I answered, spinning my pencil between my fingers. She leaned on
my desk and put her hand on her hip, "If I told you that her partner Alexander Hoff is actually a
manslut, would you be worried?" My eyes widened. Julianne rolled her eyes, "Talk about Oedipus..."

Edit: Wait the only rule to this story is no perverts, right? So mansluts cannot exist as a
motive to force the main character to get involved with the new girl? Please delete my post
if you think it is unacceptable.
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At her question, my thoughts turned to the matter at hand- homework caused by the institution I hated. I turned my head to look at her, my obvious displeasure of the Greek tragedy probably dominating my face. “What of him- the man who was left to die by the king, then grows up to kill the very same man and marry his widowed queen?” I spoke with the most scholarly voice I could muster, feeling angry at Sophocles for writing such a tale that now was my homework. Julianne simply laughed at me, her giggle setting me off even more. I frowned in response. At my face, Julianne raised her eyebrows. “It’s not so bad- a better story, I’m sure, than today’s literature, in the least.” I sighed, and glanced over at the new girl. She and Alexander were having a great time, laughing and smiling. Surprised at how well she was getting along with Alex, I scowled again. Julianne must have noticed where I was looking because she whacked me on the arm. I flinched at her touch and looked back at her. Julianne shook her head. “If you don’t care about what she’s up to, you shouldn’t be looking in that direction.” Her tone had an edge to it that I couldn’t decipher. Being as devious as possible, I grinned at her. “I should ask you the same question.” She shrugged my words off, and replied sarcastically, “Why should I care? It’s not me who’s been eyeing her.” I wasn’t sure I believed her, but I let it go.
The rest of Mrs. Anders' class continued with Julianne pitching out ideas and writing them down on a piece of paper whilst I tried to balance school work with the new girl. I'm not sure as to why I continued to look at her, I'm usually attentive when it comes to projects but there was just something about her that drove me to continue glancing at her as she giggled and laughed her way through class with the blond-hair and blue-eyed sexual deviant. Perhaps it was the way in which a moment ago she sounded so shy and vulnerable and now she was already falling for Hoff's moves; or "Alex Plays" as I've heard him once refer to them as.

"What if we did a modern re-telling of Romeo and Juliet?" I heard Julianne say, pulling me back to reality, "You can be Romeo because you're a love-stricken pony who can't even pay attention to what I'm saying because Romeo was incompetent, and you're incompetent."
When I turned my head to face her she had her pen in my face and a sour look on hers. "Love-stricken pony?" I chuckled.

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