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+Chaos Within The Harmony+

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Welcome to England, 2042. The town, due to mass destruction, has recoiled and divided into four main sections. Every year two representatives of each section come to the center of the nation, known as The Harmony, to discuss matters of politics or simply to catch up. Though, this year some tricky bored officials in The Academy have decided to put a new edge to the annual meeting. They have ordered that one rep. must team up with a rep. from a different section and battle the other teams..to the death. The winners shall be appointed positions in The Academy as Presidents. No one is allowed to leave until there is a winner.


The Academy:
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The upper section, known as The Academy, is the civilized semi-sophisticated aristocratic drone of this rotting world. The higher authority all dwell in that part of the town and dictate from a safe distance what happens else where.

The Circus:
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To the west of The Academy is The Circus, The high on life (or whatever else they can find) citizens who have managed to scrounge up a few drugs to shove into their systems all tend to Live within this...fun filled realm.

The underground:
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Where the lowly scums, runaways, and criminals, stow away. Never a place for the weak at heart or mind. Barely represented in the Harmony.

The Harmony:
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Where the representatives come together to discuss politics and things of the sort..boring stuff..until the weapons come out.
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User Image Izzy knew of The Harmony...She'd never been to The Harmony, or even out of The Underground except to party with friends out west...but she knew it was out there. She also knew that this year she was representing The Underground in the annual gathering. For the past few years the sections of the nation have sent two representatives to--blah blah blah...Izzy simply couldn't give a flying rat's a** about The Harmony or what goes on there! All she knew was this year..She was up for bait. "******** Wankers...I've only ever heard s**t talked about The Underground from ANYONE up north...why if those snot nosed brats up at The Academy even think to say something about my home--oohhh they've got another thing coming!" Izzy's thick irish accent rang out, and chilled the walls with words like ice that flicked off her razor sharp tongue as she paced across the living room of her studio style apartment, boots meeting cement with a loud thump.

The young woman was born seventeen years ago in Ireland, though she lived mostly in New York. When things got..risky in the big apple, Izzy moved to london, barely months before the world decided to rage quit. She loved her new home just as much as the old one. The rent was cheap and jobs down here were easier to find. The people were sleezier and more at Izzy's pace and level. She felt this was where she belonged, down in The Underground with all the lowlifes and the criminals. She was, after all, one of them.

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