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"No. I'm staying here. Kill me if you want, but I'm not leaving unless it's to go home." Clarabelle glared at them, trying her hardest not to look scared. She closed her eyes and thought of death. She ran a hand over her left arm, feeling the marks from her cuts. she wondered if she still had her razorblade in her pocket. She felt for it. Yep, still there. She didn't want to get it out until she a was out of sight. She didn't want to lose it. She closed her eyes, drawing herself into the dark state of mind she had been in when she contemplated suicide. She had nothing to fear from death. Death would be nice. She opened her eyes and looked straight into Xanatos's. She smiled coldly. "Unless you're too scared and weak to kill me."
"You have an extrordinary power beyond anybody's comprehension, something I can use to my advantage," Xanatos said. "I can extract it easily. You see, I have the ability to assimilate the powers and abilities of anybody I touch."

"Why don't you use it then," Clarabelle said.

"Because it also kills the victim whose powers are being absorbed. So you can either cooperate, or die." Xanatos left the room, with Clarabelle alone, in the room.

Donovan and his team returned fire against the T-800s, with no casualties to the team as of yet. 2 T-800s were destroyed, but they kept pushing forward.

"How many left," Donovan asked.

"15," Kyle said.

"Dammit. Can you call in a drone strike?"

"I can try, but chances are that those metal bastards will shoot it down."

"We have to try. Call it."

Kyle called in the drone strike, with enough missles to either wipe out or damage the Terminator battle group. The drone launched the Tomahawk missiles, zipping away from the enemy fire.

"GET DOWN,' Donavan ordered.

The team crouched down as the missiles hit the T-800 units The smoke settled, leaving a rubble of scrap metal.

"You're terminated, ********," Kyle said.

"Good. Now let's get Clarabelle outta there," Donovan said.
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Clarabelle collapsed in tears. She hated the idea. No way she would be a slave for this b*****d. She had to find a way to escape.

"I'm useless. Why would you want ME?" she sobbed.
"If you give me what I want, I'll let you live, under servitude. If your boyfriend surrenders and agrees to give himself to me, I'll spare him too. I'll give you 1 week to think about this, and that's pretty generous."

Clarabelle didn't like the idea of living in slavery, but what choice did she have? It was a hard decision to make.

Donovan and his teammates were traversing through the woods, hoping to be stealthy. There was a pathway, but it was wide open and the team would be easily detected by the machines.

"How long untill we get there, Sarge?", Kyle said.

"An hour and a half," Donovan said.


"We'll get there, hopefully, these new plasma rifles will work against the Terminators."

"Hopefully, sir?"

"The rifles should work against T-600s though T-950s."

"I hope so"

Donovan and his group were near the bunker when something caught their attention. Red, glowing dots, moving slowly towards them.

"Uh oh," Donovan said.
"What do I get if I do what you want?" Clarabelle wasn't one to give in without a fight, but she didn't want to die, either. She decided to get as much information as she could before making a decision. She hoped someone would come rescue her, but that was highly unlikely.
One of Xanato's Terminators had caught her, clutching her by the arm, looking at her with those soulless, piercing red eyes. She tried to break free, but the Terminator's superhuman strength kept her there, keeping her trapped as if she was handcuffed to a lightpole.

"LET ME GO," Clarabelle cried.

"It doesn't follow your commands. It follows mine. One way or another, I will have my vengeance. They WILL pay for how they treated me! It's your choice: Give me what I want, or die."

Clarabelle stares at the piercing eyes of Xanatos, eyes of rage, eyes that hid the pain he had endured throughout the years.

"Ok, exactly HOW are we going to take those metal zombies out," Kyle Ramos said. Kyle is a newly retired Army Corporal, demolitions expert. He blasted though concrete walls with C4, disarmed dirty bombs, had his share of trashing tanks and taking out terrorists. His brother took out Osama Bin Laden. But a T-800 Terminator? Totally different ball game.

"We have RPG's for that. We breach the door, throw in the flashbang, take out that Xanatos guy, and rescue Clarabelle. The military was kind enough to give us an APC for transport.

"Okay, but what if they survive the RPG? This isn't some old Russian junk tank that the Taliban uses. This is a cold, mean hunk of mutant metal. I heard they could take small arms fire and not have a scratch. How in the fudge are we going to even put a dent in them?"

"We can disable one, and reprogram it to assist us in the mission," tech expert Trisha O'Connor said. "That'll definitely help us."


"We'll find a way. Take a chill pill," Sargeant Donovan McGeohegan said. "Let's go."

Donovan and his team pile into the Humvee, heading for Xanatos' bunker, Armed to the teeth, and determined to take Clarabelle home safe.
"NO!" Clarabelle shouted, "Please! What did I ever do to you? Why do I deserve this? You're planning to kill everyone I hold dear. Please! I'll do whatever you want! Don't kill them, please!" Clarabelle wished that tears weren't running down her face, and that she wasn't blubbering like an idiot, but maybe that would help her case. Maybe Clarabelle could play to this man's emotional side. At that moment, she felt a sudden rush of power, which caused the ropes which held her to the chair to turn to ash. She sprang from her chair and tried to race to the door, but someone caught her and held her away from it. She screamed and fought, but they didn't let go.
"You are in my home. Well, the interrogation facility in my home," said Xanatos.

"Why did you kidnap me," Clarabelle said, still shivering from the ice water splashed on her. "What do you want with me?"

"You have something I want, something I need. You have powers that could change the world, shape the history of mankind. And I intend to use it for my vengeance."

"But why," she said.

"Why? Don't you know? Well, let me explain it to you. For years, ever since I was a child, I was picked on for my disability, shunned by other kids for my "weird" and "gay" interest. My teachers did nothing to stop it. My parents were the only ones that understood me. But my mom left in 1996, and I haven't seen her ever again. I searched for her, accessed records, birth records, anything. I eventually learned my mother's tragic fate: Killed by a drunk driver. My father, my grandmother, they both died from lung cancer, caused by those wretched tobacco companies! THEY KILLED MY FATHER! THEY KILLED MY GRANDMOTHER! But it seemed my life changed for the better, or so it seemed."
Your best friend, Monique, and I had been together for years. I loved her, cared about her, wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. We did things together, shared love and affection for each other. She too understood my disability, but she didn't judge me or shun me That soon changed 2 months ago, when she left me for another guy, your brother Akian! He took her from me! Now I took his sister. I bet he's wondering where you are. I bet your boyfriend is trying to find you. Don't worry. I dispatched a group of T-800 Terminators to take care of them. It doesn't matter that your boyfriend is a United States Marine. He'll be no match for the machines."
Panic and strength both left Clarabelle about an hour after she was forced in the car, but she had no way to tell for sure, and she was just guessing the time. She soon fell asleep, completely abandoning her world. She was surrounded by blackness. Nothingness. She didn't wake up when the car stopped, or when the driver pulled her out. She remained asleep as he took the blindfold and the gag away. She dreamed of her boyfriend as she was tied to a chair. She was forced to wake up when icy water was thrown in her face, and she found her face to face with a stranger. He sent shivers up her spine, but that could have been from the water as well.

"Wh-where a-am i?" she asked, trying to keep her teeth from chattering.
Clarabelle was kidnapped by a vampire. He was a loyal soldier of a man named Xanatos, a young but powerful man who held a grudge against mankind.

Xanatos had a deep passion for computers, driven by a developmental disorder called Asperger's Syndrome. He couldn't help it. He had this condition since he was a little child. Very few understood,his condition, and he was shunned by it. His classmates,called him names, made fun of him.

"Go home, aspie", one child would say.

"Nerd", said another.

Day after day, bullies would pick on him. Girls rejected him, even throughout high school. He eventually graduated from college, with a degree in computer IT work. He found a job, but they son fired him, not because his work was shoddy, but because of his social awkwardness.

He thought he found true love when he dated a girl named Monique. He felt accepted, loved. Or so he thought.

One week, he had sent his girlfriend an e-mail. No response from Mobique at all. He waited fkr weeks, even left a voicemail, but she didn't respond back.

"Why is she ignoring me", he thought. "What did I do wrong?"

For weeks he waited. He eventually saw her, but what happend that day changed him forever.

"Xanatos, can we talk in private, please?"

"Sure, baby."

They sit on a park bench.

"Xanatos, I don't know how to say this......but......I going to college, and we have to go our separate ways."

Tears were streaming down Xanatos' face, his heart pulled out of his chest, and pureed in a blender. Or so it felt.

"....but why? Don't you love me anymore?"

"I do, but I have to live my own life, be free for a while. I'll go to college and persue a degree in nursing. I'll date some college boys there, but if I don't find a boy that I like, I will get back together with you."

"No, please. PLEASE! Don't do this", he cries, tears streamimg down his face. "I love you, Monique. Can't you see that?"

"I'm just not ready for a serious relationship, Xanatos. I'm sorry, bu I have to go. Bye."

She left him, alone, his eyes clouded with tears, the emotional pain worse than a thousand daggerd piercing his heart, worse than the pain of arthritis. A feeling of hatred soon struck him, all of the pain and suffering coming into his mind. "This world rejected me", he thought. "Now I will reject them. I will DESTROY THEM! ALL OF THEM!"

He learned of a young woman with extraordinary powers, powers he could use to summon the dark powers to rid the world of the people who shunned him. He sent out his loyal vampire soldier, Roakim, to snatch her.

He invested time into learning about the project lnown as Skynet, learning about the technologybthey had developed at Cyber Research Systems. He came across what he had believed as the perfect army, an army virtually indestructible, cold, souless, calculating, machines that saw humans as targets to be eliminated. A big, malicious grin came across hos face as he begun requesting delivery of these machines.

The machines known as Terminators.

The peoples' worst nightmare come true.
Clarabelle hated walking home alone, but she hated how her boyfriend's car smelled. It was borrowed from his dad, and it smelled like smoke. She had opted to walk home, even though it was dark. He had wanted to accompany her, but she hadn't wanted him to. She was afraid that her father would kill him for bringing her home late, and since they'd be walking, they'd be late. So Clarabelle walked alone. The street was wet, and it was drizzling rain, turning her brown hair black. She shivered, and she stopped at a streetlight to find her flashlight, but she was unable to locate it in her purse. She was about to continue walking, when something grabbed her from behind, holding a hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream. Clarabelle fought as she was gagged, her hands were tied, and she was shoved into the backseat of a red car. She was blindfolded as the car began to move, taking her... she had no way of knowing where.
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Awesome. Want to start, or shall I?
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Well, if you still need anyone, i'd be willing to have a go at it.
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A story about a girl who is unaware of the great power she has, who is kidnapped by a vampire shortly after a date with her boyfriend.

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