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It's a fantasy action/romance story about a group of people that prevent dark creatures called Helots from destroying the Realm of Light. Helots are made when someone's mind, heart, body, or soul are corrupted by darkness, and split from the rest of the person. Someone who is very powerful will retain their memories, and if someone splits into all four different kinds of Helot, it is possible to recombine them into a human again. (Normally the rest of the person will just decay.)
The main characters are part of a group of warriors that overcome the Helots by splitting off into all four kinds, then recombining into a single warrior with immense power, and a sword forged from darkness that gives them unique abilities. The male protagonist Leon, however was joined improperly and his soul was lost to the darkness, but instead of decaying he continued to go on, and gained the ability to copy the abilities and powers of others. The main character Naomi has no mind, and can take other people's (or Helot's) memories. Leon and Naomi fall in love, but the leaders of the warrior group declare them Helots, and order their deaths.
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This seems interesting! Could you elaborate more? In terms of the actual plot and character development and such?

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