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Hi, I am looking for a partner in a 1x1 RP. I already have an idea but if this isn't what you are interested in, we can do something else.

About me-
I have been RPing for many years now. I have done 1x1 but mostly I join groups RPs and create my own. I have had many successful RPs that go on for a long time and I am confident in my writing ability. I would like a RP partner who is literate. I don't mind RPing with males or females and we can discuss rules when we decide to RP.

I recently saw the second Sherlock Holmes movie and was inspired. Here is the profile I created for my character.

Name: Natalie Holmes
Age: 18
Personality: In the image of her father, Nat is eccentric and follows no standard of order. Her cleanliness is to her own liking, whether that mean her clothing is hanging from the ceiling or her room filled with exotic animals. Her eating habits as well as sleeping habits border on insane and dangerous. She has a pipe, a gift from her father, but she never smokes it. She puts it in her mouth when she is deep in thought. Her ego is just as big as her father's if not bigger, therefore making it impossible for her not to be arrogant. In relation to her arrogance, she responds well to flattery, though she does not allow it to cloud her mind.
Bio: Nat's mother never really liked Nat. From what her mother had told her, Sherlock had been a terrible mistake, making Nat a mistake as well. When Nat began to show a similarity to Sherlock, her mother immediately sent her off to live with her father. Sherlock took great pride in his daughter and taught her everything her knew. Often they could be caught having a conversation that made no sense to anyone but them. The could also be found just exchanging compliments.