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You like it? I saw a movie of it. It was pretty cool. When I was in high school, the choir did about fifteen minutes of songs from it.
my school actually did the whole musical production last year, but i was dreadfully ill at the time, so i couldn't be involved in it crying
omgoodness!!!!!! I love that play!! I play the CD soundtrack and i listen to it and i just cry at it lol......i saw the movie of it once too but i was too youn to understand
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I love the song "On My Own."
I couldn't imagine a high school putting it on...it's such demanding vocal material and pretty long for a musical too.

I have always wanted to perform in it but none of the theater companies around here are doing it.
I heart Les Miserables xd
I love the music, but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to see the movie or the musical. crying
Les Mis is such a sad musical crying ! I was practically bawling my eyes out when Eponine (Lea Salonga) was singing 'A little fall of rain'. I don't think she deserved to dye. Why do all the good characters have to die? In my eyes, Cosette should have died. She's such a spoiled brat scream
I have yet to see Les Mis, but I love the music. I did "On My Own" this year for my solo. Now I really want to see it! Does anyone know if they have a performance of it on DVD?

Not the full musical itself. What they have out is Les Mis in concert, which is basically the actors singing into microphones. No real acting or stage events happen.
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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump lol im bored

then go to chatterbox.

Anyway, i like it, just that we had to do it for marching band, we did the songs: Work Song/At the End of the Day, Rue Plumet, and I don't remember the third one...we had fun, we just sucked though...
I LOVE THAT MUSICAL. it's in my top three with Guys and Dolls, and West Side Story. anyway, i saw it live in St. Louis, and i was so embarressed when the lights came back on, i had be silently(thank you!) bawling the entire last act.

*sigh* i think my favorite song is "master of the house."
((Girl posting, guy character)) I first saw Les Mis at 8, and it was the concert version.
When Fantine gets kicked out of the factory, at the bottom of the screen the words "Fantine becomes a prostitute". Keep in mind, I am 8.

Me - "Mom, what's a prostitute?"

Mom - "Err, um, someone who sells sex for money"

Fantine - "I'll kill you b*st*rd, try any of that!..."

Me - "She's not very good at it, is she?"

*smirk* Aren't kids funny?

At ten, my mom had volunteered at PBS's Yearly Fundraising event. I got to MEET Colm Wilkinson! And I got his autograph, found out he was a vegetarian, and that he's about the same height as me with a soft voice and a hint of an accent smile

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