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I actually prefer the sound of the viola despite being a violinist. I'd hate to actually play one permanently, though, I like being flashy too much. razz
Probably the trumpet, because i play the trumpet. Though the cello is a close second. I love the wide range in sound.
Viola & violin! <3
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What is your favorite instrument?

1. Piano
2. Violin
3. Cello

For all of you that love the piano, search: Kyle Landry or Jon Schmidt. Both are amazing

For those that love the Violin: Joshi3Joshi

For those that love the Cello: The Piano Guys (specifically Steven Sharp Nelson)

Some of my favorite musicians
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vilion is good.
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Piano also good.
Really, I love just about every instrument. I play violin and piano so I like those of course, but I also really enjoy cello, oboe, french horn, and bassoon.
I would have to say drums are my favorite.
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I heart the keyboard!! But, I also like the saxophone whee
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piano and violin for me! ^_^ i can play them too biggrin
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Cello and violin. They sound awesome and be put into almost any song including hard rock to pop.
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My top three in order: Harmonica, guitar, piano. Honorable mention goes to tenor saxophone (though I love saxophone in all ranges) and cello.

It's fascinating to compare how these things change over time. My current response would be harpsichord, pipe organ, and fortepiano.
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Being a violinist for so long, I would have to pick the violin.

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