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Which style of music do you prefer?

Classical 0.45454545454545 45.5% [ 55 ]
Jazz 0.40495867768595 40.5% [ 49 ]
Blues 0.1404958677686 14.0% [ 17 ]
Total Votes:[ 121 ]
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I've never heard any good dubstep. I wouldn't mind having another go at it though, who would you recommend? razz
Yeah.. I like all three, but I'd have to say blues is definitely my preferred genre of the three, though, as previously said in this thread, they all stem from each other in some way or another razz Good stuff all round.
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Lord Sreder
Which style of music for this forum section do you prefer? Classical, Jazz, or Blues?

Personally I prefer Classical.

I love them all. They all stem from one another anyway, so it's all good.
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Jazz all the way blaugh
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Jazz and Blues. I listen to jazz a little more though.
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I listen to classical and jazz, but I'm more of a jazz person 3nodding
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although i really enjoy romantic period in classical, jazz trumps it by quite a bit. especially fusion jazz. i've taken up going to local jazz cafes and although i never thought i would enjoy it so immensely it's really grown on me.
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I love classical music, especially the Baroque and Classical periods. I still like a lot of Romantic-era music, but I'm pickier
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can you suggest me of artists that play jazz or blues? smile

(sorry if i write wrong a word i'm not too good in english xP )
Classical heart
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post wwII Jazz
Classical, but I could go for some jazz sometimes.
I like them all so much... um but jazz wins by a little bit. 3nodding

What she said xD
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jazz+ the blues heart

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