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Our Word is Our Honor
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This is the story of knights... the Knights of Gaia. Once there was an order of mighty knights who ranged all across of the Gaian world and held the code of chivalry, honor and pride. When corruption stirred within the bowels of Gaia, the Knights arose to defend the people and the good of the land. Over time evil was vanquished, and peace reigned. It was a true utopia. However, the people of Gaia grew restless and fearful; they saw the Knights as a menace, as barbaric remnants of the past that kept them from true happiness. Thrown down from their heroic status by the very people they strove to protect, the Knights disappeared into legend. It has been a millennium since the last knight was seen, but now new threats rise in Gaia. The latest descendant of the legendary knights, Lady Kain, has created a new order of brave souls to uphold the code of the Knights. They are known as the Royal Order of Gaian Knights, and may evil tremble at the sound of their name.

-Alastor Phoenix

Welcome to The Royal Order of Gaian Knights. We uphold the law of the internet land, stopping those who do wrong and trying to help those who have been wronged. Our aim is to help those in need and to work with other clans to uphold peace.

Second Anniversary!

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Our clan consists of many talented members. Many of them are smart, artistic in many forms of media, strategic and tactful. We come together once, twice, sometimes three times a month to discuss events that are happening in Gaia and in our clan, coming up with ways to improve our clan for not only the members, but those who are interested in joining.

Currently, there are two fan fictions in the making! One by one of our top members, I am Chimera, called Tales of The Royal Order of Gaian Knights and one by our Captain, Kain-Senpai, called Legend of Gaian Knights. Both are equally entertaining and full of suspense. In addition to tales of our clan, our members post some of their works. Poetry, original writings and music remixes, to just name a few. We encourage everyone to be creative and to have fun doing it.
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When we have a major update that should be known throughout Gaia, we will post it here.

Dec. 2, 2010:
Some of you may know this and other not, but zOMG! is in danger of becoming a lost project. JK announced in a zOMG! meeting on Nov. 26/27 that the "zOMG! Team is on the chopping block."

The Team needs us! They need us to help improve zOMG!'s user activity!
We can start tomorrow by attending the zOMG! Dev's meeting.
Please look at the following threads and subscribe to these threads:

Enlarge the zOMG! Team

zOMGaians UNITE!

zOMG!'s Shaky Future

Share your feedback

Join the zOMG! Chatterbox Guild

While the project itself will never die, as JK made sure it wouldn't; however, it does mean that zOMG! as we know it would become another dead feature on Gaia. I don't want that to happen and I don't think you, either!

Please, spread the word. Let your friends know. If they're in other clans, have them send out an announcement, as well. WE HAVE TO BOOST zOMG! AND KEEP IT ALIVE!

Dec. 1, 2010:
Christmas with the Clan!

November- December:

  • Getting Ready for Christmas!

October 26th, 2009

August 5th, 2009

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For the rules, you are given one PM and one only to change or edit your posts. This is also to give you a warning shot, you only get one warning. If you ignore that PM and do not change your post, you will be reported to a moderator for breaking the rules in the thread. Membership forms DO NOT count for your second shot.

  • DO NOT BRIBE ME! That's corruption and I don't stand for it!!!
  • No quoting the first page.
  • No Spamming
  • No Trolling
  • No Flaming
  • Do not beg.
  • Do not PM Top Ranks
  • No MAJOR Foul Mouth Language
  • Pictures are to be linked.
  • Be careful of what you post, the internet is an easy place to misinterpret a phrase.
  • No 133t'ing/Speak words, not letters. GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION AND SPELLING ARE A MUST! You don't even get a warning for this.
  • Be Friendly to other Gaians
  • Post Tacos in your membership form (at the end).
  • Do not advertise without asking Top Rank first. Signatures are OK.
  • Please keep pictures PG
  • No Page Stretching. I allow a max of 4 quotes. No more. (4 Quote trees per post)
  • [NEW Feb. 2nd, 2009]Any form of services exchanged for gold MUST be first asked by a Vice Captain. You will receive notice after Vice Captain discusses with Captain.

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Black List:
Users who do NOT follow the rules we have posted. This INCLUDES Gaia's Terms of Service and Rules and Guidelines.

  • Jenova Eijarel; requested to be here.

    Moved to The Clan.

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White List:
Users who do not wish to be members of the Clan, but would like to participate in our daily conversations.

  • Rad Lionheart

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There are several ways of becoming a member of this clan. One of which is to post your application in the thread here and then, after approval, you can request to join the Clan. The link to the Clan is here: Link

Another way of joining the clan, is through a recommendation from an existing clan member. All of us respect one another and value one another's decisions when asked if they can have their friend join our clan. In fact, we encourage it!

A third option, is in the form of a "Prime Minister" between clans. We value our relationships with other clans and try to strengthen our bonds with them. "Prime Ministers" are to contact Vice Captain I am Chimera in order to request a membership.

Clan Membership Application:

  • Username:
  • Reason for joining:
  • Were you recommended?:
  • If so, by whom? (If no, do not answer):

Ally Clan Membership Application:

  • Username:
  • Name of Clan:
  • Link:
  • Reason for joining an alliance:

Clan-2-Clan Prime Minister Application:

  • Username:
  • Name of Clan:
  • Clan Captain:
  • Does your Clan Captain know and understand that you are submitting a Prime Minster Application with us? If so, you must show proof.:

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As a clan, we have many goals and missions in which our members help others in the game of zOMG!. We also have an obligation to ourselves and we assist each other with difficult tasks in zOMG!, as well as Gaia.

Current Missions and Goals:

  • Get members who play zOMG! to the end.

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Completed Missions and Goals:

  • Raised 1 Million Gold

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Want to have a quick way to contact us? Here are a few quick links in order to do that.

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