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Out of the ashes,
We will soar on Phoenix wings,
RAVE lives once again....

Current Events

Dear Clanmates,

Around this time of the year, some countries are giving thanks for the people they are near to, and giving thanks for food that they have. Even people less fortunate then most are given an opportunity for a good meal, and to possibly meet new people. =)

This year, I give thanks for all that have stuck up with me for these past 3 years. Tis is a rare jewel.


1) Follow the ToS
2) Treat people how you want to be treated
3) Have fun!!!

How To Join

You either PM me or one of the Elders. Or post it on the forum. Plain and Simple!

Black List:

Victor Golf Charles
The Blue Gale Dragonwolf
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The Relaxed Leader

The White Gale Dragonwolf


Mana Donna




Hanamura Yosuke
Myrk Domolith
Mizuiro Karia
Royal Cain
Holy Abyssal


1st Class:
Itaru Hiro
A Wolf In The Dark
machina alphonse

2nd Class:

3rd Class:

naruto_mangafan3124 (Currently Elevating)
Shadow DemonDog (Not Elevated Yet)
ky0sI-I3ki (Not Elevated Yet)
AnkhWing (Not Elevated Yet)
ReikuGotH (Not Yet Elevated)
itsxlill (Not Yet Elevated)

Respected Visitors:

Arkunsha, Anubis God Of The Dead
Shin Hyun - Jun
Holy Order members
Cerberus members
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Rank Description

Commander - Leader of the RAVE Clan. This person looks after the whole of the clan.

- The second in command. They serve as a temporary leader and take vote in the courses of action that the clan takes.

Vice - N/A

Captains - For now, they are the regular members. Their job is to teach and give advise to Soldiers. They also lead them and give orders if need be.

Soldiers - Members in training. They learn the three RAVE principles: Respect, Intelligence, and of course, Fighting.

Recruits - Those who are currently being elevated or not yet elevated.
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RP Profiles

We will be rping on the forum when we feel like it, but if your a person who wants a rp with a storyline, visit out rp guild!

Current RP:

Getting Started- .:Act 1:.

Profile Skeleton:
Gaian name:
Character name:
Power(s): (can have up to four)
What they look like: (Some can be too unique for a pic)


Gaian name: The White Gale Dragonwolf
Character name: Gale Hyroi
Age: 25
Gender: Male and Female ( He has both male and female personalities)
Race: Elf
Power(s): Can change shape depending on which personality takes on or changing shape on his own, bending silver into whatever shape he wished, berserk mode. He carries a sword with him, but he doesn't use it because it contains a strange power....
What they look like: User Image
Personality: He is easy going and a daydreamer, but he is utterly serious. He cracks jokes sometimes but often times people don't get it. He has multiple personalities, and his form changes when a different personality takes over.
Bio: He comes from a faraway land in a parallel world. He is the fabled Silver King in his land but he was spirited away to this world called Gaia and has been trying to find a way back ever since. In the meantime he has been leading a strange group of individuals....

Gaian name:Hanamura Yosuke
Character name: Yosuke Hanamura ( ninja )
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Power(s): Summons a Beast who does most of the fighting, Beast specializes in healing and controling winds but has a few physical attributes. Yosuke himself has two knives with him, but they are more for show as he has no lessons on using them in any way. Is very quick in battle and likes to drown out all noises around him with music.
What they look like: User Image (Wait, have headphones been invented yet in our RP? xp )
Personality: Is fairly Immature and can sometimes be self-centered. But is a very good strategist, thinker, and shows alot of incentive.
Bio: Grew up in a rich family where he was spoiled with all of life's luxuries and never had to deal with the conflicts of real life. Until was forced to live out in a small town on behalf of his fathers work, and although he despised it out there he made many lifelong freinds and encountered many ordeals. After his best freind left, he went on a soul searching journey across the world using his beast to help out those who need it. Until one day he came across a strange group of people...
Gaian name: Mana Donna

Character name: Mana Anathema

Age: Unknown, appears to be around 16-18

Gender: Male, almost always appears female

Race: Hybrid - Anthropomorphic golden fox/cat

Powers: Usual mage-like ability to cast spells of various elements, most powerful with the element of ice, not as skilful in the use of light; “unweaving” magic energy and studying, possibly taking it as his own; ability to fence, usually with a rapier, fleuret or saber. Used secondarily to parry or distract while casting a spell in the other hand; “Bane form,” turning himself into a psycho-ghost state: becomes completely immune to non-magical attacks, but also unable to inflict physical damage. Ability to use spells of darkness, illusion and domination greatly strengthened, but elemental abilities also lowered. This ability also alters the user’s mental state. Noticeable signs include his hair turning black, his pupils turning colorless, and the apparent absence of his feet.

Appearance: A mix of fox-like and cat-like traits, his body covered in light golden fur, except for his hair, which is a deep hazel brown, with matching-colored eyes. His ears are wide and pointy, and his tail long and thick; very fox-like traits, but his muzzle (face) is much shorter than a fox’s, more like a cat’s. His overall figure is slim and willowy, much like a female’s, which he accentuates with various dresses, robes or gowns that are meant for females.

Personality: Often appears haughty and straightforward, but at times sly, preferring secrecy to complete honesty. Usually quiet and reserved, quite perceptive.

Bio: Being a hybrid, he was rejected by both sides of his heritage. He had learned to live by himself, depending on himself, and trusting few, if any. He grew to become fond of garments worn by the opposite sex, and soon realized his interests for the same. Being so, he became even less trustful, and bitterer towards others.
Gaian name: Holy Abyssal
Character name: Micajah Fatik Adolphus
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Forest Elf
Power(s): Manipulation of Flame.
What they look like:
Micajah has deep orange-red-ish hair, brown-red eyes, Tanned skin, and the elf ears characteristic to his race. He usually wears an outfit consisting of a red vest that goes over a slim jacket, a slim pair of gloves with a splash of red on them, Sneakers with a bit of red near the base of the ankle, black jeans, and an orange sash that stands out among everything else.
The other outfit that Micajah wears is a white scarf over a white shirt that had black sleeves poking down his arms, black jeans that shined like slick boots, and shoes that were as white as the moon. There are splashes of red and orange in this outfit too, but subtle.

- Anarch - A sentient weapon made out of the metal named Hosacrid, which is able to shape into other items at will. Micajah inherited this weapon that takes the form of dual scimitars from his mentor and "Uncle" Kushiel Shadowbane, the dark elf. They have black blades and silver hilts, and seem to suck your life away with near-vampire precision.
Personality: Micajah is Funny, Curious, Quick-thinking, and Witty. He loves to show off his intelligence, but he's partially modest. He can pop up at the most random of times, and he loves a good joke.
Micajah is an original inhabitant of the Great Forest of Loreredon, north of Durem. He was born around 17 years ago as the only child of Barth and Lorelei Adolphus. He was surrounded with cousins, aunts, and uncles, but he never felt any kinship. So after that, around when he was 5 years old, he took to wandering the forests with his mother and father's permission, befriending the Spirits and Dryads of the forest.

He heard a spirit trapped in the area of the forest where he was wandering, one day. Micajah showed great zeal in locating its cries for help, since it was stuck in a hole. He widened the base of the hole that the spirit was trapped in, and it got out. The benevolent spirit was a spirit of the elements. It said it would grant Micajah any element-based wish he could ask for. He pondered it for a minute, but then asked for complete control over the Fire element. The Spirit granted his wish and with it Micajah's normally Black hair turned red-gold, reflecting the flames when light shines upon it, and his eyes turned red like a burning flame.

That incident did change his life, because that winter there was a huge blizzard, and the forest had no means of fire whatsoever. So they came to the now-aptly named flame child, who kept them warm during the freezing winter.

So a couple years after the incident, he met Kushiel Maelstronnar-Shadowbane and Ni'shan Maelstronnar. Micajah greeted them with great gusto and brought them home with him. They, in turn, showered him with gifts from the underdark worlds, before taking their leave a couple months later, leaving a note saying that they will seek out the Holy Order, A group of no little prestige that is comprised of holy warriors.

This is where Micajah's story takes a turn for the better, for when they left, he started training every day with his favored the weapon, the dual scimitars, in a chance to go after them someday.

And he did.
Micajah travelled to the Holy Order, where they turned him away off to the Holy Order's own academy. He then met Kushiel again, while going through the rigorous training programs there at the age of 13. Micajah Fatik Adolphus then joined the Holy Order. His mentor , the dark elf Kushiel, also dubbed the 'Holy Abyssal', then gave him the weapon 'Kazeka'. It was the weapon who Micajah changed the name to 'Razorice', befitting his new rank and powers.

Now he finds his way through the Order, and finds himself in the midst of warriors.
Guest RPer

((Here my profile if any you are interested in seeing it now. Didn't want show earlier for would given to much away.

O'Shovah Arkunasha

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Hair colour: Silver

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 6'5"

User Image

Personality: Spiritual and calm.

Katana called "The Dawn Blade" - A ancient blade with the power to store the natural solar light from the sun into itself. Mainly used so Arkunasha can use the full extent of his powers without the sun being in his presence.
Wakazashi - ordinary short blade mainly used for defensive purposes.

The power to channel and control the power of light to burn or incinerate his targets to death.
The ability to bend and shape light to his advantage, but it has its limits.

Childhood - O'Shovah Arkunasha(Arkunasha) trained from early age in the art of the Samurai and the light in his family village that went by the name of "Aun'shi". He continued to perfect his art until the age of 20 in which in tradition to his village, he is to go and serve a local lord until he is released and returned to Aun'shi to further train the Samurai of Light. With this honor he was granted a special Katana called "Dawn Blade" that can only be found and made in this village and in the hands of other Samurai of Light.

Service to a Lady - Arkunasha spent a year traveling the islands of Japan to find a lord he considered "worthy" enough to pledge his blade too. In the end of his travels he came across a village controlled by local Lady named Mon mon-chan(Keyake Tsukashi). She ruled the Samurai of the forgotten mists with a passion and respect that sparked Arkunasha to serve her.
After asking to join her instead of a lord like he was tasked, she accepted his blade but with one request. The thing she asked was for herself and him to spar. He complied with her request and battle Lady Mon mon-chan, this would be Arkunasha first real battle. The fight last for 2 hours with the victor going to Lady Mon mon-chan, but she left the battle with also a scar to her back cause by ball of condensed light.

In Rescue to Vigoor - After spending a year with the Samurai of forgotten mists, Arkunasha quickly obtained the rank of Samurai a rank he would not keep for long. Not long after he obtained the title a war broke out between "The Kingdom of Heaven" lead by a demon lord named Kenshin(kenshin-thedemongod), and a allied Empire lead by Daimyo Aries Phaethon. In response to call of arms Lady Mon mon-chan prepped for war sending in her Samurai to aid, along with them was Arkunasha. The war ended quickly for O'Shovah Arkunasha proved immense skill to his Lady when he almost single handly took down the Kingdom of Heaven. With 20 kills under his belt, Arkunasha Challenged Demon Lord Kenshin but was told to stand down by Lady Mon mon-chan. In the end Lady Mon mon-chan took his spot in the fight and defeated Kenshin, thus ending the war.
Reconized for his acheivements and skill in battle, Arkunasha obtained the rank of "Rida Samurai" meaning two things "Leader and Master Samurai".

lord illpalazzo removed by Mist - 3 years later after the war of Vigoor and Kingdom of Heaven. A local land lord who called himself Lord illpalazzo(lord_illpalazzo) had been a tyrant for far to long. The Samurai of Forgotten Mist decided to end his reign and campaign against him for less then 5 days. In these five Days Lord Illpalazzo was killed by Batsu Gama(Batsu Gama), who lead the raid with Arkunasha and others. Though Batsu got the main kill, Arkunasha manage to get the kill of two warriors one being a lowly assassin by name of Kazamas(Jin_Kazamas_mom005) in less then three moves. The second warrior was a Samurai from "The Lords of the Rising Sun" who mastered the art of wind, his name was Avor(Avor) but he sadly fell quickly to Master Arkunasha via a three way light slash attack he calls "Mont'Ka". Both heads can now be found in Lady Mon mon-chan Pike garden. After this victory Arkunasha earned a spot on "The Council Of The Forgotten Mists"

Disappearance of his Lady - Around when Arkunasha turned to age of 29, a strange mystery happened within the Samurai of Forgotten Mist. Lady Mon mon-chan left and disappeared without a trace or reason leaving the land in control of Batsu Game till her return. Once learning of this Arkunasha soon disappeared from land after saying he would return when Lady Mon mon-chan returns for that the woman he serves.

The Journey of light - *Still being told as of now, so unable to tell a story still being written*

(Brackets means the character's Gaia usernames.) ))
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You want to join?
I wish to be captain of Unit 6.
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Ah! Three people already? That was faster then the Miburo Shinsengumi.
hello, everyone! blaugh

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