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Unfortunatly, I'm always busy. The rare occasions I do get a chance to post noones online..... stare
Jesus christ, where is the family?
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Amelia Giulietta
Jesus christ, where is the family?

I know right? What happened to everybody? Makes me a bit worried honestly....
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Unholy Phantom

How goes it people?
Lucius Falkesohn

Saying that about an Italian family, nice job.

Dead Riff

I'm good, little bit worried about this place though.
How've you been, Riff?


I'm a little worried too, haven't seen Joe posting in this for a long while, last time he even posted in forums in general was a month ago, last time he was online was yesterday? That's a little weird..
Maybe he's been busy with things in real life?

Anyone else heard from Joe in a while?
Might even try to contact him now, see how he's doing..
I was, in fact, online Yesterday evening, yes.
I wanted to make a post, but had little time to do so.

It's true, I've been very busy in real life and have neglected this clan. I am sorry for that.
I think it might be best if we close it while whe still have some dignity left.

After some stress, mainly financially and health-wise, things are starting to go much, much better in my life.
I've been working a full-time job after running a short internship at ehm, a law office of sorts.
After saving up, Samantha and I decided to move out to a new place in a nice(r) neighbourhood.
We plan on creating a stable home so that we might have children of our own in a near future.

I've never understood how people simply couldn't take 2 minutes in their day to create a post on the internet, after all, they themselves chose to be in this clan.. but now that I've experienced what it's like myself, I find myself to be more understanding.

Again, I am deeply sorry about abandoning you.
You're all great people whom I'm glad to have met and gladly called friends.
We've shared things we might not even have dared say to our friends in real life, which truely made me feel like this thing we had , this bond, was at times tighter than that of a family.

It will probably take a long time before I've the time to get on Gaia again, I'm not going to promise I'll pop in from time to time. I can't. It would be a lie.

So I guess this is a farewell of sorts.


Randy, altough you've been incredibly busy after the creation of our clan -and now I know what it feels like- I'm glad you and I were in this together. It was partially thanks to you that I got the idea to create a clan of our own in the first place. Without you, I would've never met these incredible , kind people. Thank you, Randy.
There's a second point I never really adressed. I felt it would create a too awkward and maybe painful moment. At the same time I felt like a b*****d for not saying anything.
You once told me that the only reason you stayed in your town was because of your grandfather. When you joined the army, I took that as a clue.. but never spoke about it with you.
I'm sorry for that, Randy. My thoughts dit go out to you, and while late, I'd like to offer you my condolances.

Amy, we had a wonderful time here.
At times, I felt like a big brother to you and felt some pride in the idea that you might've thought about me in the same way. I never had a sister, hah, but giving you some advice every now and then felt like the next best thing.
I hope you grow up to be a wonderful, strong woman, as I'm sure you will.
Don't let others get the better part of you. Be the stronger woman. All those rumors and gossips are just another form of flattery and popularity, if you wish.

Lecia, you've been with us for so long.. from what seemed like the beginning.. to the very end.
The transformation we all went through, looking back at it, you can actually see us grow up a little. It's really fascinating. It's been almost three years, hasn't it?
I'd like to part with you with one last advice.
Getting to know you, even online, you've always been a little shy. A little shy is cute, and compliments a person. It can get in the way in real situations, though.
Don't be afraid to be yourself. To speak out. Let people know you've got an own opinion.
Even against your parents.
You're a wonderful person, each and everyone of us have withnessed that. So show it not just to us, but to the world!
Several years from now, I'm sure we'll see your name on a big chain-pastry or themed restaurant! As long as you believe in that dream, I know you can make it happen!

I'd also like to thank Rauhiss, Thinkinghurts, Zombie Neith , GuMmYsMeX, our allies from The Nest of the Snake, Scott Grayson , Zeroyield and Copeh, all our current members as wel as ex-members.
And, yes, Darren, even you. We might've had our differences, but if I hadn't been recruiter by your clan in the first place, I would never have had the idea to create this clan.
I might've even left Gaia, because through your clan, I discovered the forums.

Thank you, everyone, for the wonderfull times we've had.

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I'd like to be the first to wish yourself and Sam good luck Joe, good luck with the new home and hopefully good luck when it comes to the little ones running around which in the past experience, I'll make a joke about since you said a while ago that you do not need any luck for that. wink

Agh, a farewell?
I wasn't exactly prepared to say farewell but I guess I'll say one until we all meet again one day which looks like it'll be quite a while until we hear from you again, Joe.

It's funny to think that two years ago, I wouldn't have known either of you yet, I was looking last night to see when I first joined the family. It seems like forever ago that Dillon sent me a message, telling me he found us a clan.. even though I wasn't much of a fan of zOMG, I ended up finding a family of people I really trust, almost trust more than people in real life.
You were like a big brother to me, Joe, you gave me advice that even Derek himself wouldn't be able to give, wouldn't handle almost but you remained to give me the best advice you could, even if it did hurt me at the time, it helped in the long run.
I'll be my very cheesy and cliche self by saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" .. although I don't listen to that song ever.
Thank you, Joe, you've been a great friend and a great brother figure over the past almost two years, you'll make a great Father, we all know that and so, good luck with the kids.

Now, I hope this will have a positive answer..
I'd like to ask what would happen to our family, would we keep it open? I'd offer maybe trying to breathe a bit of life into the family which I'd make sure I try to do a lot more actively though I'm not sure what would happen. With our little family, sometimes it could be a few days before someone eventually gets around to replying.
When I'm offering something like this, you can really tell I don't like farewells, right?

Also.. Joe, thank you for the gold.
I'll make sure I put it to good use. smile
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cry this is so sad... We will always be a family guys ): Hopefully we can all get back together in the near future.
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Later Thy, you were one of the cool people I could count as a friend.

You guys had a good run, I'll miss popping in and out of the thread.

Good luck everyone, see ya on the flip side.
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Unholy Phantom

Hm, well, sorry for my absence in the later part of the clan. It's been real fun here, fun to make, fun to help run and fun to be a part of.

Thy, it's been a pleasure my friend. I hope everything goes well for you in the real world. If you ever do have time to stop by be sure to let me know how things are going. I look forward to hearing from you.

That goes for everyone else as well, although it may take me a while to respond if any of you get bored and need someone to talk to just shoot me a message or two.

Lucius Falkesohn: Well you seem to be doing well for yourself, I wish you the best in your endeavors. Do these books have a title I'll be on the lookout?

Well family, I'll cya when I cya.

You can try to keep the family together, yeah, or form your own version.
I could try to make a bit of time to send you the graphics then I guess.
If I ever do return with enough time in my hands, I'd certainly come look for the bunch of you. If not to recreate TMF, then just for old times sake.
A reunion.

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