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My Dad said the same thing, couldn't marry a Chef because I would piss them off with how I like eating very simple things i.e plain pasta.
Lol, eating hawaiian pizza at an Italian, I didn't even know that was possible haha
It's me, what do you two expect?
Well, I don't really know you too well yet, so I can't really know what to expect haha, so how have you been lately Amelia?
Well, Amelia is quite a silly person, naive too.

I'm good, better than usual actually.
How about yourself?
I'm doing great, and that's good to hear Amelia, I'm glad I'm not as silly or naive though Dx
Heh, it's one of the things of being a teenager, you're always going to be a bit naive until you learn your lessons.
Amelia's completely fine with learning those.
Hahaha, I see, I got forced into the adulthood stage early crying Anyways, what you up to right now?
Damn, I'd hate that!

I'm watching The Simpsons with Lauren, anything beats watching the baby and toddler shows like Peppa Pig or In The Night Garden..
How about you?
Haha, that's cool. I'm just watching Season 6 of Bleach on my Macbook =)
I was in a comic book store yesterday and saw a few DVD's with the seasons of Bleach.

Watching Mulan with Lauren now.
I remember I loved this movie when I was younger. :')
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I have never ever seen a real comic book store in person before o__o

I love Mulan. But when I was little the only thing that I would ever watch was The Lion King. I have to admit, Ive never grown out of my love for watching disney movies. Movies were the best part of working at a day care.
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There was some third person speaking going up up there with Amelia.

OH THE MEMORIES OF SOME FRIENDS. They ONLLLYY talked in third person.
Forced into adulthood.
That explains the mylittlepony signature, talk about bleach and pokemon..
Holy s**t, really, Nikko?!
They're quite fun!

Heh, my brother used to make me watch Lion King with him all the time, it was his favourite though we compromised and I made him watch Little Mermaid with me. That was my all time favourite.
I'll probably love my work experience after the summer then, a full week in a nursery.

Also, Nikko?
Your prom dress is beautiful, you looked very pretty!

Third person is interesting to talk in, only if you don't talk about them as if they're some Mary/Gary Sue.

Hey, what's the problem with pokemon?!

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