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Hello and Welcome to the DeLeon Family.
We are a clan based off European nobility.
We aim to be known by many for sleek style and superior skill.
We are here to oppose those who commit ill deeds but,
as with all people, have a dark side of our own.
Follow the rules and enjoy your stay.
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~Follow Gaia’s ToS.~
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~ Stay as active as possible. ~
If you’ll be inactive for a while then please inform me along with given reason so I’ll keep you on the list. If you haven’t posted for several weeks and haven’t given a reason for not being able to then you will be taken off the list and if you wish to rejoin then PM me. You most likely will be allowed to.
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~Treat other members, especially those of higher rank, and visitors/allies with respect.~
Once you are a member you represent us so avoid making our family look bad.
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~ The clan colors are white, blue and black. ~
It isn’t required that your avi wear these colors but it is prefered. Do try to have some elegant attire that does match the clan colors stored away for special occasions though. Does not have to include all three of the clan colors.
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~ People from other clans may or may not be accepted. ~
If you are part of another clan then you will speak with me through PM about whether or not to accept you based on what clan you are in and how active you will manage to be. If you wish to join while already part of another clan then it is definitely preferred that your other clan is an ally.
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~ To prove you've read the page,~
Post the whee smiley at the very top of your post and PM.
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~ Please do not spam.-~
Everyone has his or her moments so a couple times will be overlooked but if you overdo it then you’ll be asked to leave.
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~ Please do not advertise here. ~
PM me about it and if an agreement is reached then whatever it is you wish to advertise will be shown on the front page.
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~ Please type as literately as possible. ~
We shouldn’t have to struggle to understand what you are saying.
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~Do not start/get involved with arguments unnecessarily.~
It’s only a game. Don’t take things too seriously.
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~Only one promotion per day~
Everyone disearves their time to shine so only one member can be promoted per day unless there's a special reason for that to not be the case.
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~Keep the thread PG-13~
Our family has a variety of ages and the thread should be appropriate for all of them. Allow me to specify a bit. Swearing is allowed. Swear your freaking hearts out and I wont say a word.
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~~~Established – 10/10/08~~~

~~~The clan symbol item is a blue rose.
I ask that all who are able purchase one and wear it when you want to and/or have it stored away for special occasions.
It’ll be used to show your devotion to the clan.~~~

~~~The clan was inspired by a show called Le Chevalier D’Eon~~~

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~Fill out this form if you wish to join. Post it in the thread AND send it to me by PM. After filling this out you should continue to post. I want to see that you’ll be an active member. You’ll be evaluated to see if you’re a good fit. If you haven’t gotten word of if you were accepted after a week has gone by then PM me.~

Have you read the first page thoroughly?
Why do you want to join this clan?
Are you part of any other clans or were you formally a member of any?
Who recruited you?
Why should you be accepted?
Any suggestions for the clan?
Anything else you’d like to say?
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Little Kokeshi Doll

Alexandria Vance

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Raven Zaphiere

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Sacre Cerf


Rolan di Fenris


Luciole la Sournois





Moo O_e

Leafe Lillith




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Above are banners which show the most active members of DeLeon.
Note that Ranks might be changed, but this will not probably.
It provides an idea of what each of these members are like
for the convenience of those unfamiliar with the clan.
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~Stay Active~

~Recruit Members~

~Visit allies/speak with those that visit us. Be polite.~

~Participate in the Elemental RP~

~Aid "Show Your Style"~

~Help make the Clan guild presentable~

~For anyone with Gaia Tools or Gaiarch, add this into your formats:~
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[IMG]http://i393.photobucket.com/albums/pp18/disciplined-chaos/RPC related/blue_rose-1.jpg[/IMG]

(Created by Merciful)
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~First member to post on page 1000 gets 10k ~
Winner: Nobody.

~First ally to post on page 1000 gets 5k ~
Winner: Lesuva!

~Second ally to post on page 1000 gets 2.5k ~
Winner: Lecia!

~Third ally to post on page 1000 gets 2.5k ~
Winner: Dj_Zexx_Xion!

~First member to post on page 2000 gets 5k ~
Winner: Raidatheblade!

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During the last two weeks of the month I will be accepting tekteks for this contest. Each contest will have different specific rules like price range, color scheme, ect. A poll will be posted up for the first two weeks where anyone can vote for which one they think is best. 10k will be a prize to the winner at the end of the contest. This will be given by the Prince of DeLeon, julio661. You may submit more than one tektek but only one made by you can be in the top three. Allies may also participate if such is desired.

Tekteks received for this month: 0

Avatar 1:

Avatar 2:

Avatar 3:

Avatar 4:

Avatar 5:

Avatar 6:

Avatar 7:

Avatar 8:

Avatar 9:

Avatar 10:

This Month's Contest: Julio's Once in a Lifetime Show Your Style!

I want the Deleon members and allies to really show their style!
I want them to make the best tektek they could possibly come up with.
It doesn't need to follow a specific theme.
I want them to put there own flavor into it.

Grand prize will be 250k.
2nd. 50k
3rd. 25k

Tekkies accepted till March 20th.
Voting from the 21th - 31st.
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Created by ThinkingHurts321
W/ text help by Thymen

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Created by ThinkingHurts321
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Created by Raven Zaphiere
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Created by Raidatheblade
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Provided by Dj_Zexx_Xion
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[url=http://tinyurl.com/ybdoppw] [img]http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k75/zexx_xion/140ih3.jpg[/img] [/url]

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[url=amily/t.44164531/] [IMG]http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k75/zexx_xion/o1_t1323056966-iaza.gif[/IMG] [/url]

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[url=http://tinyurl.com/ygsbamr][IMG]http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k75/zexx_xion/wqso6o.jpg[/IMG] [/url]

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Feel the warmth of our touch and the ice from our chosen season.(Created by nushi)

The Frost of Winter can never wilt the Cerulean Rose.(Created by Leafe)

Royal blood, hearts of ice.(Created by Blood Lust)

Death is the least of your worries...(Created by Raida)

We don't kill, just visciously maul.(Created by Little Kokeshi Doll)

Taking Ice Cold from something to shiver about, to Sexy.(Created by _Nartina-chan_)

Hell hath no fury like the rose's thorn.(Created by Luci)

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The Molizzo Family

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The Holy Order

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Nest of the Snake

User Image

League Of Gaian Assasins

User Image

The Cerberus Brigade

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The Illuminating Society
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A place of tribute our best allies/visitors.

Thanks for visiting often, being great to the others also posting and for the donation for the guild.
Try not to break this place too bad lol.

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Major thanks for the help with the banners and for being a great ally in general.
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Thanks for visiting often and getting along well with the other members.
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~Azure Yuzuki ~
Thanks for being so awesome to myself and our allies. Her art thread is where members from all three families have gathered and is kind of a unifying point. An awesome person with amazing art and low prices. Major thanks and you're a more than welcome guest to DeLeon.
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~Dead Riff~
Major thanks for all your help with background searches. For those who do not know, he is the main person who took care of evaluating members since he is much more thorough then I am concerning that. Thanks for that. You were a mojor help. Also thanks for taking the time to visit when your work does not have you too busy.
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He's helped DeLeon members gain easy access to zOMG info plus he visits a lot especially for a clan leader. Plus he's acted well to the members. Major thanks Sacred.
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Thanks for visiting often and leading to interestingly amusing conversation. Also, for getting along with all ohers you speak to here.
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Thanks for visiting often and also for your help in concerns to alliances and members. Your active participation in the Elemental RP has also been great. Much thanks Karr.

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Look at the Rules.

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[User Image

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The DeLeon Family's Guild

Open to friends and allies that have shown an interest in RP and proven they can be trusted.
It's required that I see them as okay for the RP.
Crew open to members that have proven themselves to be worthy of it and have shown interest in the guild.
Prove you're worthy =
Complete Family Tasks/Stay Active
Show interest in the Guild =
Actually post in the Guild every now and then

Cobra_X will now be moderating the RP along with ThinkingHurts321.

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