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Welcome to Gaia's self-proclaimed first Wolf based zOMG! clan!


Ninja Gentleman-Vice Captain
The Runalix-High rank clan member
De Chimera-High rank clan member

Deotle-clan member
SKULLRAGE-clan member
Vartiter-clan member
Amasis Grimm-clan member
Reloke-clan member
Wolves Blood-clan member
StaticPrevails-clan member
CloudstarVII-clan member
oX Sexual Hentai Xo-clan member
SpiritOfTheLunarWolf-clan member
Xoaz-clan member
Jc Nero Tonicsky-clan member
thefluffygamer -clan member
Terra evolution-clan member
Solar Wolf721-clan member
BlitzNecro-clan member
grim1991-clan member
Lady Izabelle-clan member
Jkis-chan-clan member


Want to join? Just ask The Runalix. ( Balkall is out of comission; I think he's broken. )


1. No bumping/spamming. If you don't have anything to say, don't say it. (wait...what?)
Certain criteria are allowed to an extent, just don't overdo it.

2. No flaming. Both insulting other members and arson are big no-no's.

3. No adult content ((anything pushing the limits of Gaia's ToS))

4. No advertising for other clans.

5. You should be a member before you post. You don't particularly have to be a member, but I'd rather you notify everyone before you post. If you continue to post without being a member, I'll blacklist ya.

If you fail to comply to these rules, you will be blacklisted. If you leave the clan, you will be unable to return to the clan. My deepest regards, but I state rules for a reason, and if you break 'em, I can and will use my amazing, totally fantastical Thread Author skills.

black list...((for failure to comply with rules))
21lillian21-Violation of rule 1
Sweet_kagome0000-Violation of rule 1
Xxdemonic_kitty_galxX-Violation of rule 1
zefiroha-Violation of rule 1
Darkness of the wolves-Violation of rule 1. Two offenses.

white list...((if you're a regular or if you've done good for the clan))
Tom Onero-created the clan
De Chimera-donated much gold
WolfMoonDesires-for the art
Balkall-for keeping the thread alive
Samantha the Chickie-For attracting posts
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Remember, this is the main thread, where all the action is. The Clan is basically where we post all our contests, events, announcements, art, role playing, etc.

We don't use it much, if at all, but it's there just in case we need to make use of it.
Clan link:
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Romantic Demigod

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  • Survivor 150
hey tomo wassup
I will join but ummm could you redo it your not followin the Tos rules
I will join but ummm could you redo it your not followin the Tos rules

brb ((looking through Tos rulez))

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