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Summer Update # 2! What would you say if I told you the Dandies have their own theme songs?

YOUR 4()%!() ME! 0.26086956521739 26.1% [ 12 ]
Thats flipping cool. 8D 0.32608695652174 32.6% [ 15 ]
I'm gona go listen! 0.17391304347826 17.4% [ 8 ]
They prolly sound like crack. >X 0.23913043478261 23.9% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 46 ]
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hey dandie. hows it going?

Oh me everythings great.

I wanna know what's up with you! :]

I'm pretty fantastic. n3n

I got 10 hours of sleep last night. xD
TT Curse this time zone thing~.

Everytime I want to play with someone, no ones ever on. ._.
n3n New update n such~.

._.' Stupid zomg....
aww dang luck
y! I got my perfect 7 hours of sleep and my dad still yelled at me yesterday.

Glad to hear though.
Oh btw. o : I haven't even gotten time for zomg anymore.
I get on. "boring T _T"
get off. yuuup

btw. Do you also think the only reason they did the tax store thingy just to stop inflation and
less prize in the aquarium for the same reason?

Me too. TT I normally don't go on unless Frandie's on. =3= So much more fun when you have people with you.

But the stupid time zones though~. And people are less friendly on there now~.
hell yeah.

People are mean and it just takes a group of mean people to turn a very
innocent person into a full blown jerkface.

x _x
=3= The bullshitery has increased ten fold, too?

Ah, I miss the olden days~... At least it's less annoying now.

xD I can read your siggy. <33
Haha, you should watch it User Image Coffee Prince... my favorite korean drama...
Also, what's neogistalia?
:3 Old,usually fond, memories~.
=3= Oh dear, I think I drank too much~...
ive heard of coffee prince o3o

n whut does it say?

guess what.
this girl in my grade got the swine flu and we had to shut down, so no school today!

happy rabid is happy.

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