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Should we establish our own commerce?

Yes 0.73404255319149 73.4% [ 138 ]
No 0.26595744680851 26.6% [ 50 ]
Total Votes:[ 188 ]
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Albido - What is his username?

Rider - There shouldn't be any problems at all.
His name is The Red King Kyo.
"The Red King Kyo" correct? I'll keep that in mind.
c y a n i d e xo's avatar


      Well, if any problems do arise I will just have to make a quick detour and fix the problem.

Do what you have to do Rider
c y a n i d e xo's avatar


      Thank you, Now who do I get to finish first?!

Hold on to your horses Rider. We are still working to get Shinsengumi running. You can just go and chill. I'll recall you if your needed.
Wow it seems someone is a little excited.^_^
Don't get too aggressive Rider
And we wouldn't want to make any enemies just yet we are still way too small.
Too small indeed and we still don't know what we can do as a brigade either. So relax.
I sent a pm to a freind of mine her name is Rika lesca, i am waiting for a replay and hopefully she will join.
Good to know!
c y a n i d e xo's avatar


      I want to get aggressive, If not I get something else. Check out my signature!


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