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Should we establish our own commerce?

Yes 0.73404255319149 73.4% [ 138 ]
No 0.26595744680851 26.6% [ 50 ]
Total Votes:[ 188 ]
Its go9ng good you?
Nothing much, just enjoying my Sunday morning.
Yeah same here.
So what made you decide to join the Shinsengumi?

By the way, I had you in 1st Unit.
Well i have always admired the Japanese culture especially the samurai, and i somewhat study the way of bushido.

Ok cool.
I would say the same thing. Say do you know anybody who has same interest as us?
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Miyamori Mayu
Mai Phoenix
      I got a message stating to come here. neutral Well, Rider is now here. EXPLAIN TO RIDER WHAT IS GOING ON!

Zach and Rider it has been long time!

Rider - I summoned you because I believe its time for us to get up and be active. Are you familiar with the Battle System?

      Ummm, Battle System? Battle is Something, I'm especially good at I didn't know there was a System for it.....Explain Please!

Heres the explaination;

Battle System
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      Alright, Thank You! xoxo!

Yeah i think so but most of them aren't online.
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      -Dances Around In Her Underwear!- Thats get this thing poppin'. Wait did I say say Poppin?

Albido - Well can you refer them to this group? That way we get more and more people in our ranks.

Rider - Do you know who I am though? I'm the one who recruited you in Hebi.
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      No Way! Its Really You? Thats So Awesome, I've Missed You! -Hugs.-

Hahaha yeah it is me alright. Thanks for the hug!

So how have you been doing since.... Long ago?
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      I Had Put Together An Alliance Of Assassins.
      Rider - Me.
      The Gorgon Sisters - My Sisters.
      Izuki Mimora - A Good Friend.
      Unfortunately, All Three Of Them Were Killed Off.


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