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Should we establish our own commerce?

Yes 0.73404255319149 73.4% [ 138 ]
No 0.26595744680851 26.6% [ 50 ]
Total Votes:[ 188 ]
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The village was my concern. However, that may change.

But on the original subject:
I'll help you out, but remember, I'm no Samurai. I'm not bound by bushido, and I'm not going to sit still for decapitation if I do something you don't like.
Not that I forsee that being a problem.
Yeah the rules are very harsh. Because it is designed for the members and the officers to fight hard and be honorable all times.

You can help me out really for recruiting. Just refer users to me and I'll take it from there.
I'm sure there are warriors out there that can join the ranks.
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Good luck with this. The fact you won't allow members to raise money privately, or battle privately might just push people away though. :
And never allowed to leave? What if the member has to leave Gaia all togetehr, or cannot keep up with your little peace thing? Anyway, you may want to consider makign better rules.

And honestly, you can't kill someone on gaia, I'm sure you can in the battle system, but I doubt they will stay dead. >>;
Why not forbid them to raise money privately? It'll defeat the purpose of the group, which in this case is a dishonorable!

Not even private fights because not only going to bring shame but its a pathetic ways.

I can see if someone leaves Gaia which is excempted. The rules may be harsh, but it is designed to make the group as a whole better.
ABout private fights, I cannot allow such thing happening inside the Shinsengumi. Because if it happens, it will break the cohessive unit and will bring down ruins.

Say, you interested on joining?
how many people have joined?
I just started and plus people seems can't uphold the code of honor thats why they stay away from the Shinsengumi's ideology.

In recruitment thread, you said you wanted to join?
Nice could i join? xd
Well why not? Its open for everybody! Welcome!
So hows it going?

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