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Will you join?

Yes 0.4187643020595 41.9% [ 183 ]
No 0.19908466819222 19.9% [ 87 ]
I'm already a member! 0.38215102974828 38.2% [ 167 ]
Total Votes:[ 437 ]
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Janin Bombin's avatar

Lonely Elder

Thanks Jano ;D
I'm kind of sad about my lonely turtle though

Now I see that someone voted "no" in the poll, how depressing D;
no problem Bor ^^

actually there are 2 vote on "no" option D:

Spartan05089234's avatar

Unbeatable Genius

Apparently two people need to be shot XD
/cocks gun

Are the two people who voted no going to show their face, or will I have to play Russian roulette with this forum?:U
Spartan05089234's avatar

Unbeatable Genius

Safe to assume on of them is the guy who posted and already has a clan. The other must die XD
I posted no.. neutral neutral
btw... the recruitment isn't going all so well.. i have only seen one person that is not fro the clan post here XD

btw we have no post style yet...
/goes to try to make one
edit: i fail
Beenz's avatar

Dapper Stalker

/me inconspicuosly lays trap next to jelly ninja

But you and the other Europeans are already in the future, Beenz.
Shouldn't they have the time-traveling machines and whatnot there? o;

They were banned in 2024 when you used one to stop time and shave everyone's beards off,
Spartina was never quite the same after that, she's still trying to get the gnomes to give her a new one ._.
Earthswordsman's avatar

Wheezing Warrior

9,900 Points
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-Keesune-'s avatar

Dangerous Shapeshifter

*pouts* Not a single yes? Are we really that scary? D:
ShadowFlame1721's avatar

O.G. Entrepreneur

Will somebody join? No? D:

Not even for a Scooby Snack? TWO Scooby Snacks? Well then, no reason to be rude. emo


[EDIT] 69th post. ninja
I didn't post no xD

I just posted because you guys look awesome! Good luck on recruiting!

[EDIT] 69th post. ninja

/smacks you with the butt of my gun

Good Cat, now we don't have to kill you.:'D
/aims at jelly
But but but i have a mustache! you cannot kill me!
ShadowFlame1721's avatar

O.G. Entrepreneur

Thank you for the kind words Saiver...*sees other clan banner in your signature* ... *twitch* .... *twitch twitch* .... jk xD

*smacks Dark with butt of katana*

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