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Divine Wolf

I ' m Looking for a crew to do Stone CoatL with. On either Hard or Normal.

My goal is to get either the Otami Sword drop or the Spear of Chaloc. Or both. But i'd really like to get the Spear of Chaloc.

Crew has to be able to heal each other as a team. Crew must have all buffs and debuffs.

I don't have any set times yet , so they will be determined depending how many volunteers i get.

Otami Ruins is probably one of my favorite parts of zomg . So here is hopeing i get more like minded people to join my crew.

Also it would be cool , if the crew went in Otami gear/ theme. Or any variety of Jungle themes that exist.

I just a crew that can defeat the Stone CoatL and look cool doing it.

Ok post away.