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Clan Guild


To my fellow TRK members,

I wish to apologize for being inactive for so long and not informing every one of you about my circumstances. As of recent, I have been working full-time as well as going to school full-time as well. Working 40 (sometimes more) hours per week and going to school Monday - Thursday isn't as easy as I thought. I'm not making any excuses, since I DID say that I was going to restore the clan back to what it once was. I fell short in my promise. For that, I apologize.

But I will do my part in trying to get the clan back on track. That's where you, the members come in. If you have any suggestions to help the clan as a whole, feel free to PM me. I welcome any and all ideas. So let's work together to get what needs to be done, done.


Our Aim
The Reborn Knighthood aims to build a helpful and friendly community in zOMG as well as to regain the prestige and honor the original clan had.

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I know, everyone hates them, but they are needed to maintain order.


User Image Obey Gaia's ToS.
User Image Respect the chain of command.
User Image Have fun and keep checking the first page for updates.
User Image Do NOT quote anything on the first page.
User Image No excessive spamming.
User Image More rules will be added as seen fit.

Prospective members/guests:

User Image Obey Gaia ToS.User ImageIf you are told to leave, LEAVE. Failure to comply will result in reporting.
User ImageWhen you are in OUR clan, you follow OUR rules. We shall give you the same respect in yours.
User ImageSend alliance requests to Knightv_2. It may take a while to respond. Please be patient.
User Image Do NOT quote anything on the first page.
User Image No excessive spamming.
User ImagePM black_enigma1 to request membership. Keep profiles available for public viewing. Please use the following form:

Other clans (if applicable):
What made you want to join:
Will you promise to be active?

User Image More rules will be added as seen fit.

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Updates and such will go here. (month-day-year)

>> 8-6-09 - Clan construction in progress.
Clan opened.
>> 8-7-09 - Poachyi & Hinata_Angel513 added to member list.
>> 8-12-09 - Tucking Fyp0 has been blacklisted.
>> 8-28-09 - Contest added.
Member list changed.
>> 8-29-09 - Link_of_Chaos plus mules have been blacklisted.
>> 9-3-2009 - Alliance with Dark Knights Of zOMG formed.
>>10-1-09 - Guild formed
>>10-10-09 - Dark_Montana promoted.

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Member list:

Interim King: (1/1)

Lords/Ladies: (3/3)
Destiny Hero Bloo-D
Coyote de Venganza ((Goodwill ambassador))
Hikaru Yukibana

Knights: (7/7)
-Love Fexxy- ((Goodwill ambassador))
Raptor Jezus
Celestial Waning

Squires: (infinite many)

Peasants: (infinite many)


Dark Knights Of zOMG


Tucking Fyp0 - harassment
Link_of_Chaos0911+ ALL mules - harassment/threatening

If anyone that is blacklisted posts here,report them IMMEDIATELY.

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