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Assimilated Noob

nice avi forest
I thought the hat and eye patchs added alot
Tzukasu's avatar

Assimilated Noob

*imagines it without*

I'd have to agree
Tzukasu's avatar

Assimilated Noob

*killed the thread*


-goes to doodle-
before I just had a witch hat and stuff ninja
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Assimilated Noob

mmmmn yeah
the witch hat clashed pretty bad
*means no offense*

I like this new one better
it looks like almost like a commander or something
commander is the general look. I was thinking the police of hell/demons or something like that 3nodding
His avi reminds me of a Nazi.
Not only the hat, but also the skin.
There's a story behind that though.

I'm not sure if any of you remember this, but a (long) time ago, "Jay DeAngelo" created a mule called "Last man's hope" or something like that.
And on that mule, he created...a Nazi clan.
Tht mule had the same skin. xd

>Thymen Molizzo<
cool nazi is spelled weirdly though... but that's because it's german.
How is Nazi spelled weirdly?
In German, the Z is pronounced TS, so..Natsi?
German is a weird language.

>Thymen Molizzo<
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Assimilated Noob

@ Knight

@ Forest

if you were going for more demonic yous should look for some winged/collar items
Tzu Archaic

@ Knight

@ Forest

if you were going for more demonic yous should look for some winged/collar items

*is glomped*
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Interesting Gaian

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... D;
Gaia is starting to annoy me now ;-;

Like, when i go to subscribed topics, it sometimes tells me error and then i have to reload or refresh the damned page D<

.... ;-;
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Assimilated Noob

@ knight

how are you?

Random: Nazis are kickass, if only there weren't lead by a psycho and were sent to kill, ravage and steal entire other countries
the probably could have save ruled German pretty well that treaty of versailles was a b***h

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