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illuminating Society

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Hello!! Welcome to Illuminating Society or I.S. for short.
This is our Thread of Total Awesomeness.
We’re a zOMg Clan [Obviously] and one of the older ones still in C.o.B. [Since'07 baby ;D]
We’re a hard clan to get into seeing as we don’t accept just anybody and tend to be rather pick about it too.
But don't be too worried, we don't bite. [...much]

Our Goal:

To rule the world of gaia
& party 8 days a week.

▫ ∞┤『 ∙· // 』├∞ ▫

This is not a new clan we have been in the clans of battle forum since 2007!
First public thread 248 pages
Secound thread 47 pages
previous thread 2310 pages

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Post 1: Clan Overview
Post 2: Directory [[you are here]]
post 3: Rules ✙ How to join
Post 4: Announcements ✙ Links Out ✙ Clan Events
Post 5: Member List
Post 6: Alliance Requirements ✙ Allies ✙ Enemies
Post 7: The "Guild"
Post 8: Clan Banners
post 9: reserved
Post 10: reserved
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✙ No spamming or trolling the thread
All gaian members and non-members should not bump excessively or post for the sole purpose of causing trouble and/or to harrass other members in this thread.
✙ Stay active
You must inform someone one if you must be gone for any period of extended time, many unexscused absenses will consequencially lead to eventual ban from the clan.
✙ You are only allowed to be in IS clan
No joining our clan if you're already in another clan, and if you're already a member of this clan do not go join another clan.
✙ Keep cursing to a minimum
Gaiaonline is a PG-13 website so anyone who posts here is supposed to treat is like so.
✙ No complaining/disrespecting what higher memebers tell you what do to
Failure to comply with this rule will result in you getting into trouble and if it is a frequent problem it could be lead to an eventual ban this mostly applies to regular members but if you area a non member you could also get banned from the thread.
✙ No disrespecting others period.
Anyone who comes into this thread shall repect everyone else, or you may be asked to leave.
✙ No begging
No persons in the thread should ask another for gold or items, but if someone offers anything to you of their own will, you may accept if you wish.
✙ We must fill at least one page a day.
A daily goal for the clan, member or non member we want enough people to post to fill up at least one thread page per day.
✙ Have Fun!!
Don't be afraid to be yourself, we welcome anyone to post in our thread, just as long as you remember to follow all the rules and respect everyone you meet.

If a member does not follow all of these rules to a reasonable extent the following consequences could occur: a warning by Private Message, temporary suspension from the clan, or a complete ban which would restrict a member from posting and partaking in any clan sanctioned events.

For a full explanation of these punishments Click here. [clan members view only] Once something has been decided it will not be reconsider no Questioning it!

click here to view the sub-forum that is used to place old announcements, updates, information on why certain people where banned, how the banning system works, Clan affairs, A place to report your problems to.

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How to Join

I.S, is quiet possibly one on the hardest guilds/clans to enter in. We do not accept a huge mass of members & we do a background check on all members.

We use to have a recruitment form however after a member joined they'd have to fill out the registration form which made the process tedious.

So you need to pm II Azure II for an interview (dont be shy).
After joining you are requited to :

1. Subscribe to this Thread | 2. Join the Guild | 3. Fill out the registration | 4. Add the clan mule II Azure II to your friend-list

After you are accepted you are on a trial period. Read below for more on this

Things we need from you before you join our clan:
Time zone: we need to know so that we don't expect you to be on when you can't be, like most of us live in America but say you lived in.. Australia or anywhere in the UK, well we don't want to expect you to be on at when it's 4am in the morning your time and 12 in the afternoon at ours. You can find your time here:Time Zone Site [not on Gaia]
Activity: How active you are on gaia.
Your post history: We dont want a troll joining
The Guilds you are in: to make sure your not in another clan
How to get full fledged membership: you'll get a clan notice after you're active for a little while
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Clan Created [5/03/08]
Clan Moved to a Guild [5/26/08]
New Clan Thread Opened Again [6/14/08]
Clan Revamped [10/24/08]
3 Squad Leaders Picked [11/18/08]
Lotto re-opened, Christmas Event Opened [12/16/08]
Evolving Item Vote-Off Round 1 Begins [1/16/08]
First Alliance made with The DeLeon Family [1/26/09]
Clan Thread Moved Threads [2/28/09]
Home At Last Contest Started [3/10/09]
Evolving Item Vote-Off Round 2 Begins [3/10/09]
Rules and Member List both Revised/Revamped [3/30/09]
Evolving Item Vote-Off Round 3 Start [3/31/09]
Evolving Item Vote-Off Round 4 Start [4/14/09]
EI Vote-Off FINAL ROUND [4/21/09]
EI Vote-Off Winner declared: Death Whisper! [4/28/09]
IS Thread remodeled [12/07/09]

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Member Threads

owner: [A n g e l] & Malyari
Type: Avi art

✙ [shop link/name]

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Current Events


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Member list

✙Clan Leader:
Assistant: Soulless Fetish

✙Vice Captains:
fadeing knight |[MOD]|[LOA]|

✙Active Members:
fire_blaze_inferno [IOG]
-iibunniex |[AIC]|[LOA]|
[A n g e l] [AIC]
Malyari [AIC]

✙Regular Members:

forestwolf42 [CM]
x Wes-chan x [IOG]
vampire yawl [IOG]
Ookami210 [IOG][IOG]
Seiaeka [LOA][IOG]
Mike-a knight [AIC]
Destination is Domination [AIC]
Xx iA n g e l xX [LOA]
iKnighty [IOG]
x_Z 0 M B l E [LOA]


✙Trial members::

XXXRank Key:
Clan Leader: Does what he wants.
Vice Captains: Help the clan leader with what ever he asks and also take care of clan matters when the clan leader is away
Active Members: Members who post everyday, make themselves noticed and are helpful to other members.
Regular Members: Members who post periodicity. They're usually busy and wrapped up in IRL chaos.
Recruits: New members who don't know much about the clan and have maybe posted once.

XXXStatus Key:
[AIC] Means active in the clan guild but NOT on the thread.
[LOA] Means has an excused absence from the clan & will not be demoted.
[IDD] Means you're in warning of being demoted due to inactivity without an excuse.
[IDO] Means you're on warning of being banned due to inactivity without an excuse. You get off this by being active for three days if you don't post after the third day without excuse you are going to be banned.
[MIA] Missing in action
[IOG] Means the user is not very active on gaia but posts when they are online.
[TBC] means temporary ban from the clans usually only a week.
XXXPosition Key:
[ADM]: Administrators: deal with clan members; inactive members; clan disputes.
[MOD]: Moderators: update the clan; send out updates to members.
[CM]: Clan mod: watch over selected people
[GM]: Guild Mod: watch over sub's in the guild & make sure people are fallowing the rules
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    Alliance Requirements:

  1. Your thread must have at least 600 pages filled [pages can't be filled with all bumps]
  2. Your clan needs to have been open for minimum of four months
  3. You cannot ask us for an alliance if you have more then eight allies already
  4. Your clan must be active in the COB sub forum. We will not ally with clans that do not have a thread.
  5. Your alliance request must be at least one paragraph long explaining why you want an alliance & how our clans would benefit each other.
  6. Your clan must have a good history.
    Note: even if you meet the requirements it dose not mean you will be accepted


Single Accounts
✙ None Harry DeAngelo
✙ None Dion Necurat
✙ None Thymen
✙ None Lasciviously Licentious
Fixing list-

▫ ∞┤『 ∙· // 』├∞ ▫

Entire Clans
The DeLeon Family
Leader: ThinkingHurts321
The Estacado Family
Leader: Zombie Neith

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Single Accounts
✙ motoko uzumaki

▫ ∞┤『 ∙· // 』├∞ ▫

Entire Clans
✙Knight's clan:
effective since- [4/12/09]
Terms- All members of the Illuminating Society are not allowed to post in the knights thread & all members of Knights are not allowed to post in our thread or they will be reported for harassment. [official report]
Reason: causing unnecessary drama & giving threats to declare war

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Why do you have two Guild's?:
Since the MMO came out Gaia added a new feature which they called Clans they of course made this after they created cob when many already had guilds. Members typically refer to booth as the Guild. The Guild & Clan have two main differences

  1. You can only be in one clan. If you try to join another, an automated Gaiaonline screen will come up telling you that have to quit your current clan to join another.
  2. If you are in zOMG, you can talk to other members in the clan while playing the zOMG no matter which sever your on.

You can Join both.

Q: Is it required for you to join the guild?
A: yes it is mandatory
Q: Is it required to join the clan
A: No, you only need to to communicate with other clan members in zOMG

click here to join the guild

Join The clan

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