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I was orbfarming to level 5.2 before going to Bassken lake. I kind of have a She Wolf to kill and some buzzsaws to destroy, too. sweatdrop
I can solo the She Wolf in 20 seconds. Want to finish that part up right now? If so, tell me which server and where to meet you.
Bootsnake one, null crystal at Bassken lake.
-pokes head in-
Hey, s'cuse me. ^^;
I'm just looking around.
How are you?
We are doing good. And yourself?
Not bad, not bad.
'Trying to figure out why that damn doll won't just be good and die sweatdrop
But other than that I'm pretty good. 3nodding
Because the doll is a b***h. 3nodding
Hello, Blue. Pleasure to meet you.
Indeed she is.
Likewise. ^____^
Say, the first post mentioned a list of KH roleplays that were looking for people but I didn't spot the list itself. Chances are I'm just blind as all hell but I don't suppose you could point me to it? sweatdrop
We only have one roleplay in our guild as of yet. If you'd like to check it out I'll be happy to let you.
Also, I'm in several who are in need of different characters. Shall I get the links?
That would be lovely, thank you!
Thank you!
-goes to investigate-
You're welcome. :3 *sees the Cheshire grin* Ooo...
wind_adept_Ivan's avatar

Timid Prophet

Hmm, I think I'll switch back to the bubbly fox... 3nodding
Yeah, I was wondering what it would look like in zOMG to have a smile going around killing things. xd

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