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Are you excited for Game of Thrones Season 4!?

Yes! On with the weddings! 0.052631578947368 5.3% [ 1 ]
Uhh.. no. ******** that s**t. 0.21052631578947 21.1% [ 4 ]
All Hail Daenerys Targaryen! 0.21052631578947 21.1% [ 4 ]
Winter is Coming! 0.21052631578947 21.1% [ 4 ]
Is it really that good? I might watch it. 0.15789473684211 15.8% [ 3 ]
Oh look, p***s, p***s, Tits, Tits, p***s 0.15789473684211 15.8% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 19 ]
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Ulrich Revian's avatar

Nimble Wolf

Nice Fao, eat all of my hard work!! >:U
Lol, did I do a good job?
VikingSasquatch's avatar

Hilarious Lunatic

Could have been better ;D

It's alright. I like how you edited the title with the moons. All I really see is a bunch of stuff copied from the original and the clan forum... I'm sorry I'm a bit of a critic.

But it is still good c:

AND I WILL EAT ALL YOU WORK... especially that cheese sculpture over there >:U
Ulrich Revian's avatar

Nimble Wolf

Lol true, it is mostly copied over, re-edited as well, and I will also be adding artsy-like banners in ever post, but that's a work in progress.
*scrapes out a bed in the den and goes back to sleep* <-.->
Ulrich Revian's avatar

Nimble Wolf

Somebody looks a bit tired.. still? XD
Yea... Not sleeping at all the night before last seems to have caught up with me... go figure right?

I even took a shower and I'm still drained.
Ulrich Revian's avatar

Nimble Wolf

Oh, I'm sorry. I've been kept up all night the past few days, and haven't been sleeping till nearly 7am. x.x People keep calling me because they are having issues with a boyfriend/girlfriend and I give such great advice to others. ><
Lmao, don't apologize. XD It's not your fault after all. I know better than to drink tea so late at night... but I did it anyway and kept myself up.

I could drink a two liter of coke right before bed and be fine, but a couple mugs of hot tea and I'm freaking wired for hours...

Hey Roki, can I call you about my boyfriend/girlfriend troubles too?? ;3
Ulrich Revian's avatar

Nimble Wolf

Hey Roki, can I call you about my boyfriend/girlfriend troubles too?? ;3

Ya sure, I charge 50k in gold per hour. Lol
And I see.. that's weird. I have a similar affect with tea, but I don't feel tired. It just usually keeps me from feeling my eyelids grow heavy.
Oh snap! *uses gold gained for clan to pay* :p

Tea keeps my mind going, so even if I had laid down and tried, I would have kept thinking about things
Ulrich Revian's avatar

Nimble Wolf

Oh what glorious insomnia you have. Isn't it just the greatest thing ever? Keep thinking and thinking about things till you over think, and can't stop. So your thinking of the bad, the good, the in between, the "what if's," the possibilities, the failures, the dreams, goals, and changes you want to make with your life, and world. Am I right?
*peeks in*
Ulrich Revian's avatar

Nimble Wolf

Why hello there Odd, welcome to the new Den of GR.
Hai, again ^^
Yea, more or less XD

Over thinking, and then visualizing

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