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That chick that posted that message in the SoG thread has gotten me blacklisted from the Sisterhood, and now everyone's blacklisting me and sending me hate mail.

I can't deal with this right now. I'm done. He's won, I don't care. No one is wanting to help with the DoG, and I can't do it alone. I never could. So i'm done.

Everyone hates me. I have no more Sisters to call them my Sisters, except the ones who were my friends before this all went down.

I appreciate all of your support. But I am no longer capable of handling these lies and deceits. This has really hurt me and I don't know that I can recover.

Again - thank you for your support. But I have to close down the Daughters of Gaia, unless you all wish to bring it back to life. I'll give you the guild and the password to my mule.

I just can't deal with this anymore.

If you wish to continue being in a guild of Sisters, and don't think you can handle running a guild on your own, the only one I know of is the Sisterhood of Gaia.

I'm sorry. It may not be enough ... But it will have to do.

I'll be around ... But I literally cannot post in the Sisterhood thread nor the SoG, even if I wanted to.
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We don't NEED a big clan... I've always hated big guilds in MMO's. We don't need the Sons of Gaia, or the Sisterhood. The ones who stick to you is all you need.

Kitten, you're human, and you make mistakes. You're a leader, so your mistakes had a larger impact. I can forgive you for what you've done. I can forgive Ned for what he's done. He is human as well, and makes mistakes. You guys need to realize you've made these mistakes. All you guys have done is cry over how you feel... but what about everyone else? Did you ever stop and think you guys are stressing US out? Don't you know we care as well..?

Kitten... I know you did care! I know you sent out that PM asking how we felt about ShoG and DoG BECAUSE you care... but you didn't seem to care before the Sisterhood. I understand why people are hurt by that.

Ned... you say that everyone, especially Kitten, was harassing you. Do you have any idea how bad that is? You MUST know that. I worried everyday I would log on to find all my friends have been banned from Gaia! You as well. Would you be okay with that..? Wouldn't you feel bad if most the people involved were banned? You called Duke an 'a-hole', but would you truly be satisfied if he was banned?

And don't tell me you didn't report anyone Ned, because I know it doesn't matter to Gaia -.- I knew two people in a bad argument. Person 1 got a warning from Gaia to stop harassing person 2. But person 2 swore to me he didn't report her. I later found out that a third friend of mine had reported her.

So if Ned and his friends were reporting Kitten and her friends... and vice versa, it could be REALLY bad. I'm STILL worried this will happen! PLEASE stop this drama... I beg you both, and all your friends..! PLEASE stop! This whole thing started over something so trivial... if we can't be friends anymore, FINE... but lets be civil at the very least!! emo
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I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

Yennon's right, guys. At this point this is nothing more than a childish quarrel. Its time for it to end and you guys to admit what needs to be admitted.

(Tell me who)
I hope you dance
(Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
(Where those years have gone)
Kitten 4 Him
Nayru Prie
Brothers of Gaia
This is what I have to say about the brothers of Gaia and Ned-san!

Although I appreciate what you said (it made me laugh), now they think I created you as my mule ... When everyone knows I only have 3 mules - you not being one of them. And so now everyone thinks I'm trying to start trouble and I'm getting hate mail for it. So I would appreciate it if you either said who's mule you were, or if you apologized for what you said.

And NOW I'm freaking black-listed from the Sisterhood! What kind of BS is this?!?!?!?

i Insomniac
*walks in and falls on the couch*
today is the worst b-day ever...my mom totaly forgot...and my dad got me socks

I didn't know it was your birthday! Happy birthday! Would you like a present? ^_^

Hey ckitten chill out. your on the while list in my clan. ^_^
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This is just sad sad I hate drama! I wish we could all be a family again crying
sweatdrop sweatdrop
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Now Im more saddened crying I went to the ShoG to read the first pages and rules and decided i would post. No one said hello to me sad they all kept talking. One of the things that made me want to join the DoG was the first day i looked at the thread i posted a hello and people responded to me. I know if we disband i will not be joining another clan. I'll just *sniffle* fly solo i guess crying
well hello
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Thank you. I wish i knew a way to turn everything around.
Thank you. I wish i knew a way to turn everything around.
your welcome, and who dosen't
This really sucks.... now I don't have a group to play zomg with... -_-". I don't really know whos fault it was, but now everything is complicated.
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Hey Jinx, Im loving your outfit!

Right now im trying to think of a way to turn this all around. This drama has started to leak into my rl D: I dont want to turn my back and take a side or anything! Where's a easy button when you need one?
Thanks ^_^ <3

Its probably best if I don't know whos fault it is. I don't want to take anyones side either, so I'll be keeping my thoughts neutral. It would be sad though if this clan went under crying , I invested so much time in this clan... and now its falling apart.
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I hope it isnt going under yet... maybe this is only a moment of saddness we will have. Sisters... D: i hope this isnt our final run...
hello... well my clan is always open if anybody wants to hang around there....

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