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If you're not yet a member of the DoG Clan (for zOMG), you can go request here: Daughters of Gaia Clan

Before you can be accepted into the clan make sure you have become a full fledged sister!

Kitten 4 Him
If you do not read ALL OF THE RULES and follow them , you WILL NOT be accepted into the clan. If you do not PM the appropriate people in the correct format, we will tell you to read the rules and you will not become an official member.

We're not trying to be mean, but the rules are there for a reason. sweatdrop

Please read and follow the rules (3 of them are merely suggestions!) We would love to welcome you into the Clan!

Welcome to the Daughters of Gaia!!

We are a battle-clan run by our sisters, and for our sisters.

Our goal is to allow the women of Gaia to have a place where they feel they can truly belong.

We band together to fight side-by-side in the Gaia zOMG MMO.

The main requirement to join this clan is simply to have a female avi, and the willingness to share and contribute to the clan.
More specific rules to joining are listed below in the Crew Memberlist section...

This is the clan for women to show how we do things and that while our bodies may be of the fairer sex, we can still kick butt!

For FAQ, go to the Q&A section!

Daughters of G
Looking for our thread contest? look no further!

-- Clan Matriarch --
-- Daughters of Gaia --

Our old thread was located here but we had to move. ^_^
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If you do not read all of the rules, that is your choice. Do not claim that the Elders are being unfair. If you have a question on the rules, or feel they need to be clarified, PM the Mule or another Elder.

And remember - ALL RULES are subject to change.

  1. TOS of Gaia

  2. Follow the Rules & Guidelines of Gaia

  3. Follow Battle Forum Rules

  4. Any member of the Daughters of Gaia MUST have a female avatar. If someone in the clan notices that a member is not a female, said member will be dealt with accordingly.

  5. BUMP-ing IS allowed.

  6. Racism, rudeness, and all-around unpleasantries will NOT be tolerated!

  7. Should your conduct be unbecoming, you will receive one warning. The next time, you will be kicked from the zOMG clan. The third time - probation (kick from guild) until your attitude changes.

    Any further harassment and you WILL be blacklisted and ignored by the mule. We will not have further communication with you.

  8. This rule added 11/1/11: We stand by the idea that your avi was created by the Gaian artists and that you are free to be as creative as you wish. However, we respectfully request that you consider the AGE RANGE of those who would grace our thread with their presence (i.e. people under the legal adult age of their country).

  9. If you act in such a way that the Elders deem is completely unacceptable and warrants severe punishment, you WILL be immediately banned from the clan and guild. However, this will be such an extreme case, that most likely Gaia itself shall deem you expendable. eek

  10. If you are a member of another BATTLE clan, that will not prevent your membership into the Daughters of Gaia. However, it is required that you let us know what other zOMG BATTLE clan(s) you are involved in so we can go by, say hello, and attempt to form an alliance for future fun events!

  11. Although it's not necessarily a RULE, it is REQUESTED that you become friends with your fellow sisters, once you become part of the clan. However, this is not a rule and is left to the Sister to choose her own path.

  12. Although it's not necessarily a RULE, it is REQUESTED that you subscribe to this thread, as rules may change - the Elders will post here to let everyone know of any changes to rules. However, this is not a rule and is left to the Sister to choose her own path.

  13. If you become a member and another Gaian tries to sully your good name, you will not be blacklisted. It is through your words and actions that you are blacklisted. Not because someone said you're a bad person. (This was added due to a member in an ally's member group.)

  14. No Child Abuse: Discussion, depiction or promotion of child sexuality, abuse, exploitation and/or related topics that may be harmful to or threaten the security of a child or minor is not allowed. Submitting any content or utilizing language or terms meant to imply or insinuate these situations may result in action being taken against your account.

    In other words DO NOT discuss, promote, or depict any form of child sexuality, abuse, exploitation, or related topics that may be harmful to or threaten the security of a child or minor;

  15. Be Courteous: Please be civil and courteous towards your fellow Gaians. We have a very liberal policy regarding language, but overly abusive language is not permitted. If your post is excessively vulgar, insulting, explicit, or hateful, it may be removed and disciplinary actions may be taken on your account(s).

    In other words DO NOT "stalk", harass, threaten, or defraud other Gaia Members; intentionally interfere with the operation of Gaia Online or any Member's enjoyment of it, including intentionally posting inflammatory statements to get a reaction ("Trolling" wink , send, post, or make available pornographic, threatening, embarrassing, hateful, racially or ethnically insulting, deceptive, tortious, defamatory, libelous, or otherwise inappropriate or offensive content to other Gaia Members;

  16. No Cybering: Soliciting or engaging in cybersex (exchanging descriptions of sexual experiences) or mature content role play is not allowed on Gaia Online. Making sexually suggestive or explicit posts can result in them being removed, and action being taken against your account.

    In other words DO NOT post, request, or link to sexually explicit material or conduct.

    These last Three Rules were taken from Gaia's Terms of Service and Rules & Guidelines. If you have a problem with them please pm a Elder as you see fit.

    Please note that FLIRTATION is not included in this. Flirtation is not the same as engaging in (or alluding to/insinuating) sexual conduct.

  17. If you are trying to join the DoG on a mule you MUST give link to your main account. If you are suspected to be someone's mule your request may go ignored.

Is there a "Daughters of Gaia" Guild?
We now have our guild! At this point, we no longer need donations to the actual GUILD, HOWEVER ... for future contests and events for the Daughters of Gaia, all future monetary AND item donations should go to the Daughters of Gaia Mule (Daughters of G).

Again, thank you to EVERYONE who has generously donated to help our Sisters grow and have a guild home! ^_^

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Why is the Guild HIDDEN??? eek
Please check the Q&A for this answer.

More rules will be added as decided by the elders (see ranking post).

-- Clan Matriarch --
-- Daughters of Gaia --
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How to Join:
Merely post here in the public thread AND PM the mule (the Gaian who created this post). Let the clan know the following:
[b]Why do you want to join (other than the obvious):[/b]

[b]What you feel you can bring to the clan:[/b]

[b]When is your birthday? (year is NOT necessary):[/b]

[b]Page in the public thread that you posted your join request:[/b] <#>

Please title your pm SISTERLY REQUEST



What Happens After My Request to Join is Accepted?:

  • You will be given access to the guild but not the clan - that is reserved for full-fledged Sisters.

  • All applications are re-evaluated on the last weekend of the month.
    ----- New Sister announcements will be made NLT the following Tuesday.

  • If you apply after the first full week of a month your application will be looked at on the last weekend of the NEXT month.
    ----- This may seem strange, but this allows at least 1 full month for you to be active. This will also give us time to get to know each other to see if the DoG is a good fit for you.
    ----- This is a change from our previous "4 day grace" because (since we all have lives outside of Gaia) our leadership was having difficulties keeping to the "4 day grace", which resulted in Sisters waiting for long periods of time before they even got a response.

Types of Ranks within the Clan: (in descending order)

  • Clan Matriarch - creator and owner, Captain of the Guild
  • Elder - Vice Captains of the Guild
  • Crew - Guild Crew
  • Member

EVERYONE in the Sisterhood is, needless to say, a Sister.

-- Clan Matriarch --
-- Daughters of Gaia --
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Please note: If you wish to form an Alliance with the Daughters of Gaia, please PM your request, along with a link and detail of your clan, to our mule(current poster), who will present your request before the Council of Elders to be decided upon.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image

User ImageUser Image

User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. - Blades of the Nexus

User Image - League of Gaian Assasins -LoGA
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Donations to the Clan

October 8 - Aqua85 - 20k heart
October 15- Queen Nanami - 5 new Halloween items heart
November 2- Utena Tenjou 86 - Buttpile of recipes razz
2011-11-02: OreoZombie donated 5000g, Neutral Striped Legwarmers, HSM Microphone, G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt, Black Bakeneko Tail, Black Bakeneko Ears, Island Girl Wig, Suspenders

Any non-monetary donations will either be used for our arsenal (weaponry and such), or for future prizes for contests. mrgreen
**All donations should be sent to Daughters of G **
**all donations will be for clan use only**
**Clan Guild has been created - currently in process of making it better than skin & bones**

List of Past Donations - Available in Journal -CLICK
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Friends of the Daughters of Gaia (not in the DoG clan) ----- ( "White List" )
  • SephThe2nd
  • Duke_Azriel
  • Rebelling Princess

Enemies of the Daughters of Gaia ----- ( "Black List" )
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This is where any banners will be placed that will be used to link to this thread.

Banners donated by YennonCrow and made by Lexi

Sig banner:
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User Image

User Image

big banner:
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User Image

User Image


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Q&A Section!

Kitten 4 Him

I'm wondering if it is a good idea to put the guild type as Hidden. Because when I'm recruiting new members, they seem to want to have a look at the guild as well. One person particularly said:

Misa Sugar
I looked, and yes, they have a guild, but it's hidden, so I can't see into it. I really hate that, when a guild is hidden. I mean, how am I supposed to know if I want to join or not, if I can't see what kind of things they post? I usually don't join hidden guilds because of that.

I'm sorry if this PM is offensive. But I'm just presenting you with what I found. I don't know much about the guild system, so I don't know if the guild type can't be changed. I'm sorry if that's the case sweatdrop


I'm not offended at all. ^_^

The reason why it is hidden is BECAUSE we don't want people to be able to see what we write in the forum. There are things in there that girls may ask about that are sensitive.

On what your friend said - people can always join and then quit later. (I will reimburse them if they are worried about the 25g entry fee.)

Kitten 4 Him
Questions on the Daughters Fighting Just Men
hmm do we have to fight men? rolleyes

The concept is the same of black Furies a tribe of female werewolves of Werewolf: the apocalipse... my question is... If like them you and your fighter-girls try to kill every man. (and well no problem for me im a beauty griffon XD)

Our Brothers' response ... ^_^
Naw.... The Sons of Gaia are allies to this clan. The Daughters of Gaia are friends of man as well as woman.

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