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Yes. 0.55221386800334 55.2% [ 661 ]
No. 0.13951545530493 14.0% [ 167 ]
Maybe. 0.30827067669173 30.8% [ 369 ]
Total Votes:[ 1197 ]
Oh lord yes.

I swear if I see another pokemon series Im going to hit my TV with a sledge hammer.

And Power Rangers has been dead to me when they used magic with a freakin cell phone!
Here is the next serving of Anime...


Mmmmm... anime... wait, I did this joke already!
I agree with you totally... and now more anime!


Get it while it's... Hey I did this joke too! Argh!
Um... you there? I got more anime...


I'm a little late with your anime pizza, so I don't expect a tip... God that joke sucked...
Guess your not here anymore...

More anime!!!


Let's Go!!!!!
A while ago, I took a quiz titled,"Which Anime Villain Are You?", and mine was the villain seen in the last video round. Nakago.

More anime!!!


All right!!!!!
Well... were getting down to the end folks...


One more, and were done!!!!! whee
Here it is, the last of the series...


Oh yeah. I'm done... peace out.
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Yay, endings and such.
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Row row, fight the powa!
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heart heart heart
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And I exist, again.
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Rwar for existence. O____O
My master returns...

Oh great, now I'm quoting from the Legend of Spyro.

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