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You pretty much just totally made my day with that. XD
Another obsessed Gaian.lol That made me laugh
Ha. I lurf your comic.
rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl

that's ******** brilliant~
Awesome comic, It's just so true ! 4laugh
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Ahahaha. This was GLORIOUS. I can't even express the copious amounts of epic here.
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image This thread gets five stars.

Anyway, I hope I never get like that. I enjopy everyday on Gaia, pretty much, and I can't see myself ever getting mad about something like free items or an upgrade on an old system.
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Didn't know it was such a hit with the devs. X3


@Getso: You're the first to admit. :] There was a time where I too, was so caught up that I kept defending everything to a core, hour after hour, but that was because I didn't have a job and had nothing better to do. XDD
But yeah. I think it's GREAT to sit back and laugh at yourself. Lightens everything up. :B

@Klim: The BS will never come out?
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"I don't like the sound of that. >:|
Gaia sucks anyway."

Love the comic and loved it even more after this post you made! HA!
Probably the best user-made Gaia comic ever.


That is ******** hilarious. xDD
You, sir, are win.
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OMG He scares me beyond words and clothing....

I'm iffy about what s ome people are complaining about. I personally don't see anything wrong but then...maybe cause I just go w ithteh flow. And cheese burgers.
He's so angry. I'm scared. XD I know people like that, but to a very, very mild level.

I've reached the point of a neutral daze when things are released. Been here so long that it doesn't matter to me anymore.
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Yay Drunken!! <3
That's funny.
I love satire comics, especially about Gaia.
We need more of them!
@Everyone: <3

@Ling: Lawlthenks. Actually, I didn't know what word to express how certain Gaians like McSourface acted until I watched that Gaia documentary and you saying Gaians were so passionate about Gaia. Passion was the perfect word without sounding negative or positive. <33
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*catches breath from insane laughter and wipes away tears*

That was so funny, I nearly died. rofl

GCDers seem to be complaining a lot lately... and I was beginning to remember why I stopped coming to this forum. rolleyes But now I remember why I wanted to come back. lol People like you make my day. heart

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